UKIPT4 Marbella2: Day 2 Level 9-12 updates (1,000/2,000, ante 300)

4:20pm: Oranges for everyone
It's halftime again and time for a 15-minute break. You'll find level 13 updates in a new post here.

4:15pm: High Rolling
The €2,000 High Roller is about to commence with Simon Hemsworth one of those who are about to sit down and play

Other players we know are taking part include Patrick Leonard, Paul Berende and the UKIPT's own Jen Mason who was one of 12 players to win a seat in last night's satellite. Late registration will be open until 8.15pm local time. -- NW

4:05pm: Monroe sliding
The events with Elias Fernandez may have got inside the head of Kevin Monroe as his stack's heading south rapidly.

He just lost a pot, after bluffing, to Nicki Dalgaard to drop to 46,000. By the conversation the two players were having, it seemed as if Monroe three-bet from the small blind after Dalgaard opened.

By the time the board rested as 7♠5♥9♥5♦Q♣ more than 100,000 had made its way into the middle. Monroe led for a relatively small 25,500 and Dalgaard tank-called with Q♥T♥ for a rivered queen after flopping a flush draw. Monroe opened A♣T♣ and said, "Good call" to Dalgaard who moved up to 210,000. -- MC

3:55pm: Some snippets
Here are a few snippets of what's happening around the tournament room:

• Ken Lennaard has rebuilt his stack to 175,000 after eliminating Nicolas Fernandez. The latter had pocket tens to Lennaard's 4♣3♣, the chips went in on a [3][5][6] flop and Lennaard turned trip threes to win the hand
• Leo Margets is still in but still below average with a stack of 58,000.
•Tom Sommerville and Leo McClean are at the same table and sharing a joke or two. McClean has 62,000 whilst Sommerville has 44,000.
• Jake Cody's progress is slow and steady as he's climbed to 155,000

3:50pm: Fuming Monroe loses pot to drunk Fernandez
Elias Fernandez is the drunkest man in the room. Fact. He's consumed four bourbon and energy drinks since the start of play and he's not making many friends, especially Kevin Monroe who he just doubled through.

Fernandez raised from under the gun and called after Monroe three-bet from the big blind. The flop fell A♦J♦4♣ and Monroe check-raised his opponent who called. A blank came on the turn and Monroe bet 30,000 and was called before a third diamond came on the river. Fernandez had 37,600 back and called all in when Monroe shoved.

"Do you have diamonds? Asked Monroe. He got no response so opened up A♣J♣ for two pair. Then Fernandez opened up K♦9♦ one at a time.

"F##king idiot!" fumed Monroe. "That's what you get when you have a drunkard at the table."

Monroe dropped to 125,000 and told his foe to go and have a shower as he stunk. The TD agreed and Fernandez was asked to go and clean up, have a coffee and come back in a fit state to play. -- MC

3:30pm: Raine not falling
UKIPT3 leader board runner-up Neil Raine had a six-figure stack to start the day and it's only gone upward in the opening three hours...

Blinds up: 1,000/2,000, 300 ante

3:20pm: Heading to the pool
The players continue to fall faster than Sepp Blatter of a stage as: Rafael Vadillo, Graham Smith, Bernat Calvet, Gerardus Kotting, Daniel Martinez, Barry Foley, Cristian Sturza, Tomasz Raniszewski, Oliver Weis, Martynas Kukucionis, Raul Mestre, Julio Parras, Sebastien Deliron, Adrián Alonso, Grzegorz Reczko, Michael Allmrodt, Najib Hassani, Carlo Gabriele, Peter Kensell, John Keown, Jens Lakemeier, Antonino Karman, Michael Kane, Vicente Esteve, Francisco Bravo, Igor Fernandez, Steven Velletri, Gerald Cochlan, Marco Rivas, Joseph Whittaker, Adam Forsyth, Keith Maguire, Bartolome Gomila, Igor Pérez, David Tierney, Tom Aksel Bedell, Patrick Bornicke, Miguel Perez, Sidsel Helle Boesen, Christopher Knights, Basel Alhasan, Donald Elliot and David Dolak are all out. -- NW


Mestre is gone

3:15pm: Duffy and Craigie depart
Two fair ladies, in the shape of Louise Duffy and Kerry Jane Craigie have been eliminated.

Duffy informed the blog that Mohammad Razavi, who's risen to around 170,000, eliminated her. She had 38,000 and called as raise from the young Brightonion holding ace-queen. The flop came [2][4][5] and Duffy had a stab when the action was checked to her.

Duffy was going to give up on the hand when called but an ace appearing on the turn changed her mind. The chips went in and Razavi opened Pocket deuces for a set. -- MC

3pm: Delgado doing it live
Vicente Delgado, a member of PokerStars Team Online, has got his stack up to 230,000 - good for one of the biggest stacks in the room.

He won a pot off former Estrellas champion Antonio Dieguez with a brand of power poker. Dieguez raised to 3,500 from mid position and called after Delgado three-bet to 9,000 from the small blind.

The flop fell 3♠K♠J♥ and Delgado continued for 10,000. Call. On the 8♠, Delgado fired 20,000 and that was enough to get Dieguez to fold after some thought. -- MC

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Vicente Delgado.jpg

Delgado on the up

2:45pm: River keeps Dalfo alive
Ladislao Dalfo is a lucky lucky boy. On the turn of a 3♦4♠J♣[10s] board he bet 9,700 into a roughly 20,000 chip pot and then called off his final 20,000 when Pablo Gordillo set him all-in. Gordillo showed pocket queens and was ahead of Dalfo's J♠7♠, that is until the 7♥ spiked on the river to double up Dalfo. -- NW

2:35pm: Contrasting fortunes of Day 1 chip leaders
Ken Lennaard and Denis Ursu led at the end of Day 1A and 1B respectively but their stacks have gone in different directions today.

The overall Day 1 chip leader was Lennaard but his stack has shrunk from 149,900 to around 85,000, whilst Ursu's stack has gone from 146,300 to 225,000 in the opening two and a bit levels. -- NW

2:30pm: No chips, no money
The tournament has said goodbye to: Christopher Johnson, Ian Holmes, Patricia Rovirosa, Ander Sarasua, Cesar García, Ross Newton, Veronika Larsen, Guy Phillips, Tomasz Wrobel, Lucas Blanco, Fernando Curto, Ander Leonardo, Carsten Jo, Zakhar Galper, Epameinondas Sintos, Manuel Cortada, Martin Clemmensen, Claus Grether, Ole Secher, Carmelo Lorente Aguilar, Raffaele Sorrentino, Sergi Torrent, Jose Gutierrez, Alec Cameron, Sam Van Kerkhoven, Tony Phillips, Javier de Vicente Miquel, Emanuel Rodrigues de Jesus, Omar Anaya, Mikel Leunda, Christian Jambor, David Prestamero and Lee Goldsmith. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600, ante 200

2pm: Clear the room
No one has opened a packet of scampi flavoured nik-nak's, it's the end of level 10 and players are on a 15-minute break. -- NW

1:55pm: Some counts
There are 252 players remaining and the average stack is 58,000, here's how some of the names and notables stack up right now:

Leo McClean - 38,000
Paul McTaggart - 80,000
Paul Foltyn - 88,000
Adrian Mateos - 110,000
Michael Kane - 16,000
Patxi Salinas - 107,000
Kjell Inge Lindqvist - 75,000
Louise Duffy - 45,000
Kelly Saxby - 36,000
Diego Gomez - 88,000
Jake Cody - 140,000

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Sam Grafton.jpg

Sam Grafton - 100,000

Leo Margets - 51,000
Richie Lawlor - 50,000
Kerry Jane Craigie - 60,000
Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez - 70,000
Vicente Delgado - 150,000
Paul Berende - 75,000
Ken Lennaard - 90,000
Neil Raine - 115,000

1:50pm: Lewis makes Swift exit
Lewis Swift's day has come to an end after he flopped a straight flush draw but bricked.

He came by media row and told the blog that he called a 2,500 raise from a player sat under-the-gun, with [8]8♥. The flop came 7♥9♥J♥ and the chips went in. His opponent held king-jack and the board ran out [9][6]. -- MC

1:40pm: The king is dead, long live the king
A brand new UKIPT Marbella champion will be crowned on Sunday after the elimination of Ludovic Geilich.

Antonio Dieguez min raised from under the gun and was called by the button and Geilich in the big blind. The flop fanned 4♠2♥4♦ and Geilich check-raised all in. The button folded but Dieguez called.

Geilich: A♣5♣ for a gutshot draw.
Dieguez: 6♥6♦ for an over pair.

Geilich hit his wheel on the 3♣ turn but Dieguez made a bigger straight on the 5♠ river. -- MC

1:27pm: Geilich grinding it out
Anyone who's seen the recent footage of EPT London on Channel 4 will now that Ludovic Geilich is a man who likes to play pots and doesn't like folding - exhibit a - but he seems to be grinding it out here on Day 2 as he's up to 32,000 from his start of day 19,500. "I've just won a few small pots," he told the PokerStars Blog. "I'm in good shape, well better than what I was. -- NW

1:25pm: Magee takes the lead
Before play started Jake Cody told the PokerStars Blog that he was in confident mood going into Day 2 and liked that fact that no one else at his table had more than 60,000. Well that's not the case anymore as Bernard Magee, who started the day with 59,200, is now up to 200,000 and has a wall of chips in front of him.

The good news for Cody fans is that none of this new found wealth appears to have come from him as he still has a stack of around 130,000, which is what he started the day with. -- NW

1:20pm: Up and then out for Philip
PokerStars Team Online Dale Philip has busted. He tweeted:

1:10pm: Newport sails away
Day 2 was a day to forget for Nick Newport after he managed to go from more than 60,000 to out in a level.

He told the blog that he lost an 80,000-chip pot with king-queen suited to ace-five in a three-bet pot. His opponent flopped a five and rivered an ace to beat out Newport's turned queen.

That left him with 7,000 and he moved them in with eight-nine suited from the hijack. A player on the button called with ace-jack and Newport bricked straight and flush draws. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600/1,200 ante 200

12:50pm: Milner Jnr nailed by Garcia Diaz
Ace-king doesn't seem to be flipping well against pocket nines today. The latest to fall victim of such a flip was Richard Milner Jnr.

He was short coming in today and got his ace-king in versus the pocket nines of Gaelle Garcia Diaz, which held. Garcia Diaz, who has her angry game face on today, moved up to around 55,000. -- MC

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Gaëlle Garcia Diaz.jpg

The exit's that way, Rich!

12:45pm: Running on fumes
Defending champion Ludovic Geilich is short on sleep as well as chips. A conversation with another player at the table yielded the fact that Geilich only got three hours sleep last night due to getting in at 8am! -- NW

12:40pm: Philip busts one
Team PokerStars Online's Dale Philip only started the day with 22 big blinds so when he got half of them into the middle in a flip against Jose Gomez it was pretty crucial that he won. The Scotsman held A♠K♠ and was up against pocket nines. The 7♦8♥Q♦ flop kept the pocket pair in front but the A♣ turn gave Philip the lead, which he held onto on the 8♣ river. He's now up to around 35,000. -- NW

12:35pm: Grafton takes out Wealthall
UKIPT host Nick Wealthall's day was shorter than he had hoped for. You have to win flips to win tournaments and Wealthall failed to do so.

He got his last 20 big blinds in with ace-king suited versus Sam Grafton's pocket nines. The pocket pair held and Wealthall headed for the pool. -- MC

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Nick Wealthall.jpg

A host of problems for Nick today

12:28pm: Margets came armed for battle
Tomeu Gomila and Leo Margets are two of the biggest Spanish names left in the field and tangled in a pot that saw the latter empty the clip to claim a pot.

Margets raised from mid position and went on to fire 2,200, 5,700 and 9,000 on a 4♥Q♦8♦6♦9♣ board. Gomila was in the big blind and check-called all the way to the river where he paused. Margets is known for having a sad looking face when in a hand but Gomila was mirroring her expression as he tanked. He scratched his head, stuck out his bottom lip and gave a great puppy impression.

It wasn't going to change the fact he faced a bet and he tapped the table and folded to drop to 27,000. The Team PokerStars Pro rose to 46,000. -- MC

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Leo Margets.jpg

Don't mess with Margets today

12:15pm: Plan for the day
Before play began Toby Stone, the tournament director, took to the microphone first to tell the players the payout structure and then to explain how the day is going to work. The plan is to play eight levels in total, although if the bubble hasn't burst by that time play will continue until it does.

Stone said he anticipated that there should be no trouble reaching the money inside eight levels which means the players will then be let loose in time to enjoy the Spain vs Netherlands match experience party which is planned for the evening. -- NW

12:10pm: Interesting tables
The random seat draw has, as usual, spat out a few interesting tables for the start of Day 2. Table seven caught our eye as it contains Neil Raine (101,700), overall chip leader Ken Lennaard (149,900) and Paul Berende (50,900).

And table three is another humdinger as you'll find Ludovic Geilich (19,500), Dara O'Kearney (13,400), Vicente Delgado (97,500) and Antonio Dieguez Rodriguez (37,300) battling it out there. -- NW

12:05pm: Shuffle up and deal!
Cards are in the air for Day 2.

12pm: March to the money begins
Welcome to Day 2 of UKIPT Marbella, it's moving day here as the numbers stop going up and start going down.

In all 336 of the 750 entrants remain, 111 of whom will get paid. The winner will take home €136,000 whilst a min-cash is good for €1,800. You can see the full payout structure here.

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Jake Cody.jpg

Cody is third in chips heading into Day 2

Well placed heading into Day 2 is none other than Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody. He's got 131,300 and is third in chips. Only Ken Lennaard (149,900) and Denis Ursu (146,300) accumulated more than he did on Day 1. He's not the only sponsored pro who advanced to Day 2 though as Leo Margets (34,700), Dale Philip (21,900) and Vicente Delgado (97,500) are all back today as well. You can see the Day 2 seat draw here and the start of day chip counts here.

Play is about to kick off here in Marbella, let the Day 2 carnage begin. -- NW

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT4 Marbella2: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell and Rene Velli.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT