UKIPT4 Marbella2: Lennaard shines brightest on Day 1A

Isn't it nice to have a holiday on the Spanish coast? Bad beer, all day English breakfasts and reruns of Only Fools and Horses in every bar. It's just like being at home but without the rain! Thankfully most Spanish resorts have moved on from those days, especially Marbella, where you are more likely to gaze at yachts while sampling fresh seafood than the above option.

The UKIPT called its Spanish cousin ESPT and told them the poker festival is on again after the 2013 success story. Day 1A took place today and attracted 293 runners from all over Europe and beyond. PokerStars' regional tours are attracting an ever wider player pool and the events are much richer as a result.

Ken Lennaard Day 1A chip leader.jpg

Swedish legend Ken Lennaard hasn't lost his skills

Today Ken Lennaard, from Sweden claimed the most loftiest end of day position with 149,900. He grabbed the top spot near the end of play but it was close race and Neil Raine (101,700) Christian Bauer (125,400), Anthony Fox (124,800), Paul Kristoffersson (98,600), Patxi Salinas (85,700) and Terry Carter (107,300) will all be happy with their days.

Lennaard had this to say about his day, "I played solid all day but it was a real roller coaster. A guy tilted away his stack early on to me so I was up to 50,000 after two hours. Then I steadily built to 130,000 before a crazy last half hour. I lost to a two outer and three outer to drop to 80,000 and then won a huge 130,000 chip pot right at the end to get it all back."

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Neil Raine.jpg

Chips Rained down on Neil today

Ludovic Geilich is a very well known player across the poker world these days after his televised exploits on the EPT shows but his breakthrough as a player came at this very event last year where he stormed to victory. The champ was back today, doubled up on the first hand he played and went on a typical Geilich roller coaster ride. His stack fluctuated wildly as he struggled to control himself and stay out of pots as the day progressed. It's why he's adored and he managed to get through with 19,500.

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Ludovic Geilich.jpg

Ludo's going to Ludo

A total of 119 players made it through the day but Alex Goulder, Wille Elliot, Partick Leonard, Tudor Purice and Tom Middleton were not amongst them. There was sympathy for them until the realisation of where the tournament is located, all the side events, parties and World Cup games on offer. They'll be just fine.

UKIPT4_Marbella2_Willie Elliot.jpg

No final table repeat for Elliot

As ever for a second starting flight, the field is expected to be a lot larger than today and many big names will be out in force. The red spade will be represented by Jake Cody who's jetted in from Las Vegas, Leo Margets and Dale Philip. Sin Melin, as a Tour Ambassador, will drag herself away from the pool to make an appearance too.


European pitstop for Cody who's aiming for a second bracelet in Las Vegas this summer

Day 1B will start at midday CET and the clock will reset for another eight levels of play. To read over what happened throughout today's play and end of play counts, please click on the links below.

Levels 1-4
Levels 5-8
End of Day 1A chip counts.

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Photos copyright of Danny Maxwell and Rene Velli.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT