UKIPT4 Marbella2: Day 1B Level 5-8 updates (400/800, ante 100)

9:15pm: Cody third overall heading into Day 2
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody almost ended the day as chip leader with 131,700. He'll head into Day 2 in third overall and was pipped to the end of Day 1B chip lead on the final hand by Ursu Denis, who bagged up 146,300. A full recap of the day's events will be posted on the blog soon. -- MC

8:55pm: Pause the clock
Tournament director Toby Stone has announced that the 253 remaining players will be dealt four more hands before play finishes for the day. -- NW

8:45pm: Breaking News: Cody loses a pot
They said it couldn't happen today, but it has. Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody has lost a pot. To be fair though, his opponent had to have quads versus his full house to pull it off.

The action was three-handed and to the river of a 5♦T♦5♥6♥5♣ board with around 14,000 in the middle. Raffaele Sorrentino led out for 10,000 from the small blind and Omar Abdelaziz tank-folded from mid position. Cody was on the button and tank-called and mucked upon seeing Sorrentino's 4♦5♠.

"Did you have a ten?" asked Abdelaziz to Cody, who nodded and responded, "I wanted to fold."

"Did you have a ten?" he asked back and added, "Good fold" when it was confirmed. Cody down to 135,000, still clear chip leader. -- MC

8:30pm: Yan short-stacking
David Yan's stack has headed south since the last break but he's grinding away. Both he and Leo McClean went deep at EPT London last year and the latter provided a few needed chips for the Kiwi.

Around 5,000 had made it into the middle before both players checked the 2♦4♣2♥ flop. The turn came as the K♠ and Yan crane bet 2,300. McClean quickly folded to drop a little to 48,000. -- MC

8:10pm: More for Delagdo
Team PokerStars Online's Vicente Delgado has even more chips after Vicente Zamorano shoved into his big-slick pre flop.

Zamorano's shove was for 12,075 with 7♣9♦ and the board ran J♦8♣9♠A♠5♠. Delgado's A♣K♦ held up and he moved up to 94,000. -- MC

Blinds up: 400/800 ante 100

8pm: Level seven fallers
These players fell one level short of making Day 2: Manuel Pleguezelo, Andrew Miles, Koray Suler, Pablo Rey, Edgar Vidal, Stefano Rossomando, Jorge López, Fabio Sperling, Diego Benitez, Roger Sanchez, Artem Chindin, Gonzalo Rocanin, Fraser Macintyre, Ian Drake, Teresa Ramos, David Gent, Zeik Tuit, Garrett Devine and Rory Curtis. -- NW

7:55pm: How go Team Pro?
So Jake Cody is the chip leader but what about the rest of the players flying the Red Spade with pride today. The UK's Dale Philip is in full flow at his table, sharing a story from a time where he found himself in a sticky situation abroad, as for his stack he's back up to 19,500 but it appears to have been a grind today for the online grinder.


Spain's two representatives are faring better, Team PokerStars Pro Leo Margets is up to 34,000 and looks calm, whilst Spanish Team PokerStars Online's Vicente Delgado is doing best of all, he had 46,000 at the start of this level but is now up to 79,000. -- NW

7:45pm: All is well in Grafton's world
A weird occurrence happened earlier in the day; Sam Grafton was playing in the tournament and couldn't be heard from the next room where media row in situated. Those aware of the Grafton species, know that's a very strange indeed, as if he's still in a tournament everyone can normally hear him.

Fear not followers as all is well and normal again in Grafton's world.

"JACK! JACK! Come here, we're having a punt!" shouted Grafton at Jack Salter who was sat at the bar in the tournament room. Salter sprinted over to see a three-way all in.

Björn Wiesler was very short and moved all in for around 4,000 from early position. Isabelo Costas was a couple of seats along and three-bet all in for around 8,000. Grafton made the call and the rest of the table folded.

Wiesler: 8♣9♣
Costas: K♦J♦
Grafton: K♣J♣

"What! How can you have that?" Grafton said to Costas.

The board ran 3♥A♠7♠Q♣6♦ to bust Weisler.

"Nice doing business with you, " said Grafton as he shook Costas' hand. He's up to around 40,000. -- MC

7:35pm: Cody cruises into chip lead
Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody has been comfortably stacked all day, he's currently got 130,000 which by our reckoning is good for the chip lead. He had to work hard to attain that lofty position though as Denzel Spekman just put him in a horrible spot on the river.


Cody has claimed the chip lead

In the hand in question four players saw a [10s]Q♥6♣ flop, Cody, who was the original raiser, c-bet 3,400 into a pot of 6,000 and Spekman was the only caller. Both players checked the 6♠ turn and the A♣ completed the board. Cody reached for chips and bet 7,800 only for Spekman to raise to 21,600 from a stack of around 40,000.

This turn of events caused Cody to lean back in his chair and he stayed there for a couple of minutes contemplating his decision. He then cut out the requisite calling chips from his stack and pondered some more. About 15 seconds later he quietly announced call, Spekman showed J♣9♣ for the busted straight draw, Cody showed A♥[10h] to claim the pot and the chip lead. -- NW

7:24pm: Free to watch the football all week
Some of those who busted in the last hour included: Jose Delgado, Mikko Väisänen, Nicholas Samson, Maria De Miranda, Alexander Linden, Viktor Belyaev, Christophe Malaurie, Björn Wiesler, Elias Piloti, Keith Littlewood, Dale Gerrad, Carlos Gómez, Tom Oliver, Marlon Plaumann, Maximilian Zorn, Giancarlo Oliviero, Dan Williams, Abigail Loutan, Lars Langset, Begenov Orazovich, David Caceres, Robert Coughlan, Odd Langset, Mateusz Rypulak, Mario Cano, Mateusz Koczwara and Arran Tuffrey. -- MC

7:15pm: The wait for a triple winner continues
Duncan McLellan is playing tournament poker right now, just not in the main event. He's playing the pot-limit Omaha side event which means the wait for a triple UKIPT winner continues. -- NW

7:10pm: Lappin loses with kings
UKIPT regular David Lappin just suffered a bad beat to drop back to 23,000.

7:05pm: All under one roof
Just 330 of the 448 players who started the day remain and they're now all playing in the main tournament room as the secondary tournament room is being used for side events. -- NW

Blinds up: 300/600 ante 75

6:50pm: Break time
Six levels down and two to go which means the players are on a 15 minute break. -- NW

6:45pm: From 125,000 to out in an hour
The fall of Odd Langset was as rapid as his rise as he's gone from having a stack of 125,000 to a stack of zero inside an hour.

However, this was no raging tilt due to losing that big pot to Diego Gomez (see 5:45pm post) but just a case of getting very unlucky. Between Paul Berende and Kelly Saxby they were able to tell the PokerStars Blog how Langset lost his last 70,000 in chips.
First he three-bet with [Q][5] and called a four-bet from Pavel Chalupka and connected rather nicely with the [Q][5][4] flop. His opponent held kings, the chips flew in and Chalupka rivered a third king to win the hand.

After that beat Berende said that Langset was simply open jamming a lot of hands, including 7-2o, so when Langset picked up kings he did exactly the same, Christian Hatero called and he also had pocket kings, but crucially the king of diamonds. Four diamonds appeared on the board and with that Langset's roller coaster of a day was done. -- NW

6:25pm: Little Razavi catches, and busts, Worley-Roberts
Former UKIPT champion Sam Razavi may be in the Philippines looking after his first-born but his spirit lives on inside his younger brother, Mohammad Razavi, who's playing today.

Razavi just tangled with the popular Deborah Worley-Roberts and ended up busting her before a small scene broke out.

Around 5,500 had made it into the middle by the turn of a 6♥Q♥4♦J♣ board and Razavi led for 1,600 from under the gun. Worley-Roberts called and then shoved for 10,725 when Razavi checked on the 6♠ river.

The youngster took his time and made the call with 8♠8♥. Worley-Roberts knew she was out and tried to muck cards but the dealer stopped her and held on to the semi-mucked holding. Worley-Roberts asked for a ruling but wasn't happy with the first floor man that was on the scene.

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Deborah Worley-Roberts.jpg

Debs the destroyer

She demanded one of the senior floor staff and eventually had a discussion away from the table with Luca Vivaldi, who pointed out the right ruling and proper practice in the circumstances. Whilst this was happening, the dealer showed Worley-Roberts' hand - pocket fives - to the table and got on with the next hand.

After Worley-Roberts calmed down she apologised to the dealer and floor man in question, just in case she had offended them.

After all the commotion, it's easy to forget that Razavi made a great call to get up to 33,000. -- MC

6pm: Chip counts
Here are some counts from around the room:

Raul Mestre - 38,000
Richie Lawlor - 15.500
Daniel Stacey - 19,500
Dan Williams - 17,500
Duncan McLellan - 9,700
David Gent - 15,000
Alex Spencer - 10,100
Dale Philip - 11,500
Tony Phillips - 28,000


Philip has some work to do to get back to starting stack

Paul McTaggart - 25,000
Nick Newport - 32,000
Louise Duffy - 17,700
Richard Evans - 13,000
David Lappin - 33,000
Vincente Delgado - 29,000
Adrian Mateos - 35,000
Diego Gomez - 77,000
Paul Berende - 40,000

Blinds up: 200/400 ante 50

5:45pm: It's all very Odd
Apparently Odd Arne Langset has a bet with his brother that he has to reach 200,000 in chips by the end of the day otherwise he'll face a pretty strong forfeit which the PokerStars Blog is not going to divulge as it's pretty gruesome.

That perhaps goes some way to explaining the strange, some would say odd, series of events that just unfolded at his table. The Norwegian was doing very well when I arrived at the table and had accumulated a chip leading stack of around 125,000. That was soon to change though, he open to 625 from the hijack and was called by Diego Gomez (cut-off) and Paul Berende (button) only for Kelly Saxby to make it 3,000 from the big blind.


Gomez - played an Odd pot

Back on Langset he called, Gomez then moved all-in for a massive 35,950, Berende folded and Saxby went into the tank. The American, who lives in the UK, had roughly 19,000 back and the decision was for her tournament life. Despite the gravity of her decision she apologised to the table for taking so long, during this time Langset asked for a count of Gomez's all-in and Berende, rightly so, pointed out that this was out of line as the action wasn't on him yet. After a few minutes Saxby folded what she later said was ace-king and about 10 seconds later Langset announced call.

Gomez: 9♠9♦
Langset: 6♣6♦

The board ran Q♠8♦3♠A♦J♠ and at the completion of the hand Gomez stood up and sang: "We wish you a Merry Christmas, we wish you a Merry Christmas," before adding: "I love this game man." Meanwhile a frustrated Saxby turned to her friend Louise Duffy at a neighbouring table and explained how she'd have tripled up had she called all-in.

But the story doesn't end there on the very next hand Langset lost another 20,000 when he doubled up Christian Hatero. The latter had A♣4♣ and with the board showing 3♣K♦2♠Q♦2♣ he had, according to Paul Berende, made a big river call with just ace high. After Langset pushed his cards into the muck without showing anyone Hatero shouted "Vamos," and banged the table four times. This was deemed excessive celebration by the floor and Hatero was given an orbit penalty as a result. Still he's up to 40,000 whilst Langset is down to 70,000. -- NW

5:30pm: Phillips' opponent bullet proof
Tony Phillips has dropped down to 18,000 after he emptied the clip into Ivan Ortega but failed to prize the Spaniard off his hand.

Philips raised from the highjack and bet every street of a 4♦8♠9♣A♠J♥ board, the last two bets being 1,925 and 6,500.

Ortega was in the small blind and called all the way with A♣4♣, beating out Philips's K♣7♣. -- MC

5:15pm: Exits
As the blinds go up the number of players go down and these are the latest to fall: Craig McDowell, Ana Robaina, Matthew Bowron, Daniel Merrilees, Javier Suarez, Gennady Menshikov, John Power, Sin Melin, Ion Nedorea and Alberto Sánchez. -- NW


It' wasn't Melin's day

5:10pm: Garrad not travelling well in this Main Event
Dale Garrad berated himself for calling in a pot that saw him drop down to 7,700 chips.

Three players were involved in the hand by the time the board rested as 9♥T♣J♥5♦4♥. Artem Chindin was already all for his short stack, leaving Garrad and Carlos Sanchez fighting it out for a side pot as well as the main pot. Garrad led out for 5,025 before Sanchez shoved for 12,475.

"I should've check-called!" said Garrad. "You have ace-king of hearts?"

He procrastinated for a minute and flicked in the call and was shown what he suspected, A♥K♥ which beat his smaller flush with 8♥5♥. Chindin had A♣9♣ and was eliminated. -- MC

5pm: Over 740 players!
Late registration has closed on Day 1B and we've been told that there were 448 players in the field today. Add them to the 293 from yesterday and you get 741 players. That's slightly down on the 763 from last year but the €500,000 guarantee has been smashed. -- NW

4:55pm: There's only one Jake Cody!

4:50pm: Doke's got the measure of opponents

4:45pm: Grafton hooks in Tinnion
Robert Tinnion lost a pot to Sam Grafton but still has 47,000 chips to play with.

Around 3,000 had made it into the middle before both players checked a 2♣A♣2♣ flop. The turn came as the 9♠ and Grafton check-called 1,900 before both players went back to checking the 4♥ river.

Grafton opened J♣J♠ and took the pot to move up to 32,000 as Tinnion mucked. -- MC

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Sam Grafton.jpg

Grafton gaining traction

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT4 Marbella2: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell and Rene Velli.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT