UKIPT4 Nottingham2 Day 1A: Level 5 - 10 updates (600/1,200, ante 100)

12:15am: Done for the day
And Day 1A is a wrap. Roughly 43 players from 175 starters advanced. Ben Vinson (180,100) and Ben Mayhew (134,900) both final tabled the UKIPT4 Nottingham 6-max and both have made Day 2 in good shape.

A full wrap of the days play and overnight chip counts will be posted soon. -- NW


Vinson - chipped up in a UKIPT once again

12am: Last three hands
The tournament clock has been paused and they'll be three more hands before play is over for the night. -- NW

11:45pm: When EPT champions do battle
Blood will be spilt...

Tom Middleton, who won EPT10 Barcelona, raised to 2,500 from under-the-gun, Jason Shellum flat called from the small blind and Team PokerStars Pro Jake Cody (EPT6 Deauville champion) came along from the big blind.
On the 3♠9♦8♥ flop Middleton continued for 4,500 and Cody was the only caller. On the 8♦ turn Middleton bet 10,500 and Cody asked him how much he had behind. The answer was 31,100, Cody set Middleton all-in and Middleton took perhaps five seconds before calling.
Middleton: A♣8♣
Cody: 8♠4♠
Both players had trips but Middleton had the superior kicker, the K♥ fell on the river meaning Middleton doubled up to just over 100,000 and Cody slipped to 62,000. -- NW

11:35pm: Ashraf finds wrong side of coin
You don't win a tournament without winning a few flips.

Waheed Ashraf just ran the flip gauntlet unsuccessfully - his K♠9♦ running head to head against Alex Lindop's pocket fives.

A cruel board of Q♥9♠6♥3♣5♠ gave him hope before snatching it away at the last and he becomes a late casualty of the day. -- RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Waheed Ashraf_M3DM7640.jpg

We'll miss Ashraf's dulcid tones

11:32pm: The Departed

Here are the last thirty players to have fallen afoul of variance. Good game one and all!

46 David Halliday
47 David Capon
48 Roman Wieczorek
49 Waheed Ashraf
50 Alli Mallu
51 Yucel Eminoglu
52 Amjad Mohammed
53 Antonio Gagliano
54 Adrian Smith
55 Nick Porter
56 David Jones
57 Michael Kane
58 Franco Menchella Jnr
59 Senh Man Ung
60 Vincent Campbell
61 Peter Djordjevic
62 David Nicholson
63 Surinder Sunar
64 Rafael Henderson
65 John Engledow
66 Asif Raja
67 Daniel Charlton
68 Anonymous
69 Ryan Kelly
70 Terry Tomlinson
71 Dalius Balciunas
72 Matthew Brown
73 Andrew Abernethy -- RS

11:22pm: Cowboys oust Mad Turk
We caught Yucel Eminoglu leaving his table in a huff. Asked about his exit, he was quick and to the point.

"I put my last 8,000 in with 8-9 suited, the other guy had kings. They've always got kings or aces. Load of luckboxes!"

He stormed out, the players and railers in his path parting like the red sea. -- RS

11:15pm: Another final table?
As well as three UKIPT Main Event champions we've got a handful of players who've made a final table of a UKIPT Main Event still in as well. Max Silver qualifies on both counts, he's got 55,000, Martin Muslow is still smiling despite having a below average 31,000.

Ben Dobson is deep in conversation with Max Silver, he's got 70,000 which is good but not as respectable as the Ben sat to his left, as Ben Vinson is riding high on 90,000. Lastly Robert Sturman will have to significantly increase his 27,000 if he wants to make back-to-back UKIPT final tables. -- NW

11:00pm: Back for level ten - Mayhew heads the counts
We return to the fray for the last level with 53 players still in contention.

Ben Mayhew leads the charge with 217,000.

He gave us a unique insight into the strategy he's employed in reaching the summit of the counts.

"I've been on monkey tilt ever since the high roller."

That's how you do it folks!

10:50pm: Last break of the day
One more 15-minute break and then one more level left in the night.

10:50pm: Hutchison on the slide
UKIPT4 Edinburgh champion Dean Hutchison is not having a great dusk to the day. Approaching a six-figure stack at one point, he dropped 45,000 after losing a flip to Alex Lindop.

Lindop shoved for 17,300 from mid position and Hutchison was the lone caller off the button.

Lindop: A♠J♣
Hutchison: T♦T♣

The board ran J♣A♣K♥5♠5♣ to make Lindop two pair. -- MC

10.35pm: Clifton double leaves David Hart broken
David Clifton-Burraway has won his fair share of all-in moments today and he has just survived another seat-of-the-pants moment - this time versus David Hart.

The pair went to war preflop in a late position tussle - Hart showing down pocket nines to Clifton-Burraway's J♠Q♦.

Hart was left nursing his wounds after the flop however - a board of Q♦5♣7♥5♠A♣ relegating his hand to second best and seeing him hand over 17,500 of his stack to his foe.

Clifton-Burraway up to 38,000, Hart on life support with just over ten big blinds...down to 11,000. -- RS

10:20pm: Lil' Daniel "judgedredd12" Nicholson Busts
Dave Nicholson and Daniel Charlton will have to try their luck again tomorrow after both busted.

Max Silver told the blog that Nicholson busted with ace-deuce suited to Dwayne Pattison and his pocket tens.

After busting two tournaments in one day, Charlton was having a well-earned drink at the bar. He surmised his exit for us:

He opened J♥3♥ off the button and the big blind peeled to see a [2]5♥[8] flop. Charlton continued and his opponent check-called to the 4♥ turn.

Charlton bet big here and his opponent tank-check-raised and called after facing a shove. Charlton had a draw to the world but his opponent was already at the destination with [a][3] for a straight. The river bricked and Charlton departed. -- MC

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Daniel Chartlon_M3DM7627.jpg

Not as many outs as he thought...

10.04pm: Ashraf rides the waves with a smile
Effervescent character Waheed Ashraf has been a vocal and entertaining whirlwind at his table. THere's never a dull moment with him and his hand reading skills have been shown to be pretty accurate.

He just doubled up off Max Silver - his pocket aces besting Silver's pocket eights to reach around 30,000.

Buoyed with his new chips he went for a raise from the small blind to 2,200, only for Ashiq Abdullah to shove for 34,000 from the big blind.

"You've got pocket nines or tens, I know you have," said Ashraf tanking. "I've got two overs to that!"

Eventually he did fold. "Show me tens!" he shouted. Abdullah declined.

"Show me nines then!" he shouted once more and this time Abdullah relented, showing him pocket nines.

"I knew it, I knew it!" he bragged.

"Too good," laughed Max Silver. "Tanking with jack-queen suited eh," he said, showing he could do a bit of hand-reading himself as Ashraf confirmed that was indeed his hand.

Abdullah drops to 27,500. -- RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Max Silver_M3DM7228.jpg

Silver engages in hand reading war

9.57pm: Nicholson undone by slick play

David "lildave" Nicholson has battled valiantly today, making few missteps despite some adversity The latest hand that saw his chip stack take a dive was a further slice of misfortune for the young player.

Opening to 1,900 from middle position, the short-stacked David Clifton-Burraway moved all-in for his 16,000, only for it to pass to Nicholson, who called quickly with pocket kings.

CLifton-Burraway was holding A♣K♦ and staring down the barrell of elimination but the gun misfired and he spiked an ace on the river over the Q♦5♥T♠2♦A♥ board.

Nicholson took the beat like a pro, nonchalantly counting out the requisite chips to hand over before setting himself once again as he bids to turn his 12,000 shortstack into something more worthwhile.

Clifton-Burraway up to 34,000. -- RS

9:50pm: Top 3 Stacks
With two levels left in the day, here are the top three stacks in the room:

Ben Mayhew - 150,000
Jake Cody - 142,000
Ryan Spittles - 120,000

When hearing he was just ahead of Cody, Mayhew joked he was the better player. If it comes to poker records in this very room, Mayhew is accurate; he took down the UKIPT 6-max event earlier this season for more than £72,000. --MC

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Jake Cody_M3DM7227.jpg

Cody's threat grows ever bigger

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500/1,000, 100

9:37pm: Siriunas busts to Nicholls who gives him the needle
It's bad to bust out, it's worse to bust and have your opponent give you a rubdown. That just happened to Vaidas Siriunas.

Paul Noonan opened to 2,300 and was called by Anthony Nicholls before Siriunas squeezed all in for around 10,000. Noonan folded but Nicholls starting crunching before saying, "I'm getting two-to-one, I'm f###ing getting two-to-one! Call."

Siriunas: J♦T♦
Nicholls: 8♣9♠

The board ran J♣8♥3♦3♣8♠ to make Nicholls a full house, eliminating Siriunas.

"Unlucky bud, but jack-ten?" said Nicholls who continued to needle. Siriunas took it well and came over and shook Nicholls hand. -- MC

9:20pm: Final numbers and the departed
Registration closed at the beginning of level 7 and the final player number for Day 1A is in and 175 players entered in total. A reminder, no re-entries were allowed today, only one per starting flight. Around 72 of those remain, here's some who are propping up the bar:

73 Andrew Abernethy
74 Andrew Keep
75 Jonas Lauck
76 Timothy Chung
77 Martyn Frey
78 Ruslan Vlasov
79 Anonymous
80 Aurelien Soutchkov
81 Chin Chai Koh
82 Russell Betts
83 Barkatul Mohammed
84 Cary Atkins
85 Daryl Haney
86 Anonymous
87 David Kilmartin
88 Andreas Olympios
89 Richard Hare
90 Matt Perrins

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Matt Perrins_M3DM7334.jpg

RIP Matt Perrins' tournament

91 Jason Barton
92 Paul Grummitt
93 Thomas Dunwoodie
94 John Conroy
95 Yiannis Liperis
96 Cosimo Dellisola
97 Joseph Pateman
98 Gary Strang
99 Stevie Atkins
100 Emran Hussain
101 Benjamin Nicault
102 Vytenis Salickas
103 Andrew Bradshaw
104 Scott Walker
105 Luigi Viscomi
106 Edward Fry
107 Dara Davey
108 Dara Okearney
109 Mark Buckley
110 Rhys Jones
111 Gabriel Tuna
112 Mateusz Zbikowski
113 Kyriacos Dionysiou
114 Emyr Wyn Lewis
115 Arjun Ruparel
116 Damian Evans
117 Michael Fisher
118 Richard Berridge
119 Darran Messom
120 Paul Murrell
121 Carl Taylor
122 Dirk Wenkemann
123 Rupinder Bedi
124 Balhar Singh
125 Christopher Moltisanti
126 Blazej Przygorzewski
127 Mitchell Johnson
128 Toby Lewis
129 Richard Trigg
130 Lee Dixon
131 Lukasz Tomecki
132 Rehman Kassam
133 Scott Murdoch-aitchison
134 Simon Higgins
135 John Dunford
136 Lee Rawson
137 Rahim Tadj-saadat
138 David Kershaw
139 Julian Thew
-- MC

9.05pm: Rafael guns down Lauck and Chung
Rafael Henderson has suffered a few setbacks today, though his ill-luck has failed to dampen his vigour for the game.

He's just been rewarded for his persistance. Raising to 1,600 from early position, he was delighted to see Jonas Lauck move all-in for around twenty big blinds and Timothy Chung call off his shortish stack behind.

The source of delight was obvious as he called himself and opened his hand - pocket aces.

With all the hard work of trying to milk his hand done for him, he now had to ensure he stayed good versus Lauck's K♥Q♦ and Chung's A♦J♥.

The board of 6♠2♠2♣9♥J♦ kept him in the ascendancy and he was positively beaming as he swept up the pot to move to 75,000 with two vanquished opponents in his wake.

"Six-max now, we're in my territory now," growled Ben Mayhew menacingly, though Henderson's smile couldn't be wiped from his face. -- RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Ben Mayhew_M3DM7340.jpg

Mayhew in his element

8:55pm: Silver the troublemaker
Max Silver and lil' Dave Nicholson tangled in a pot that saw the latter tank-fold on the river when asked the ultimate question.

A 6♥K♣3♥ flop was out and Nicholson (mid position) check-called a 4,400 bet from Silver (button). The turn came as the 4♦ and Nicholson check-called a 10,800 bet to head to the 7♠ river.

Once more Nicholson checked and that time faced a bet for all his remaining 26,000 chips. He tanked for a few minutes before saying, "Trouble maker!"

Eventually he folded adding, "Should've folded the flop, you're too good!" Silver moved up to 72,000. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 400/800, ante 100

8:30pm: Break it up in there
The players are on a 15-minute break. -- MC

8:25pm: If you need a hero, call Middy
Cries of "Great call" and "That's why he won an EPT" were heard from Tom Middleton's table after he made a big call for all his chips on the river.

Seng Ung opened from mid position before Middleton three-bet from the small blind. David Capon (big blind) and Ung called to a J♣3♣J♠ flop where all three checked. On the T♦ turn, Capon led for 4,400 and only Middleton called to the 5♠ river.

Middleton checked and soon faced bet for his remaining 32,100 chips, which in itself was a big over-bet on the size of the pot. He thought for a couple of minutes before muttering, "Oh dear." A couple more minutes passed and Middy shaped his body as if to say, "Sod it" before he double-fist-called.

He opened Q♣T♣ and beat out Capon's bluff with A♦Q♦. That put him over the 80,000-mark. -- MC

8.10pm: Vinson chips up
Ben Vinson is a chip acccumulating machine at present. Recently battling with fellow big stack Weilun Wang, Vinson led the Q♦J♠9♥ board, called by Wang. The turned 2♣ saw Vinson bet out a chunky 8,500...again called by Wang.

UKIPT4_Nott2_Ben Vinson.jpg

Vinson: printing chips

The river was a dangerous-looking A♣ and Vinson considered it carefully before tapping the table. Wang also tapped the table, enabling Vinson to showdown J♣Q♣ for a flopped top two pair. Vinson continues his inexorable rise - up to 57,000. -- RS

7.55pm: Delahunty and Spittles out in front
It looks as though Ryan Spittles may be the current chip leader with around 120,000. Delahunty is not too far behind with 105,000.

Here are some other notable counts from the felt:

Ben Vinson - 57,000
Weilun Wang - 55,000
Ashiq Abdullah - 45,000
Max Silver - 42,500
Yucel Eminoglu - 37,500
Dave Nicholson - 25,200
Surinder Sunar - 12,000 -- RS

7:45pm: John Conroy on social poker, re-buy tournaments and live rooms
Industry insider John Conroy praises the DTD team and PokerStars for their excellent live rooms. He discusses his ideas on social poker and questions if rebuy tournaments at live events do more harm than good for new players. What do you think?

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600-75

7:25pm: Golden Tann
Willie Tann may have bust the High Roller just short of the payouts earlier but he has cause to celebrate his performance in the Main Event thusfar.

Most recently he sent Vytenis Salickas to the rail. The hand saw a button (Salickas) big blind (Tann) war break out resulting in Salickas firing his stack into the middle.

This was great news for Tann who held pocket aces, and Salickas showed he'd taken an aggressive line with pocket sevens.

A board of 8♦3♠J♥3♣6♦ saw Tann eliminate his opponent, picking up his entire 21,000 stack. That hand moves Tann to over 50,000. Things are looking up. -- RS

7:15pm: Big names falling
Being a one re-entry per day event, it comes as no surprise to see top pros busting at regular intervals throughout the day. Craig McCorkell, Dara O'Kearney and Rhys Jones all busted and will probably seen on Day 1b or 1c, or both.

Jones busted to Ben Vinson, who's up to 48,000; McCorkell and O'Kearney both busted from the same table. O'Kearney open-shoved 6,000 chips with ace-ten but ran into Richard Hare's pocket tens. -- MC

7:05pm: Clifton-Burraway Double
It's been one downward spiral for David Clifton-Burraway today, but he just turned his fortunes around a little with a full double up of his 8,000 stack.

Waheed Ashraf was the man to pay him off, calling Clifton-Burraway's shove on the turn of a 6♣2♥5♦Q♦ board with Q♠T♠, only for Clifton-Burraway to show him a dominating A♣Q♣

The A♠ on the river was an irrelevant improvement of his hand and he moves to 17,500. -- RS

6:58pm: Dinner time big stack watch
The other half of the field are on their dinner break now, whilst the first half play out level six. The buffet sure tastes nicer with a 50k-plus stack:

Weilun Wang - 56,000
Alli Mallu - 59,000
Dean Hutchison - 71,000
Vaidas Siriunas - 66,000
Tim Chung - 54,000
Ben Dobson - 71,000
Dave Barnes - 94,000
James Moult - 53,000
David Capon - 54,000
-- MC

6:47pm: Spittles update
We did Ryan Spittles a slight disservice earlier. He actually has around 62,500 at the moment rather than the 44,000 claimed. Just to clarify his holding in the earlier hand, he had raised with pocket jacks, and Pearson had shoved his A♦Q♦ for around 11,000.

He's currently taking his dinner break with the other players in his half of the draw but will return well-stacked when the one hour break has elapsed. -- RS

6:45pm: Dunwoodie and Middy rebuilding
Richard Dunwoodie and Tom Middleton have had periods today where their stacks have been heading south but both won pots without showdown to rebuild somewhat.

Emran Hussain raised from early position and was called by both blinds, including Dunwoodie in the small blind. The flop fell Q♦8♦9♥ and Hussain continued for 1,625. Dunwoodie was the only caller and also called another 2,700 on the 3♣ turn before he led for 4,5000 on the 9♦ river. Hussain didn't like the river and folded.

Moments late, on an adjacent table, Middleton three-bet to 2,500 after an opponent opened to 1,000. Middleton called and also saw his 2,000 c-bet called on a 2♥9♠4♥ flop. The turn fell as the A♦ and Middleton faced a 2,000 bet that he treated to an all in shove. His opponent flashed K♠J♠ and mucked saying, "You got it, you got it."

Dunwoodie - 29,000
Middleton - 23,000

6:35pm: Mallu piles on the pressure
Ali Mallu is always a dangerman at the felt. Wild and unpredictable - if he gets a stack going he can be a real menace and Dean Hutchison just felt the pressure Mallu can pile on if he gets going.

We missed the early part of the preflop action, although it looked as if Mallu had raised from early position and Hutchison had re-raised to around 3,300 from the blinds.

We joined the hand with the big-stacked Mallu having slid out a seemingly-disporportionate bet of 38,500.

With around 60,000 chips, Hutchison was facing a potentially tournament-changing decision. He looked shell-shocked at the size of the bet and thought through his options before finally throwing his hand in the muck.

Malllu quietly mucked and collected the pot to move to over 42,500. Hutchison stays still very well-stacked with around 62,500. -- RS

6:25pm: Tally ho
With over half the day in the bag, here's some news from some of players dotted around the casino:

Jake Cody - quiet, checking his iphone - 27,500
Ryan Spittles - fresh from a big dent in his enormous stack - 44,000
Tom Middleton - looking slightly downbeat, shuffling his few remaining chips together - 12,000
Ben Mayhew - "Still gutted about the High Roller. Been a bit lucky here" - 37,000

Spittles lost that big pot to Trevor Pearson - Pearson showing down A♦Q♦ on a 7♦6♠4♦2♦9♠ board. We didn't see Spittles' holding. We'll try and find out what he had later.

Pearson meanwhile gets his tournament back on track - up to 25,000. -- RS

6:15pm: Jake Cody bursting with excitement
Team Pokertars PRO Jake Cody is bursting with excitement. He's at his favourite card club, back in the UK and can't wait to get started in the UKIPT event...

6:10pm: How Higgins fell

5:55pm: Extended dinner break for...
123 Christopher Moltisanti
124 Blazej Przygorzewski
125 Mitchell Johnson
126 Toby Lewis
127 Richard Trigg
128 Lee Dixon
129 Lukasz Tomecki
130 Rehman Kassam
131 Scott Murdoch-aitchison
132 Simon Higgins
133 John Dunford
134 Lee Rawson
135 Rahim Tadj-saadat
136 David Kershaw
137 Julian Thew
138 Chris Brice
139 Matthew Bonham

5:40pm: Split dinner break
To stop hoards of hungry poker players demolishing the free buffet on offer, the field will split in half for their dinner break.

As half the room plays out level 6, the other half are tucking into pie, chips, veg and all other sorts of steaming goodies. In one hour each half will swap places. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 200/400, ante 50

5:30pm: Trigg flips out
The rollercoaster day has ended for Rick Trigg and it was Tom Middleton who did the damage.

His last, fateful hand saw him raise K♣Q♠, flatted in one spot before Tom Middleton squeezed to 2,300.

With just 9,000 to his name, Trigg now decided it was time to draw a line in the sand, moving all-in - which lost the flat caller - only for Middleton to make a quick call with pocket jacks.

It was a crucial flip and Trigg failed to spike his overcards, leaving him on the rail.

"Another dirty flip," he shouted to Middleton as he left.

Due to the re-entry rules though, Trigg has the option to re-enter one of the two remaining starting days so we may not have seen the last of him yet. -- RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Tom Middleton_M3DM7580.jpg

Loves a dirty flip

5:25pm: Double Dunwoodie
It wasn't long ago that Thomas Dunwoodie has 38,000 chips in front of him, but just now, he was all in to double to 22,000.

Jason Shellum, who just eliminated Julian Thew, raised and called a Dunwoodie three-bet pre flop. The flop fanned 4♠T♦3♣ and Shellum check-called a 3,100 bet. On the J♠ turn, Shellum set Dunwoodie all in for his remaining 6,700. Dunwoodie had the look of doom on his face as he called all in with Q♠Q♦.

"You're ahead," said Shellum. "I got nothing!" He opened A♠5♠ for a gutshot and flush draw. The river came 3♥ and Dunwoodie's look of doom brightened up. -- MC

5:15pm: Dunford done for; Tomlinson in trouble
John Dunford has been ejected from proceedings. Alex Lindop was his executioner, both players making a pair of jacks on the J♠5♣3♦ board. When they went to war however, Lindop held a sizeable advantage, his ace-jack outkicking Dunford's J-Q.

No surprises on turn and river and that was it for Dunford.

Things aren't looking too healthy for tablemate Terry Tomlinson either. She lost a big chunk of her stack with a set of nines on a J♥9♣6♥3♥4♠ board versus UKIPT Edinburgh winner Dean Hutchison's turned flush with A♥T♥.

She is down to around 10,000 now. -- RS

5:07pm: Blog curse for Thew?
Not long after Julian Thew was telling the blog that his tournament starts now and he's out.

The action was four-way to the turn of a J♠4♠9♦7♦ after the flop was checked around. Thew bet 2,000 and was raised to 5,200 by Jason Shellum. Thew shoved and was snapped off.

Thew: 7♣9♠ for two pair.
Shellum: T♦8♦ for a straight with redraw to a straight flush.

The river came as K♠ and Thew wished all good luck before making a hasty exit. -- MC

4:57pm: "He's playing like it's a £5 rebuy!"
The table populated by Rick Trigg and the inimitable Chin Chai "Frankie" Koh is providing many of the laughs in the tournament at the moment.

Andy Bradshaw is currently the focus of much of the levity - his wild and unpredictable style causing more than a few headaches for his tablemates.

A recent hand saw him limp for 300, followed by a limp from Trigg - only for Tom Middleton on the button to charge the limper's tax - popping it to 1,500.

Call from Bradshaw, call from Trigg and the three of them saw a 6♣6♠5♣ board peel off.

Checked to Middleton, he bet out 2,300, only for Bradshaw to pick his 24k stack up and push it over the line.

Trigg looked upset, checked his cards a few times before throwing them away. Middleton made a quicker muck.

Bradshaw now turned over the surprising holding of 7♦9♦ to much amusement at the table.

"He's playing like it's a £5 rebuy!" Frankie yelled out.

"Well it is for Andy, he's got piles," Trigg added, referring to his financial status rather than any pre-existing medical condition.

"I had T-J of clubs that hand. Id've been in such great shape if i stuck it in. Would you have put it in?" he asked of Middy, engaging in a bit of open strategy advice with his friend.

"Not in your spot. I can still have a big hand..." Middy said. Bradshaw meanwhile just continued chuckling to himself.

"I thought i had 5-6 to be honest. I was more surprised than anyone when I turned over 7-9!" -- RS

4.50pm: It starts now for Thew
Former EPT champion and UK poker legend Julian Thew has Jake Cody and Thomas Dunwoodie for company at his table today. At the second break he had 20,500. The blog had a very quick word with him before cards were back in the air.

"Yeah, it's going alright. I'm just plodding really. I haven't lost any but I also haven't made any headway.

"I haven't clashed with Jake (Cody) or Thomas (Dunwoodie) yet, I tend to keep my nose clean in the early levels. For me, the game starts now!" -- MC

UKIPT4_Nott2_Julian Thew.jpg

Thew about to take off?

4.40pm: Late registration, satellites and exits
There's currently 140 of 171 players left in. If you want to join then late registration is open until the start of level seven - so roughly 7.30pm.

There's a live satellite at Dusk Till Dawn tonight at 20.00 BST. It's a £50 unlimited re-buy with an add-on. There's also two online satellites on PokerStars at 20.02 and 22.32.

These players may well be trying their luck in them as they are already out of Day 1A:

141 Anthony Collinge
142 Royston Drenthe
143 Florian Isufaj
144 Michael Adamo
145 Hoss Parhizkar
146 Adam Ostrowski
147 David Foran
148 Kev Smith
149 Steve Brown
150 Karl Lavender
151 Simon Deadman
152 Phillip Corion
153 Tony Byrne
154 Tony Broadbent
155 John Cooper
156 Ian Simpson

4.30pm: No double for the Dutch as Drenthe departs
Number of professional footballers who entered the tournament 1-0 Number of professional footballers left in the tournament.

Yes Royston Drenthe - currently of Reading and previously of Real Madrid - is out. It happened just before the break and it was a strange hand that did for him. The action was started by UKIPT4 Edinburgh winner Dean Hutchison, he raised to 500, Ali Mallu called, Drenthe shoved for just under 3,000, Chris Brice then re-shoved for 3,200, Terry Tomlinson smooth called the 3,200, Hutchison then also flat called and Mallu folded.

So, there was a main pot, a side pot for Hutchison, Drenthe and Tomlinson and potential further betting between Hutchison and Tomlinson. But, before the flop could be dealt though Brice turned his hand over - he had A♣J♥ - thinking that the betting action was complete. The two active players then proceeded to check it down on a [10h]4♣4♦J♦5♣ board, both had ace-king whilst Drenthe showed just the 6♠ before taking his leave. Talk from the table suggests he'll be back tomorrow for another go. Poker, it's a game of two halves. -- NW


Drenthe - may well be back tomorrow

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham2: Marc Convey, Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT