Win your seat to UKIPT Isle of Main for (nearly) free

Starting today, you could win a full package to the UKIPT Isle of Man Main Event for what almost amounts to free. Don't believe me? Well, here's a quick thought experiment:

At what point does money become generally meaningless to you? For instance, say you're walking down the street, and you see some money in the gutter. It's mixed in with a bunch of rubbish, some of it gooey and of unknown origin. Also, there are a couple of bugs that look vaguely menacing but not deadly. How much does the money have to be worth before you lean over and pick it up?

If you said an amount more than £2, then you should probably keep reading, because for the amount you would leave in the gutter, you could be on your way to the Isle of Man and poker riches.


Along the prom in Douglas, Isle of Man

Today, PokerStars kicked off daily freeroll tournaments with £0.20 rebuys in which the top 50 players qualify for the weekly final. If you don't get in that way, there are also daily £1.10 freezeout second chance events that offer 25 seats to the weekly finals.

Once you get your seat, you are up for one of two packages every week to the UKIPT Isle of Man Main event. You can also win more tickets to bigger UKIPT qualifiers. The finals run for the next four Sundays.

Ready to take your shot at nearly free riches? The daily tournaments are getting ready to start today. The first runs at 13:00 ET (20:00 UK time). The second chance kicks off at 14:00 ET (21:00 UK time).

Good luck!

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Brad Willis
@BradWillis in UKIPT