UKIPT4 Nottingham2 Day 3: Level 20-23 (12,000/24,000 ante 3,000)

4.56pm: Break time
The players are now on a 15 minute break. You'll find level 24 updates in a new post shortly. -- NW

4.55pm: Cater gets a huge double up
On the last hand before the break Terry Carter got a huge double up at the expense of Daniel Bushell. He raised to 53,000 from early position and called when Carter three-bet to 128,000 from the hi-jack. On the [10h]5♦Q♦ board Carter bet 140,000 and Bushell smooth called. The 3♣ fell on the turn, Carter bet 150,000 into a pot of 593,000, Bushell moved all-in and Carter snap called all-in for 666,000 total.

Carter: K♥K♠
Bushell: A♣Q♣

The river was the 2♠, Carter doubled to 1,925,000 whilst Bushell slipped to 181,000. - NW

4:45pm: Ravindran eliminated in 21st place(£7,140)
Arvin Ravindran has suffered hugely at the hands of Duncan McLellan today and his torture has been brought to an end by that very man.

He raised preflop from the small blind - McLellan calling from the big blind.

Come the K♦8♠K♠ board, Ravindran checked, McLellan led and Ravindran went all-in for his smallish stack.

A quick call followed from Mclellan, unsurprisingly as he showed down K♣9♦ for trips to Ravindran's pocket tens. In a coffin, there was to be no escape as the 5♠ and the 7♥ on turn and river buried Ravindran alive.

"I gave all my chips to one man (McLellan)," he said after elimination. "When I was behind I called and when I was ahead I folded. He owned me basically!"

We are now down to 20 players and the final table looms ever closer... --RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Duncan McLellan_M3DM8677.jpg

Arvin found himself dancing to McLellan's tune

4:40pm: A catch up with Sin Meilin
Full Tilt Poker Ambassador Sin Melin is currently doing commentary on the #UKIPTLive stream - listen here - and earlier she chatted to Nick Wealthall about all things poker.

4:30pm: Taus is toast (22nd - £7,140)
Ben Vinson and Ashfaaq Taus just went to the races - the pair holding pocket7♥7♦ and K♦Q♦ respectively.

The flop looked great for Vinson, peeling J♣7♣4♣ to give him a set and although the T♥ gave Taus a slender ray of hope of the turn, his straight draw bricked on the 2♠ river and he was left handing over the vast proportion of his stack to Vinson.

Vinson moves to 790,000.

Taus meanwhile put his remaining pittance in next hand but there was to be no wonderful spin-up - his T♠7♠ unable to best Trevor Pearson's A♦J♥ at showdown. (Pearson up to 900,000.)

He bows out in 22nd place, collecting £7,140. --RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Ashfaaq Taus_M3DM8106.jpg

Vinson crunches Taus

4.25pm: Lewis Swift eliminated in 23rd place £7,140)
Ouch! Lewis Swift, who satellited into this tournament for just £30, has just been ejected from this tournament by a cruel river.
He raised, then called a 3-bet from Juan Benito before check-calling a bet from the Spaniard on a J♥5♠6♦ flop. The 8♥ fell on the turn, Swift jammed for 298,000 into a 467,000 pot and after a long think Benito made the call. Swift showed pocket fives for the flopped set, whilst Benito had pocket sevens for a straight draw as well as two outs for a bigger set. The river was the 9♦ which meant that Benito rivered the straight and eliminated Swift. -- NW

4:15pm: Mitch Johnson eliminated in 24th place (£5,980)
"That was pretty standard," said UKIPT host Nick Wealthall in the commentary booth as Mitch Johnson shook hands with everyone before leaving the table.
He'd shoved for 278,000 from the button with J♣9♣ and Juan Benito called with A♠[10h]. The board ran 5♥4♦6♣A♥8♥ and Benito added more chips to his burgeoning stack. -- NW

4:05pm: More for McLellan
UKIPT4 Isle of Man champion Duncan McLellan is up to 1,800,000 after winning a huge pot against Arvin Ravindran. Pre-flop McLellan opened to 54,000 from under-the-gun and Ravindran smooth called from the big blind.

On the 4♦8♦6♠ flop McLellan c-bet 83,000 and Ravindran flat called. On the 8♠ turn Ravindran elected to lead for 135,000 and McLellan smooth called. The 9♦ completed the board, Ravindran fired out 225,000 and McLellan went into the tank for over two minutes before calling.

Ravindran opened Q♦6♦ for the rivered flush, whilst McLellan showed 4♠4♥ for a full house. He's up to 1,800,000 whilst Ravindran is down to 223,000. -- NW

3:55pm: Final three tables
The players are now back in their seats and action is under way once more. Here's how the final three tables line-up. Chip counts can be seen on the chip count page.

Table 22

22 . 1 . Juan Benito - 2,500,000
22 . 2 . Ramey Shaio - 1,600,000
22 . 3 . Dafydd Williams - 1,100,000
22 . 4 . Jonas Lauck - 1,200,000
22 . 5 . William Elliot - 2,400,000
22 . 6 . Lewis Swift - 750,000
22 . 7 . Mitchell Johnson - 320,000
22 . 8 . Terry Carter - 1,000,000

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Juan Benito_M3DM8639.jpg

Using his Juan time well

Table 23:

23 . 1 . Duncan Mclellan - 950,000
23 . 2 . Anthony Flynn - 525,000
23 . 3 . James Glossop - 540,000
23 . 4 . Leslie Vernon Kearney - 395,000
23 . 5 . Derek Murray - 495,000
23 . 6 . Daniel Bushell - 1,700,000
23 . 7 . Tim Blake - 1,025,000
23 . 8 . Arvin Ravindran - 575,000

Table 25:

25 . 1 . Angelo Milioto - 700,000
25 . 2 . Benjamin Carpenter - 1,000,000
25 . 3 . Joeri Zandvliet - 1,400,000
25 . 4 . Trevor Pearson - 550,000
25 . 5 . Ryan Spittles - 1,400,000
25 . 6 . Ben Vinson - 400,000
25 . 7 . Ashfaaq Taus - 500,000
25 . 8 . Matthew Simpson - 950,000 -- RS & NW

3.35pm: Sebastian Saffari eliminated in 25th place (£5,980)
There's now a short break as there's a complete re-draw for the final three tables...
After Daniel Bushell opened to 40,000, Juan Benito called on the button and Sebastian Saffari did likewise from the big blind. On the [10c][10h]K♥ flop Saffari open shoved for roughly 250,000 with 5♥3♥ and Benito snapped him off with J♦[10d]. The board ran out 3♣K♦ and Saffari left the table. -- NW


Sebastian Saffari

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 12,000-24,000-3,000

3:24pm: Simpson rides Lauck
Matthew Simpson just secured a full double-through, raising preflop to 40,000 and picking up two callers including Jonas Lauck.

Lauck check-called flop and turn of the K♦3♥3♣9♥ board for 50,000 then 80,000 before leading for 80,000 himself on the 8♣ river.

Simpson thought about it before moving all-in for his last 300k. Lauck called - only to get the bad news that Simpson had pocket aces.

He couldn't best this and Simpson rises to 850,00. Lauck though takes a hit and is down to a still healthy 1,100,000. -- RS

3:15pm: Not complaining
Joeri Zandvliet has zoomed up to 1,300,000 in this level having started it with just 472,000. He told the PokerStars Blog: "I shoved with A-2 over the top of a button open. He had A-Q and I hit a two. I won a few small pots and then I called a 14 big blind shove with A-J and hit a jack against A-Q. So, I'm the last one to be complaining." -- NW

3:10pm: Nottingham Cup update
The £330 £100,000 guaranteed UKIPT Nottingham Cup is playing to its conclusion today. It total in attracted 422 runners and 33 players remain. The prize pool topped out at £126,600 and £24,500 of that is reserved for the winner.

Big names left in include: Royston Drenthe, Deborah Worley-Roberts, Dara Davey, Matt Davenport, Kelly Saxby and Dominic Mahoney. -- NW

3:05pm: The Blake Report
Tim Blake has been dishing out some insight into the intricacies of his plans when deep in tournaments. It made for illuminating listening.

Blake: "I didn't know what to do when I came back today. I've got chips! Now I'm going to have to learn some strategy. Normally I come back with this much [he put his thumb and forefinger together as close as possible] It's shove, fold, shove, go home!"

Blake has 675,000 -- RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Tim Blake_M3DM8132.jpg.

Cracking jokes and stacking chips

3:00pm: Young gun runs out of bullets
Andy Young has fired his final salvo in this tournament - his exit having a whiff of misfortune about it.

Angelo Milioto shoved the button for around 220,000 and Young made a good call with A♥9♦ for his remaining 140k-ish chips from the big blind.

He had Milioto's A♣5♣ in rough shape but a board of K♥J♦5♣8♠8♣ saw him crash out to the rail. He stood blinking and bemused at his table for a few moments - his brain reeling from having to accept the reality that his tournament was over.

Miliot rises to 450,000. -- RS

2.55pm: No repeat for Mayhew
Like London buses two UKIPT champions have been busted out of this tournament in quick succession. After Daniel Bushell opened to 40,000, Ben Mayhew three-bet to 115,000, Bushell made it 225,000 total, Mayhew shoved for 550,000 and Bushell got a count before calling.

Bushell: A♣K♦
Mayhew: A♦Q♠

The 8♦K♥5♥ flop left Mayhew drawing thin, the 4♦ turn left him drawing dead and the 9♣ river completed the board. So no repeat for Mayhew, but another deep run. -- NW

2.45pm: No double for Hutchison
UKIPT4 Edinburgh champion Dean Hutchison has just been eliminated from the tournament. He shoved for 243,000 from the hijack with Q♥J♣, Daniel Bushell looked him up with pocket sevens and held on the 4♠3♥6♠A♥4♦ board. -- NW

2:35pm: Chip counts from the break
Here are the chip counts of the 32 remaining players from the break, Jonas Lauck leads with almost two million, whilst Toni Pettersson is the short stack.

Jonas Lauck, Germany, 1,999,000
William Elliot, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,900,000
James Glossop, United Kingdom, 1,610,000
Daniel Bushell, United Kingdom, 1,451,000
Juan Benito, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,314,000
Ramey Shaio, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,270,000
Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom, 1,252,000
Dafydd Williams, United Kingdom, 963,000
Trevor Pearson, United Kingdom, 922,000
Terry Carter, United Kingdom, 903,000
Richard Kellett, United Kingdom, 844,000
Ashfaaq Taus, Netherlands, PokerStars Qualifier, 810,000


Spittles is still going strong

Ben Mayhew, United Kingdom, 759,000
Tim Blake, United Kingdom, 754,000
Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, 737,000
Sebastian Saffari, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 692,000
Lewis Swift, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 687,000
Arvin Ravindran, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 670,000
Benjamin Carpenter, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 595,000
Ben Vinson, United Kingdom, 580,000
Anthony Flynn, United Kingdom, 488,000
Leslie Kearney, United Kingdom, 480,000
Joeri Zandvliet, Netherlands, PokerStars Player, 472,000
Matthew Simpson, United Kingdom, 462,000
Jonathan Slater, United Kingdom, 380,000
Mitchell Johnson, United Kingdom, 379,000
Derek Murray, Ireland, 370,000
Dean Hutchison, United Kingdom, 362,000
Angelo Milioto, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 328,000
Andy Young, United Kingdom, 294,000
Ian Ogilvy, United Kingdom, 170,000
Toni Pettersson, Finland, 167,000

2:25pm: First time caller
Sun journalist Lexi Finnigan played her first ever poker tournament at UKIPT Nottingham, find out how she fared and what she thought about the event in this video.

Blinds up: 10,000/20,000, 3,000 ante

2:00pm: Break time!
Wow, a topsy-turvy two levels have seen the field whittled down to 32 players.

It looks as though Willie Elliott is the man leading the pack with 1,700,000. There'll be a short 15 minute interruption in which the players can reload their poker guns and we'll back for level 22 soon.

1.55pm: Queens favour Carpenter
Earlier today Ben Carpenter lost a big flip with queens to ace-jack but the poker gods just evened out the variance as he took a big pot from Ducan McLellan with the ladies.
After Ramey Shaio opened to 35,000, McLellan three-bet to 63,000, Carpenter shoved for 277,000 and after Shaio folded McLellan made the call.

Carpenter: Q♣Q♦
McLellan: A♦K♦

The Q♠[10h]J♥ flop was a doozy, it gave McLellan the nuts, but Carpenter had a re-draw. The [10d] turn filled Carpenter's house and the inconsequential 5♥ fell on the river. Carpenter is up to 600,000 whilst McLellan is down to 620,000. -- NW

1:50pm: Mclellan fights back
If Mclellan was suffering following his beat earlier, he hasn't responded by crawling into his shell.

In stark contrast, he is showing some real aggression to pick up chips and maintain some momentum.

Moments ago Dafydd Williams raised from middle position to 35,000, Mclellan going on the attack from the big blind with a 3-bet to 61,000.

The board fell Q♦2♥4♥ and Mclellan led for 58,000 - Williams making a quick call.

Come the A♣ on the turn, an undaunted Mclellan now fired a second bullet - a full stack of 5k chips totalling 100,000.

Williams mucked quickly and Mclellan defiantly turned over 5♣2♠!

A real see-saw battle is developing at table 14...Mclellan up to 850,000, Williams down to 950,000... -- RS

1.40pm: A few counts
Here's a few counts from around the room:

William Elliot - 1,600,000
Joeri Zadvliet - 450,000
Ben Vinson - 630,000
James Glossop - 1,300,000
Ryan Spittles - 925,000
Dean Hutchison - 300,000
Juan Benito - 1,300,000
Daniel Bushell - 1,125,000
Mitch Johnson - 280,000 -- NW

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Mitch Johnson_M3DM8075.jpg

Johnson's ducking and diving

1.30pm: Pal not a friend of Ravindran
Rupom Pal just lost a classic race at the feature table to bust out of UKIPT4 Nottingham2. He was all-in with pocket jacks against Arvin Ravindran's A♦K♣. Jake Cody liked the jacks but for once Cody was wrong as the board ran 8♦2♣K♦4♣6♦ to boost Ravindran to around 750,000. -- NW

1.20pm: Raine and Watts depart
It wasn't as long a day as Neil Raine and Steve Watts had hoped as they've both been knocked out here in Nottingham.

Raine three-bet shoved pocket eights from the big blind for 160,000 over the top of Matthew Simpson's button open. Unfortunately for Raine, the button raiser had the goods as he held pocket kings. The 2♣9♠5♦4♥Q♥ board kept Simpson in front and he's up to 650,000.

Whilst Watts opened under-the-gun with [K][Q] off of 320,000 and got his chips in against Jonas Lauck on a two diamond queen high flop. Lauck held A♦[10d] and spiked the ace on the turn to eliminate Watts. - NW

1:15pm: Winners and Losers
Recent exits include Shane Cotter, Jack Allen, Steven Watts, William Chattaway, David Hart and Jonathan Peacock.

Still in and experiencing mixed fortunes are Lewis Swift, up to 1,100,000 after a very useful morning.

Tim Blake hasn't run quite as well, down but not out with 650,000.

Ben Mayhew has sent several opponents to the rail and is currently up with the leading pack with over a million chips.

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Ben Mayhew_M3DM8640.jpg

The dream of the double double lives on

1:05pm: Brave call injures McLellan
Duncan Mclellan just showed great skill to pick up a great position in a spot where many would have wilted - though the poker gods were not to reward him on this occasion.

The hand in question saw Daffyd Williams raise from the cut-off and Mclellan re-raise to 98,000 from the big blind. Williams now moved all-in for 518,000 and Mclellan was put to a tough decision with pocket sixes and 1.2 million chips behind.

Eventually he decided this would be a good spot and made the call - rewarded when Williams showed him the "at-it" K♥2♥.

The gods tipped the equity tables against him however, Williams spiking over the A♦7♣3♦K♦7♥ board to take down the welcome 1.1 million chip pot.

Mclellan looked rueful, shaking his head in disappointment - his stack back to a less-impressive 650,000. -- RS

Blinds up: 8,000/16,000, 2,000 ante

12.50pm: Grass in Greene
David Greene just got a much needed double up at the expense of Ben Carpenter. The latter opened with pocket queens and called when Greene shoved for 130,000 with A♦J♠. The 2♠4♥3♥ flop gave Greene some additional outs, he spiked one of his original ones on the A♠ turn and held on the K♣ river to double to 283,000. -- NW

12.40pm: No luck for Frankie
Chin Chai Koh - better known as Chinese Frankie - was one of those players looking to spin up a stack early on Day 3 to get back in it. Unfortunately for him he in his last 10 big blinds with K♥J♥ and ran into Lewis Swift's A♣Q♣.

The A♦4♥K♦8♣4♦ board gave the pot to Swift and he's up to almost a million as a result. -- NW

12.30pm: Elliott catches Campbell
Vincent Campbell was left cursing the poker gods after losing a race and his tournament life as a result.

He was all-in with pocket nines against William Elliot's A♠K♠ and it was score one for the over cards as the board came 3♣A♦4♥K♦A♣ to eliminate him in 46th place. -- NW

12.25pm: Mayhew sends Panteli packing
After Ben Mayhew opened from under-the-gun Mike Panteli moved all-in for 168,000 total. It folded back to Mayhew who took his time before calling.

Panteli: A♥J♠
Mayhew: 2♦2♣

The ducks quacked loudest on the 6♦[10h]2♥A♦8♠ board and Panteli departs in 47th, whilst Mayhew climbs to 815,000. -- NW


Mayhew on the march again

12:20pm: Doubles all round - Murray back in the game
It's been a good start for the shorties.Derek Murray has turned his fortunes round to gain a 350,000 stack, winning his all-in showdown with pocket jacks versus the A♦T♦ of Jack Allen.

Allen is short now and will be hoping the good fortune befalling the small stacks continues just a little longer... -- RS

12:15pm: Horton adrenalized by double
Richard Horton came into the day as one of the shorter stacks with 157,000, but his chances have been given a boon in the opening level.

Ramey Shaio put the pressure on preflop but Horton was up to the task, getting his stack in with A♣9♥ - Shaio showing down a cheeky 5♠6♠.

The board fell an ominous Q♦6♦2♦ to give Shaio a pair and Horton resignedly stood up from his seat, ready to vacate to the bar with a hard luck story.

His recriminations were put on ice however as the turn and river came the 3♠ and 9♠ to save his bacon at the last.

Horton up to 300,000 - Shaio takes a hit - down to 350,000. -- RS

12.05pm: Benito bluffs
The first hand on the feature table saw Juan Benito take a pot and he showed the bluff to boot. "Always nice to see the chip leader show a bluff," said Nick Wealthall in the commentary booth. -- NW

12pm: Spain leads, England expects
If chip leader Juan Benito looks over his shoulder he'll see a pack of angry bulldogs nipping at his heels and attempting to reel him in.

For whilst "El bigotes" (Moustache) has a formidable stack of 1,473,000 the next seven in the chip counts all hail from this fair isle. Best placed of the chasing pack is Ben Vinson. The young British professional has a glowing reputation based on aggression and fearlessness. He finished fourth last time the UKIPT was in town back in November and will stack up 1,216,000 at the start of play.


Vinson - can he make back to back UKIPT Nottingham final tables?

The player who denied Vinson that title in November was Ben Mayhew, he's still on for a second UKIPT title and is firmly in the chasing pack with 647,000 and Dean Hutchison (501,000) could score the same double as his hope as still alive. Mayhew, Benito and Hutchison will all start under the glare of the TV cameras as there's a live stream from midday today.

You can watch it through the links below please get involved on twitter by using the #UKIPTLive. Marc Convey and Nick Wealthall will be your commentators and Jake Cody will be joining them in the booth at 1pm.
and Facebook

This is the feature table at the start of play:

Dean Hutchison, United Kingdom , 501,000
Daniel Bushell, United Kingdom, 376,000
Mitchell Johnson, United Kingdom, 339,000
Juan Benito, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 1,473,000
Ben Mayhew, United Kingdom, 647,000
William Chattaway, United Kingdom, 191,000
Mike Panteli, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier 233,000

You can see the Day 3 seat draw in its entirety here, keep an eye on this page for chip counts and this one for payouts

There are more exciting subplots that could come to fruition today, Joeri Zandvliet (690,000) could make yet another UKIPT final table in a search for a third UKIPT title, the talented Ryan Spittles, who starts fifth in chips, could turn one of his many deep runs into a very deep run and Tim Blake (873,000) might prove that old guys can play too.

Cards are in the air at noon, it should be a cracker.

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham2: Marc Convey, Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT