UKIPT4 Nottingham2 Day 3: Level 24-28 (40,000/80,000 ante 10,000)

10.50pm: Final table seat draw and chip counts
It's William Elliot who leads the final table whilst Trevor Pearson will begin as the short stack. Cards are in the air at 2pm but because of the live stream, they and subsequently we, will bring you coverage from 3pm. You can watch the live stream on, YouTube, Facebook and

Seat 1: Trevor Pearson, United Kingdom, 965,000
Seat 2: Anthony Flynn, United Kingdom , 2,495,000
Seat 3: Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, 3,320,000
Seat 4: Ramey Shaio, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 1,770,000
Seat 5: Juan Benito, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 4,385,000
Seat 6: Angelo Milioto, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 2,455,000
Seat 7: Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom , 3,305,000
Seat 8: William Elliot, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 5,625,000

10.20pm: Terry Carter eliminated in ninth place (£16,100)
Nine handed play lasted precisely one hand and that was because a total cooler has set the final table of eight.

Terry Carter three-bet shoved for 1,030,000 with pocket kings and Ryan Spittles cold called with pocket aces.

The 3♥2♦K♠A♦5♦ board was an absolute heart breaker for Carter as first he sucked out and then he was sucked out on. Just like that the final table is set. The PokerStars Blog will bring you overnight chip counts and the seat draw shortly. Also, stay tuned for a wrap of the days play. -- NW


Carter (left) out in ninth to end the day

10pm: Dafydd Williams eliminated in tenth place (£13,445)
Another all-in at the feature table and this time the short stack didn't survive.

Dafydd Williams shoved for 700,000 with K♦Q♠ and William Elliot looked him up with A♣J♥.

The A♦8♣[10c][10s]7♦ board gave the pot to Elliot and sent the young Welshman crashing out in tenth. There will now be a short delay whilst the nine remaining players are redrawn for the unofficial final table. -- NW


Williams - bubbled the unofficial final table

9.50pm: Ryan Spittles doubles through Juan Benito
On the first hand back from the break Ryan Spittles, who's been very patient, got the double up he'd been waiting for.

Juan Benito opened to 160,000, Angelo Milioto called and Spittles then moved all-in for 945,000 back on Benito he made the call and after a tank Milioto folded.

Benito: A♦J♠
Spittles: A♣K♠

The 5♥4♦5♣2♠9♦ board kept Spittles in front and he's up to roughly 2,000,000. -- NW

9.45pm: Chip counts
Here are the chip counts of the final 10 players as level 28 gets underway. It's still start of day chip leader Juan Benito who lead.

Table 1:

1, 2, Ramey Shaio, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 2,115,000
1, 5, Anthony Flynn, United Kingdom , 2,215,000
1, 6, Trevor Pearson, United Kingdom , 710,000
1, 7, Terry Carter, United Kingdom , 1,250,000
1, 8, Duncan Mclellan, United Kingdom , 3,500,000

Table 3:

3, 2, Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom , 805,000
3, 4, William Elliot, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 4,765,000
3, 5, Juan Benito, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 5,510,000
3, 6, Dafydd Williams, United Kingdom , 870,000
3, 7, Angelo Milioto, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 2,630,000

Blinds up: 40,000/80,000, 10,000 ante

9.30pm: Break time
Level 27 has come to an end and the 11 remaining players are now on a 15 minute break. -- NW

9.25pm: Side event news
The Nottingham Cup is heads-up and it's Matthew Davenport against David Williams for the title. -- NW

9.15pm: Angelo Milioto doubles up
Angelo Milioto is up to the dizzy heights of 30 big blinds after doubling through Juan Benito. The Brit shoved for 880,000 with Q♣Q♠ and Benito looked him up with [KhJ♦.

The [10h][10d]8♦3♠5♠ board kept the queens in front and Milioto's patience paid off. -- NW

9.05pm: Terry Carter doubles through Ramey Shaio
A bit of a cooler this one...

Terry Carter opened to 200,000 on the button, Ramey Shaio shoved for an effective 950,000 from the big blind and Carter snap called.

Carter: Q♣Q♦
Shaio: J♥J♣

It was premium against premium and the ladies held on the [10d]8♣[10s]7♠3♠ board. Carter is up to roughly 2,000,000. -- NW


Carter's up to two million

8:55pm: Milioto double
Juan Benito has been crushing the feature table in recent times - picking the perfect times to value bet and bluff - his stack growing rapidly.

Angelo Milioto did manage to knock some of the wind out of his sails however - running his jacks against Militio's A♥5♣ preflop successfully - the board running out 9♠2♥9♣7♣9♦.

Milioto back to 1.2 million, Benito still has a huge 3.8 million stack. --RS

8:50pm: McLellan survives hairy moment
Duncan McLellan has ridden the waves of variance with authority today, though he's had his lucky moments.

Another of those moments just arrived to save him when it looked like he could be heading to the exit.

Firstly, McLellan lost a chunk of his chips betting the streets with 8♠T♠ on a J♠9♥4♣K♠5♦ board versus Ramey Shaio. Shaio did well to pick off his bluffs, including a chunky 275,000 on the river with J♣Q♦.

Short now, McLellan shoved the very next hand with 4♠3♠ from the small blind - only to run into Shaio's A♥8♦.

The flop was a doozy however peeling off J♠T♠5♠.

"Not a bad flop for me," was the understated response from McLellan.

Shaio was already counting out chips to pay him off and the turned T♣J♣ didn't alter things in his favour.

McLellan up to 1,200,000 Shaio down to 1,900,000... -- RS

8.45pm: Tim Blake eliminated in 11th place (£13,445)
Due to a couple of moves gone wrong Tim Blake was down to just 355,000 and committed his remaining six big blinds with Q♣9♦. He got a call from William Elliot and the Scotsman was in front with A♣7♦, although one of his aces had been folded by Juan Benito, who was in the big blind.

The 4♦[10c]2♣J♣9♣ board meant Blake rivered a flush, but Elliot a bigger one and with that Blake's tournament was over.
With one more elimination the unofficial final table of nine will be set. -- NW


Tim Blake in happier times

Blinds up: 30,000/60,000,10,000 ante

8.35pm: James Glossop eliminated in 12th place (£12,100)
Down to just 600,000 James Glossop shoved for A♦2♣ and he got a call from William Elliot who held 5♠5♣.

The 8♠3♠[10d]6♥6♣ board kept the pair in front and sent Glossop to the rail. Eleven players left. -- NW

8.25pm: Trevor Pearson doubles through Duncan McLellan
Another double up, this time from the outer table...

Ramey Shaio opened to 110,000 from early position, Trevor Pearson flat called and Duncan McLellan then moved all-in. Shaio folded but Pearson snap called.

Pearson: K♦K♥
McLellan: 5♣5♦

The A♦[10s]2♦8♥7♥ board was clean as far as Pearson was concerned, he was all-in for 745,000 so climbs to 1,500,000 and McLellan drops to 750,000 after losing that hand. -- NW

8.15pm: Tim Blake doubles through William Elliot
"All-in and call," was the cry from the feature table and it was Tim Blake who was at risk. He'd raised to 100,000, William Elliot had three-bet to 250,000 and called when Blake shoved form 850,000.

Blake: K♣K♠
Elliot: A♥J♣

The 8♣8♥4♥8♦3♣ board kept Blake in front and he climbed to 1,800,000. -- NW

8.05pm: Murray hits the rail in 13th spot(£12,100); Carpenter in 14th place(£10,850)
Benjamin Carpenter was eliminated just after the break and Derek Murray followed him swiftly onto the pain train.

Murray's exit was particularly unfortunate. His stack for much of the last two levels has restricted the poker moves available to him - it's been push or fold and he'd been keeping himself afloat with infrequent shoves.

Finally he was looked up, Anthony Flynn raising from middle position to 120,000 then calling Murray's 640,000 shove all-in.

Flynn had stumbled though, his 8♣8♦ a significant dog to Murray's T♠T♣.

The board peeled off Q♦6♥4♣ and it looked like Murray was about to book his double-up. Then disaster struck.

The 8♠ arrived on the turn. Flynn's whole body stiffened - you could see he was repressing the urge to let out some sort of exclamation of joy out of respect for his opponent.

The river was the 5♣ and Murray was out - just like that. He took the beat well and headed to the cash desk...we continue 12-handed... --RS

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Derek Murray_M3DM8127.jpg

Murray crushed by spiked snowman

7.55pm: Chip counts
Here are the chip counts for the final two tables at the start of level 25

Table 1:

1, 1, Derek Murray, Ireland, 705,000
1, 2, Ramey Shaio, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 2,315,000
1, 3, Dafydd Williams, United Kingdom, 1,890,000
1, 5, Anthony Flynn, United Kingdom, 1,620,000
1, 6, Trevor Pearson, United Kingdom, 785,000
1, 7, Benjamin Carpenter, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 960,000
1, 8, Duncan Mclellan, United Kingdom, 1,855,000

Table 3

3, 1, Tim Blake, United Kingdom, 715,000
3, 2, Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom, 1,555,000
3, 3, James Glossop, United Kingdom, 970,000
3, 4, William Elliot, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 3,960,000
3, 5, Juan Benito, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 4,700,000
3, 7, Angelo Milioto, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 755,000

3, 8, Terry Carter, United Kingdom, 1,585,000


Juan is still number one

Blinds up: 25,000/50,000, 5,000 ante

7.30pm: Break time!
That brutal elimination leaves us 14-handed. The players are taking a 15 minute break but we'll be back shortly for level 25. See you then!

7:25pm: Vinson eliminated in 15th spot(£10,850)
Duncan McLellan has been the bane of many a player today and Ben Vinson is the latest player to fall foul of this season's UKIPT Isle of Man champion.

The hand saw Vinson open from middle position to 80,000 and McLellan flat-call from the small blind.

The board fell J♣9♣3♠ - McLellan checked and Vinson continuation bet 80,000. Call.

The turn was the innocuous-looking 3♦ - check from McLellan and Vinson had a pause and think before firing out 160,000.

Suddenly McLellan sprung into action with a check-raise to 340,000 - Vinson quickly moved all-in for his remaining stack. Snap-call from McLellan with 3♥5♥ - and a cruelly outdrawn pair of pocket kings for Vinson.

Facing elimination, there was no redemption for Vinson on the Q♥ river and he positively raced out of the tournament arena with his coat when his exit was confirmed.

McLellan rises to 2 million - the dream of double UKIPT triumph gaining credibility with every big pot the man wins. --RS

7.20pm: Williams takes a big one from Shaio
Ramey Shaio and Dafydd Williams just played a huge blind on blind pot. Shaio raised to 95,000 and Williams called.

On the [10d]8♦2♠5♠A♣ board Shaio bet every street for 83,000, 235,000 and 290,000 respectively. Williams called the first two and then shoved the river for 948,000 total.

Shaio tanked for over seven minutes before folding what he said later was two pair, Williams showed Q♦7♦ for the busted flush draw. -- NW

7.10pm: Joeri Zandvliet eliminated in 16th place (£9,600)
The wait for a triple champion goes on as Joeri Zandvliet has been eliminated in sixteenth place. He three-bet all-in for 850,000 over the top of James Glossop's open and William Elliot's flat call. Glossop got out the way but Elliot made the call.

Elliot: A♥J♦
Zandvliet: K♠K♦

The board ran 3♥7♠4♠6♥A♠ and Zandvliet's tilt at a third title was at an end. -- NW


Another deep run from Zandvliet

6:57pm: Zandvliet loses blind battle
Folded to Joeri Zandvliet in the small blind, he simply moved in against the shortstacked Angelo Milioto.

Milioto took a few moments but made the call with K♥9♣ - a solid call given Joeri was likely to be applying pressure with a wide range there.

He proved that by showing down T♣7♥.

The board was a roller coaster of excitement - Milioto looking safe on the 9♦5♠3♣ flop before the T♥ hit the turn - Zandvliet powering into the lead.

Finally though equity justice was served as the K♣ spiked to double Milioto to 700,000. --RS

6:50pm: Outer table chip count

Here's how they are lined up with their chip counts on the outside table. It's a cautious game out there at the moment. No one wants to miss out on this historic final table and perhaps due to the closeness of many of the stacks, we haven't seen many confrontations so far.

1 Derek Murray 650,000
2 Ramey Shaio 2,200,000
3 Dafydd Williams 900,000
4 Ben Vinson 800,000
5 Anthony Flynn 1,400,000
6 Trevor Pearson 550,000
7 Benjamin Carter 950,000
8 Duncan McLellan 1,600,000

6.25pm: James Glossop doubles through Angelo Milioto
There was 300,000 in the pot by the time James Glossop, Angelo Milioto and Tim Blake saw a 9♣[10c]6♠ flop. From the small blind Glossop simply open shoved for 504,000, Miilioto snap called and Blake then tank folded.

Glossop: 8♣7♥
Milioto: [10h]9♥

The K♠ turn and K♦ river gave Glossop a big double up to 1,300,000, whilst Milioto is down to 344,000. -- NW

6.15pm: Seat draw and chip counts
Table one:

1, 1, Derek Murray - 560,000
1, 2, Ramey Shaio - 2,600,000
1, 3, Dafydd Williams - 1,300,000
1, 4, Ben Vinson - 1,200,000
1, 5, Anthony Flynn - 1,100,000
1, 6, Trevor Pearson - 900,000
1, 7, Benjamin Carpenter - 600,000
1, 8, Duncan McLellan - 1,200,000

UKIPT4_Nott_May_2014_Ben Carpenter_M3DM8129.jpg

Ben Carpenter still believes

Table two:

3, 1, Tim Blake - 983,000
3, 2, Ryan Spittles - 1,183,000
3, 3, James Glossop - 654,000
3, 4, William Elliot - 3,112,000
3, 5, Juan Benito - 3,770,000
3, 6, Joeri Zandvliet - 1,606,000
3, 7, Angelo Milioto - 1,043,000
3, 8, Terry Carter - 1,936,000

6.10pm: Shaio takes one from Carpenter
Ben Carpenter opened to 60,000 from middle position and Ramey Shaio smooth called from the big blind. On the 8♥4♥5♣ flop both players checked and the 7♥ fell on the turn. First to act Shaio led for 85,000 and Carpenter made the call. The 9♠ completed the board, Shaio bet again, this time 157,000. Carpenter looked back at his cards and then placed one chip over the line to signify a call. Shaio showed 8♣6♣ for the straight, Carpenter nodded and mucked his hand. -- NW

6pm: Back from the break
Play is back underway here in Nottingham. -- NW

5.45pm: Murray doubles through McLellan
At the same time as Matthew Simpson was eliminated a hand played out on another table between Derek Murray and Duncan McLellan.

Murray moved in for 312,000 with 8♣7♣ and McLellan looked him up from the big blind with A♦4♣. The board came [10c]6♠7♦5♦K♣ and McLellan said: "Nice hand." -- NW

5.40pm: Matthew Simpson eliminated in 17th place (£9,600)
We're down to the final two tables now as Matthew Simpson has just been eliminated by Ben Vinson. Down to 275,000 Simpson committed his chips with pocket eights and Vinson had him in deep trouble with pocket kings. The board came [10c]6♠7♦5♦K♣ and they'll now be a short break for a re-draw to the final two tables. - NW

5:35pm: Kearney eliminated in 18th place(£8,350)
Tim Blake was looking a little downbeat - his stack reduced to 400,000 and looking very vulnerable.

It all turned round for him in an instant though - a couple of all-ins winning the blinds before he saw the similarly short-stacked Leslie Kearney jam himself from middle position.

"I call," said Blake quickly, flipping up A♥T♦.

He was favourite versus the K♣J♥ of Kearney who tapped the table acknowledging a good call.

He needed his equity edge to hold however and it duly did over the 8♥4♣3♥9♦8♦ board.

"Nice playing with you guys," said Kearney as he departed - a buoyant Blake boosted to 925,000.

Blake got the thumbs up from a watchful Willie Tann on the rail.

"The power of the ace, Willie!" --RS


Blake is rising again

5.25pm:Chip counts
Here are the current chip counts in table order to see them in chip order click here.

Table 2:

2, 1, Juan Benito, Spain, PokerStars Qualifier, 3453000
2, 2, Ramey Shaio, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 2600000

2, 3, Dafydd Williams, United Kingdom, 1548000
2, 4, Benjamin Carpenter, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 1168000
2, 5, William Elliot, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 2862000

2, 8, Terry Carter, United Kingdom, 1877000

Table 13

13, 1, Duncan McLellan, United Kingdom, 1947000
13, 2, Anthony Flynn, United Kingdom, 681000
13, 3, James Glossop, United Kingdom, 575000
13, 4, Leslie Kearney, United Kingdom, 466000
13, 5, Derek Murray, Ireland, 323000
13, 7, Tim Blake, United Kingdom, 784000

Table 14

14, 1, Angelo Milioto, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 740000
14, 3, Joeri Zandvliet, Netherlands, PokerStars Player, 1301000

14, 4, Trevor Pearson, United Kingdom, 1180000
14, 5, Ryan Spittles, United Kingdom, 1586000
14, 6, Ben Vinson, United Kingdom, 879000
14, 8, Matthew Simpson, United Kingdom, 489000

5.15pm: Daniel Bushell eliminated in 19th place (£8,350)
It's all gone wrong for Daniel Bushell who couldn't recover from losing a huge pot to Terry Carter at the end of level 23.

He three-bet all-in for 190,000 with A♠7♥ and got looked up by Ramey Shaio who had opened to 60,000. Shaio held A♦2♦ and made a wheel on the 5♠4♦4♣3♣A♥ board to eliminate Bushell. -- NW

5.05pm: Jonas Lauck eliminated in 20th place (£8,350)
Jonas Lauck and Ramey Shaio just played a huge 2.1M pot and the denouement is that Lauck's luck has run out.

He was all-in for just over a million with pocket nines and up against Shaio's A♠Q♥. The [10h]Q♦7♠8♥7♥ run out favoured Shaio and h's up to 2,400,000. -- NW

5pm: Final 20 back for more
We're back under way here in Nottingham and Juan Benito leads the way with 3,453,000. He's currently on the feature table and you can watch that live with #UKIPTLive here.

They'll be another re-draw when we get down to 16 players. -- NW


The moustache is the man to catch!

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham2: Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT