UKIPT4 Nottingham2 Day 1A: Level 1-4 updates (100/200, ante 25)

4:20pm: Break time
That's the end of level four and players are now on a 15 minute break. You'll find level five updates in a new post shortly. -- NW

4:18pm: The Trigger word
Rick Trigg has been a staple of the UK poker scene for some time, his hard work and talent paying off with a recent rise to the top of the pocket fives online rankings.

Today hasn't quite gone to plan, an early exit in the High Roller followed by a period of hard grind in the main that has seen his stack fluctuate before settling on its current amount of 16,000.

He spoke to us briefly about the day. "I've been taking some thin value lines that haven't really been working out. It seems like people are getting there a lot today. I've been loving the table though - really good fun - the most fun I've had playing live for a while."

Most recently he saw some more of his chips dissipate. Contesting a pot with Andrew Bradshaw - he led the A♦J♥4♥ for 700, only for Bradshaw to make a huge check-raise to 11,000 - almost enough to set Trigg in.

"Got the Q♥T♥ then?" asked Trigg.

"Well I've got two hearts," countered Bradshaw. Trigg mulled it over before deciding it would be a bad idea to call, though he elicited a promise from Bradshaw to see one of his cards if he mucked.

He did so, turning over the 5♥ in Bradshaw's hand. Bradshaw then flipped up the A♥ to prove the veracity of his earlier claim.

"He's flopping the world today, isn't he Frankie?" -- RS

4:15pm: Dobson on the double
Ben Dobson moved up to more than 45,000 chips after his opponent in the hand - Simon Higgins - made a big move, only for Dobson to have aces.

Higgins opened to 600 from under the gun before a player in mid position three-bet to 1,400. Dobson was in the big blind and four-bet to 3,000. Higgins responded by shoving and Dobson called all in for 22,850 after the other opponent folded.

Higgins opened A♣K♣ and winced a little after Dobson revealed A♠A♦. Higgins nearly cracked his fellow Brit's rockets as the board ran out 4♣5♣J♣7♦T♥ but the flush never appeared. Higgins was still left with 23,000. -- MC

4.05pm: Big names continue to turn up
The Day 1A field continues to swell both in size and talent. Two of the latest players to show up are Surinder Sunar and Toby Lewis. They have a WPT title and EPT title respectively, Sunar sits fourth on the UK all-time money list and Lewis, some years his junior, is 26th.

4pm: Andrew Hulme bubbles the High Roller
The bubble of the High Roller didn't last long and Andrew Hulme was the unlucky player to leave penniless.

Matt Davenport opened from under the gun and then shoved after Hulme three-bet from the small blind. Hulme had the shorter stack and called all in.

Hulme: Q♦Q♠
Davenport: A♣T♣

The board ran A♠5♦K♥4♣J♥ to hit Davenport's ace. Without a word, Hulme stood up and vanished. The remaining players are all now guaranteed £6,050. -- MC

UKIPT4_Nott2_Andrew Hulme.jpg

Hulme bubbled high roller

3:52pm: Mayhew buried in Shallow grave - High Roller
Dave "Dubai" Shallow just took a big scalp and a big pot in the form of Ben Mayhew.

The hand opened with a Dubai raise to 6,300, re-popped by Mayhew to 16,500. Shallow made the call and the pair went heads-up to the J♦J♠5♠ board. Mayhew led out for 12,500, only for Shallow to make it 28,200.

A cautious call from Mayhew.

The turn was the 9♠ and now Shallow bet out a monstrous 200,000 - although with Mayhew's stack at 60,000, this was effectively merely setting him all-in.

Mayhew made the call with pocket kings, only to get the bad news that Shallow had out-flopped him with T♣J♣.

His trips held on the bricky 4♥ river and Mayhew's tournament was over. Shallow holds a commanding chip lead now with around 395,000.

He will be well-placed to cause carnage now as we are on the bubble with 14 left and 13 paid. There are some tense faces out there...

-- RS

3:45pm: High Roller update, just 15 remain
They're on the 'soft bubble' in the £3,000 UKIPT Nottingham2 High Roller. Just 15 players are left and 13 get paid. Lee Dixon, Willie Tann, Matt Perrins & Simon Higgins are the latest exits. This is what they're playing for:


3:40pm: Exits
There have been 15 exits so far today, the players listed below are the ones who are out. With this being a single re-entry event though we may yet see some of them tomorrow on on Day 1C.

148 Richard Pearson
149 Pete Franklin
150 Van Tuan Phan
151 Harry Zammit
152 Trevor Reardon
153 Jim Tierney
154 Dan Stancer
155 Steve Vladar
156 Adam Forsyth
157 Simon Brooks
158 Richard Norfolk
159 Chris Sly
160 Stephen Rawle
161 David Stonehouse
162 Aleksandras Voisnis

3:35pm: Middleton rising through the pack
Form is temporary. Class is permanent. You'll never hear the quiet, self-effacing Tom Middleton describing himself as such, but he is showing his poker skills and efficiently moving through the gears in the early stages here.

Most recently he picked up a healthy boost to his stack, raising the river of a 9♣7♣2♥4♠9♥ board to around 6,000 when his opponent (Anthony Flynn) led out. Flynn made the call with Q-9 only to get the bad news that Middleton had him healthily out-kicked with A-9.

Middleton rises to 28,000; Flynn takes a dive to 12,000. -- RS

3:25pm: Cody gives up on the river
Jake Cody is back below his starting stack after giving up on the river in a hand versus Emyr Wyn Lewis.

The action folded around to the Team PokerStars Pro on the button and he raised to 400. Lewis was the only caller in the small and the two took to an A♦Q♥7♠ flop.

Cody continued for 275 and Wyn check-called to the 9♥ turn where he called another 900 from Cody. Another ace (as) appeared on the river and Cody seemed tempted to bet again but checked behind. Wyn opened A♣T♠ and Cody mucked.

Julian Thew (22k) and Thomas Dunwoodie (38k) are also at the table. All three are spread out around the table but we could easily see them clashing. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100/200, 25 ante

3.10pm: Chip counts
Here are the counts of some of the names and notables in the UKIPT Main Event Day 1A field:
Daragh Davey - 21,000
Daniel Charlton - 11,500
David Lappin - 24,000
Dara O'Kearney - 15,000
Craig McCorkell - 23,600
Rhys Jones - 5,800
David Clifton-Burraway - 18,800
Rupinder Bedi - 27,000
Richard Trigg - 12,000


Rick Trigg

Simon Deadman - 5,800
Tom Middleton - 20,700
Kyriacos Dionysiou - 27,700
Jason Barton - 22,500
Dean Hutchison - 27,500
Ali Mallu - 26,000
Tim Chung - 34,000
Simon Higgins - 20,300
Joey Lovelady - 55,000


Lovelady is the early chip leader

3:05pm: Tierney gunned down by Berridge
Jim Tierney is the latest man who definitely won't be tasting UKIPT glory on this leg.

Finding himself short he worked all his chips (around 2,200) into the middle preflop - picking up two dance partners in Richard Berridge and Trevor Reardon.

A board of 4♠4♣2♥ looked innocuous enough, but there were a few twists to come, Reardon leading out for 3,800, only for Berridge to lean back in his chair, announce all-in and take a bite of a sandwich.

Reardon made a pretty swift fold and Tierney turned over his J♣8♠ hopefully, looking for some live outs.

He was to be disappointed. Berridge held pocket deuces for a flopped set and barring any runner runner miracles, Tierney was about to face the music.

"No surprises, no jack turn please," Berridge requested of the dealer and he got his way over the T♠ 3♣ turn and river.

"What did you have there then?" Tierney asked of Reardon as he put on his coat.

"Well it had that beat!" Reardon joked.

"Last night I couldn't hit a cow's a*** with a banjo!" Berridge commented - his instrumental rear-bovine striking form improving dramatically today as he moves to 33,500. -- RS

3pm: Craig lists aces as his favourite hand
After busting 23rd in the High Roller, Craig McCorkell jumped into the Main Event and was sat at a table including Irish heavyweights David Lappin and Dara O'Kearney.

He lost a chunky pot before getting back up to 18,500 with pockets aces in a five-bet pot.

Chris Nicolas opened to 400 from early position before McCorkell three-bet to 1,100 from the hijack. Nicolas came back with a four-bet to 2,100 and called after McCorkell made it 3,650.

Both checked the Q♣6♥K♠ flop to see the 8♥ roll out on the turn. McCorkell bet 2,700 when checked to him and Nicolas called before both checked the Q♠ river. Nicolas opened J♠J♦, losing out to McCorkell's A♠A♦. -- MC

2:45pm: Delicious river boosts Hussain
There's little to match the feeling of poker when you hit a beautiful river. Emran Hussain just experienced that joy - the 4♠ arriving to complete his straight flush draw on the 6♥2♠6♠3♦4♠ board.

With such a disguised nut hand, Hussain would have had high hopes of getting paid and when he led for 1,600 into the 3,000-ish pot, he would have been delighted to see his opponent Simon Brooks raise to 4,000.

Hussain had a short think before deciding 10,000 was the amount he could wangle from Brooks and though he looked highly perturbed about the situation, a period of squirming in his seat and head-shaking was indeed followed by a call.

Brooks was given the bad news and a smiling Hussain sails to an impressive 38,000. In contrast the distraught Brooks falls to a below-par 8,000. -- RS

2.35pm: 19 left in the High Roller
There are just 19 players left in the High Roller, 13 of whom will get paid. The blinds are currently 1,200/2,400 ante 300 and the average stack is 106,000. Amongst those left in are: Ben Vinson (115,000), Eleanor Gudger (60,000), Dave Shallow (165,000), Willie Tann (16,000), Andrew Hulme (145,000), Steve Warburton (185,000), Matt Perrins (35,000), Patryk Slusarek (140,000), Simon Higgins (26,000) and Ben Mayhew (90,000).

ukipt4_nottingham2_Day1a_Dave Shallow

Dave Shallow

Whilst Paul Newey (20th), Zimnan Ziyard (21st), Daniel Charlton (22nd) Craig McCorkell (23rd) and Jamie Sykes (24th) are all recent exits. Both Charlton and McCorkell have hopped straight into the main event. -- NW


Zinman Ziyard

2:25pm: Dan Charlton, the 900 Million man
Daniel Charlton has been having a great year. He came 12th at UKIPT4 Nottingham in January and, under the handle "judgedredd12", chopped the celebratory 900 Million tournament on PokerStars last week for a cool $153,681.46.

Charlton in playing the Main Event after busting Day 2 of the High Roller. The blog caught up with him in the break to talk High Roller, Main Event and life after a big score.

"I started in reverse and never really got going. I got stuck at 15-20 bigs for an hour-and-half; I re-shoved and got it through a couple of times. Eventually I shoved over the top of a Matt Davenport open and he looked me up with ace-ten and I couldn't get there with king-queen."

"Now I'm in the Main Event and I'm not sure I'm feeling that confident. The table isn't that tough though so hopefully I'll get something going.

"I obviously feel really good about my result online last week. It makes all this stuff (busting the HR) feel a lot easier. I'm having a good year but I don't want to be too smug as there's a lot of variance in poker. A lot of stuff is coming together for me but I understand variance and realize the next six months may go awful for me. I'm just going to take every tournament and see how it goes. I'm not going crazy and still selling a lot of action, I want to be sensible with the money." -- MC


2pm: Break time
The players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

1.50pm: Deadman takes a dip
Simon Deadman is down to around 7,700 after losing a big pot Blazej Przygorzewski. The two of them and an anonymous player saw a 7♠4♦J♦ flop, the anonymous player led for 375, Deadman (small blind) raised to 1,100, Przygorzewski (big blind) flat called as did anonymous. On the 5♠ turn Deadman checked, Przygorzewski bet 2,175 and Deadman was the only caller.

The 6♥ completed the board, Deadman bet 6,400 which was enough to set Przygorzewski all-in, the Pole showed 7♣7♥ which was ahead of Deadman's 7♦6♦. After that hand the Brit slips to 7,700. -- NW

1:42pm: Stonehouse reduced to rubble
There's no hiding from the whims of the poker gods sometimes - the recently-eliminated David Stonehouse will attest to that.

Two hands in succession led to his demise.

We joined the first on the river of a T♠9♣7♣2♠8♦ board - with 11,000 or so in the pot - Stonehouse was facing a shove from Arjun Ruparel for his final nine thousand.

A tough decision clearly, Stonehouse took a full three minutes shaking his head in anguish before finally throwing away pocket sevens for a flopped set. Ruparel meanwhile flipped over the enigmatic 3♣, before sweeping up the pot and moving to 31,000.

The next hand, Kyriacos Dionysiou raised to 400, and was instantly min-raised by Stonehouse to 800.

David Barnes cold called and Dionysiou also made the call - the three of them going to a T♠7♦6♠ board.

Dionysiou led out for 2,000, only for Stonehouse to shove for his 8,200 chips. Once Barnes had fled the scene, the decision was back on Dionysiou.

Eventually, he decided Stonehouse must have enough tilt-induced bluffs in his range to make a call with pocket eights worthwhile. He called.

However Stonehouse showed down pocket aces!

Once again though, his luck abandoned him as the cruel 9♦ on the turn brought Dionysiou a winning straight.

One wince, one apologetic shrug and we were one player lighter - Stonehouse's tournament ambitions derailed in brutal fashion.

The other players to have felt the cold hand of fate pushing them out of the doors include Stephen Rawle and Aleksandras Voisnis. -- RS

1:40pm: Newey hanging in there (High Roller)
The High Roller tournament has shrunk to 24 players from the 35 that came back for Day 2. The players are re-drawing onto three tables of eight. Paul Newey came back with 11 big blinds and is still hanging in there with 10 big blinds.

The Blog caught up with Newey before play started to find out about his first day went and how he finds playing here compared to the Super High Roller tournament at the EPT Grand Final last week.

"Terrible! On the second bullet as the first bullet was awful. I just struggled and didn't pick up any cards at all. I hung on and even debated whether or not to come back today, being a one-hour drive with 11 big blinds. After a 6.5 grand investment I decided it was worthwhile.


Newey loves the game, whatever the buy in

"I obviously need a couple of double-ups early and hope to get lucky. If I get up to 30/40 big blinds I can settle down and play my normal game. I need a bit of luck early on to survive!

"I found the quality of players yesterday very high, to be honest. It is slightly different, a lot of people responding to c-bets - not folding etc. That was different to the EPT but generally the quality was very high. I found to difficult to make many moves yesterday and get into the game properly." -- MC

1:25pm: Drenthe here, for Real?
Former Real Madrid and Dutch international footballer Royston Drenthe is in the house today. Drenthe has been seen at other major (poker) tournaments before but doesn't have a Hendon Mob entry as yet so let's hope his first entry can be a UKIPT one!

His starting table includes UKIPT4 Edinburgh champion Dean Hutchison and UK poker stalwart Alli Mallu. -- MC


Drenthe looking to score in Nottingham

1:10pm: Dunwoodie laughing to the bank
When Thomas Dunwoodie checked the seating draw at the start of the day, he is unlikely to have been too enthusiastic about being paired with the imposing figures of Jake Cody and Julian Thew.

His mood will have brightened considerably however by how the morning has gone so far. We saw him scooping in a pot on a K♠5♣A♦3♥2♠ board with A♥4♥, looking a little sheepish before grinning and breaking into a few laughs, realising he had probably outdrawn his glum-looking opponent.

Moments later, things got even better, his king-jack connecting hard with the A♣Q♠T♥ board - his luckless foe this time Jason Shellum, whose holding of Q♦T♦ had made two pair.

He failed to pair up over turn and river and Dunwoodie was left scooping up another healthy pot. Once more Dunwoodie could hardly believe his good fortune, laughing out loud adding "It's getting embarrassing now..."

Dunwoodie up to 28,000... -- RS


12:50pm: Actionman pulls the trigger
Out of the High Roller, Richard "Actionman" Trigg has wasted no time in joining the main event.

He's had a fast start too, the well-liked UK player getting involved in most of the early action, although he hit a hurdle in the form of Chin Chai Koh moments ago.

We joined the hand on the flop of a J♠3♣4♥ board - Trigg leading for 700 and Koh making the call.

The turned A♠ saw Trigg instantly throw out a further 400 chips. "I'm betting progressively smaller as the hand goes on," he added accurately.

This pattern was broken however on the 8♣ river - Trigg leading out for a heftier 1,900 and Koh deliberating before calling him and showing down pocket kings.

Trigg could only table pocket queens, though given the potential cooler he had faced he was perhaps happy to escape with such minimal damage.

"You bet queens there?" queried Koh.

"If I play it properly, you would be broke," he added, although Trigg had an alternative view.

"No, no I don't," he disagreed. "I love you but you don't half talk some...[insert expletive here] sometimes."

Trigg down to 17,500, Koh up to 22.5k... -- RS

12:45pm: Former champs Silver and Hutchison join the fray
The Day 1A field continues to grow and there's now a total of 126 players at the felt. Dotted amongst them are a few former UKIPT champions. Chief amongst them is Max Silver, the UKIPT1 Dublin champion came oh so close to a repeat of that victory at UKIPT4 Dublin back in March and he's made four UKIPT final tables over the first four seasons.

UKIPT4_Nott2_Max Silver.jpg

Silver in the High Roller yesterday

And Dean Hutchison, who denied Liv Boeree a maiden UKIPT win back in January, is also playing today. He's up to 26,000 after winning a pot against the erratic Ali Mallu. The latter had bet 3,000 on the Q♦2♠J♥ flop only for Hutchison to set him all-in for roughly 16,000 total, Mallu thought better of making the call though and is down to 13,000, whilst Hutchison is up to 26,000. -- NW

12:35pm: Shallow pulls the trigger on Richard (High Roller)
Richard Trigg was the first player out of the High Roller on Day 2, falling to Dave Shallow.

He informed the blog that he opened with pocket threes (off 30 big blinds) from under the gun and was three-bet by Shallow from the button. The action was only five-handed at the time and Trigg jammed but was called by Shallow with ace-king and failed to hold. -- MC

12:30pm: UKIPT High Roller Update
The UKIPT festival kicked off in opulent style yesterday with the £3,300 High Roller event. The original £150k guarantee was doubled to £300k and that ensured a host of big names turned out.

The guarantee was just met as 101 players entered (86 players + 15 re-entries) helping to create a £303k prize pool. The remaining 35 players returned for Day 2 today hoping to make the top 13 and secure a £6,050 payday. All will be hoping to secure the £80,450 top prize though.

Ben Vinson finished the day as chip leader and he had this to say about his day went yesterday, "Swimmingly! What more can I say? Everything went right; I never lost a pot. All peaks and no troughs."

UKIPT4_Nott2_Ben Vinson.jpg

Ben Vinson is the man to catch

The aim is to play down to a winner today. Card room manager Simon Trumper hopes to make the final table by 8/9pm and have the tournament wrapped up by 1am.

Here are the to 10 stacks coming into the day:

Player Chips
1 Ben Vinson 147,800
2 Steven Warburton 114,000
3 Eleanor Gudger 102,500
4 David La Ronde 98,000
5 Marcin Kreft 95,900
6 Dave Shallow 89,900
7 Richard Kellett 87,800
8 Matt Perrins 87,000
9 Emanuele Pani 82,700
10 Willie Tann 82,200
-- MC

12:20pm: The great and the good
The impressive guarantee and setting have seen players flock from all over the UK to fight for their piece of the pie.

There are at least two EPT champions in tow - the pair of Julian Thew and Thomas Middleton (winners of EPT Baden 2007 and EPT Barcelona 2013 respectively) providing a pleasing contrast between the old school and new schools of poker. Both will have serious designs on the title here.

Another familiar face who will likely have a big say in how things pan out is the form horse Simon Deadman, who has notched up an impressive sequence of cashes that have seen him win over a million dollars in tournament results.

Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody will also prove a difficult obstacle for his fellow players to overcome. With a CV replete with success, including of course the fabled triple crown of EPT, WPT and WSOP titles, Cody has all the attributes required for a potential winner here at Nottingham.

There are many other talented players, both well-known and lesser-known waiting to write their own page of history. It will be fascinating to see how the day unfolds... -- RS

12pm: Welcome to the £1,000,000 guaranteed UKIPT Nottingham
When the UKIPT heads to Nottingham records usually get broken and this event should be no different. The £1,000,000 guarantee looks set to be smashed and there's hope that the prize pool will eclipse the £1,137,500 when Robert Baguley won here last season.


Dusk Till Dawn - where the magic happens

Day 1C is already full to its 450 capacity and with a single re-entry allowed - on a different day - for anyone who busts from Day 1A or 1B the four figure mark should be breached.

But this festival is not only about the massive main event, the £3,000 High Roller started yesterday and got 101 entries, 35 of whom returned to Day 2, which also starts at midday today. In all 13 players will get paid and we'll be bringing you updates throughout the day before beginning a dedicated blog for the final table of that event. We'll also be covering the other side events this week, such as the £330 Nottingham Cup which starts on Friday.

Cards are now in the air and here are the key UKIPT Nottingham facts:

- 20,000 starting stack
- Blinds starting at 25/50 for 400 big blinds
- One hour levels and we'll play ten today.
- For the first time ever players can re-enter a UKIPT Main Event. It's a single re-entry only and it must be used on a different starting day than the one the player busted from.
- Three Day 1s then the Day 1 survivors will merge for Days 2, 3 and 4 until a winner is crowned (cue winner's photo, trophy swinging around, celebrations in the bar).
- There are still satellites running online and live here at the Dusk Till Dawn Club
- Full UKIPT schedule here - //

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham2: Marc Convey, Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Marc Convey
@The_Conv in UKIPT