UKIPT5 Edinburgh Day Final Day: Level 23 -26 updates (25,000/50,000 ante 5,000)

You'll find level 27 updates (and beyond) in a new post here.

You want chip counts? We've got chip counts and you'll find them here.

4:45pm: Gomez enters break happy after doubling up
David Gomez has gone off on break with the other players a happy man after doubling to 2,075,000 through Alex Lynskey, who dropped to 1,490,000.

He raised to 100,000 from the button and then four-bet all in after Lynskey three-bet to 260,000 from the small blind. Lynskey asked for a count and called after hearing it was for one million exactly.

Lynskey: K♣Q♠
Gomez: A♠J♠

The board ran J♦A♥Q♦J♥A♦ to make Gomez a winning full house. -- MC

4:25pm: Dode Elliot eliminated in sixth place (£11,210)
And then there were five...
Alex Lysnkey has been opening a lot of pots since he took over the chip lead and he raised to 100,000 from under-the-gun. Action passed to Ben Burnhill, he three-bet to 250,000 and Dode Elliot then moved all-in for 610,000. There then followed a quick fold from Lynskey and an even quicker call from Burnhill.

Elliot: A♥Q♣
Burnhill: A♠A♦

Elliot was in trouble and there was no saving him on the 5♥7♠3♥5♣6♦ board. He's out in sixth and his brother Willie - who finished fourth at UKIPT4 Nottingham - retains the bragging rights for best UKIPT performance for now. --NW


Sixth place for Elliot

4:13pm: Michael McGee eliminated in seventh place (£8,340)
Enter a pot with Angelina Rich at your peril. She just eliminated Michael McGee shortly after she took out Gary Laing.

The action folded around to her in the small blind and she set McGee all in for his 270,000-stack. He called it off and the cards were on their backs.

Rich: K♣7♥
McGee: 5♦J♥

The board ran 6♣2♦8♠8♣4♦ to miss both players. Rich's stack tops 1.7 million now. -- MC


McGee - downed in seventh

3:55pm: Gary Laing eliminated in eighth place (£6,038)
Angelina Rich has got her final table back on track by taking out Gary Laing, moving her up to 1,400,000.

She opened from under the gun and Laing called from the small blind. A 7♣Q♣J♣ flop fanned in front of them and Laing check-called 140,000. The turn was the K♥ and Laing checked to face a bet for his remaining 350,000. He tank-called it off.

Laing: K♦T♥ for top pair and opened ended straight draw.
Rich: Q♦Q♠ for a set.

The river was the J♥ and Laing was the first player out from the final table. -- MC


Laing - out in eighth

Blinds up: 25,000/50,000, ante 5,000

3:45pm: Gomez gets some back; Rich drops to half a million
David Gomez is on the comeback trail as he just won a decent sized pot against Angelina Rich who, as a result, has dropped to around 500,000.

She was the aggressor in the hand raising to 80,000 from the cut-off, a bet that Gomez called from the big blind. Rich fired twice on the 8♦6♠8♥A♣ board before giving up on the 2♠ river. Gomez showed A♥T♦ to take the pot.

A couple of hands later Rich shoved all-in from under-the-gun but got no takers. --NW

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3:35pm: Chip counts

1Ben Burnhill1,850,000
2David Gomez980,000
3Dode Elliot1,025,000
4Gary Laing620,000
5Alex Lynskey2,050,000
6Angelina Rich1,045,000
7Michael McGee385,000
8Dean Hutchison1,445,000

3:30pm: Lynskey doubles into the chip lead
Alex Lynskey coolered Michael McGee to double up to more than two million, good for the chip lead.

The two were heads up to the turn where the board read 7♣4♣T♠T♦. Lynskey led for 170,000 from the small blind and McGee called from under the gun to see the Q♠ complete the board. Lynksey moved all in for 565,000 and McGee looked really uncomfortable and started muttering to himself. He said there was no way he could fold and called with A♣T♣. Lynskey opened 4♣4♦ for a full house and allowed himself a smile. -- MC

3:15pm: Hutchison gets lucky to double
The wheels are starting to come off for former chip leader David Gomez. He just got unlucky to double up Dean Hutchison.

The action folded around to the defending champion on the button and he moved all in for 510,000. Gomez was in the big blind and snap called.

Gomez: A♥Q♥
Hutchison: A♣J♠

Hutchison's friends on the rail started calling for a jack and it never came on the T♦6♥7♠ flop but once the turn came J♣ their chants changed to, "HOLD!" They, and Hutchison, got their wish as the river came as 5♠. Gomez dropped to 1,150,00. -- MC

3:05pm: Play resumes
The official final table is underway!

2:52pm: Alan Brown eliminated in ninth place (£4,890)

Alan Brown (left) - 9th

Alan Brown will not be taking part in the official final table shenanigans after he busted to Ben Burnhill in ninth place.

Burnhill opened to 85,000 from under the gun and called after Brown moved all in for 375,000 from the small blind. Many of the players stood to see how the hand would play out.

Brown: A♥K♣
Burnhill: 6♣6♠

The board ran T♦T♥3♦2♠Q♠ to see the sixes hold.

They'll be a short break in the action now while the final player interviews and photos take place. -- MC

2:45pm: Dode Elliot doubles through Alex Lynskey
"Home advantage is the key," said Willie Elliot to me after his brother doubled up to stay in the tournament.

Dode Elliot shoved for 435,000 from the hijack with A♣9♣ and after getting a count Alex Lynskey announced called and opened A♦J♣ when it was time for showdown. The 2♦4♥9♥6♦2♣ board favoured the home town hero and he doubled up. --NW

2:43pm: Gomez loses the chip lead
For the first time today David Gomez has lost the chip lead. He lost a small pot to Alex Lynskey to drop to 1,650,000, with 1,700,000 Michael McGee just has the edge. -- NW

2:38pm: Lynskey unlocking a comeback
Alex Lynskey's aggressive approach has seen his stack grow back up to 1,320,000. He's won a couple of small pots and a bigger one off chip leader, David Gomez, who's dropped to 1,900,000.

Lynskey opened to 80,000 from mid position and bet flop and turn. Gomez stuck with him all the way and both ended up checking the river when a K♣K♠9♠4♠7♣ board rested. Lynskey opened Q♥Q♠ and Gomez mucked whilst shaking his head, the first chink seen in his armour today. -- MC

2:25pm: Counts of the final nine
The final nine are back in their seats and David Gomez is still the man to catch. He's had the chip lead all day and is still clear of the chasing pack. At the other end of the counts Dean Hutchison, Alan Brown and Donald Elliot are all in the danger zone with stacks ranging from 10 to 12.5 big blinds.

David GomezSpainPokerStars Qualifier2,400,000
Ben BurnhillUnited KingdomPokerStars Qualifier1,600,000
Michael McGeeUnited Kingdom 1,330,000
Angelina RichUSAPokerStars Qualifier1,025,000
Alex LynskeyAustraliaPokerStars Qualifier775,000
Gary LaingUnited Kingdom 760,000
Dode ElliotUnited Kingdom 500,000
Alan BrownUnited Kingdom 440,000
Dean HutchisonUnited KingdomPokerStars Player400,000


The defending champion is still in...just

Blinds up: 20,000/40,000, ante 5,000

2:10pm: Break
The players are now on a 15 minute break. --NW

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2:08pm: More for McGee
Michael McGee is firmly on the comeback trail after winning a very healthy three-way pot without showdown.

David Gomez opened to 60,000 from mid position and was called by Dode Elliot in the hijack and McGee in the big blind. The flop fell K♣7♣3♠ and Gomez's 80,000 c-bet was called by both players. The turn came as the 3♥ and Gomez bet another 185,000. Elliot called but McGee check-raised all in for 511,000. Both player admitted defeated and folded.

The players are soon to go on break and full counts will be posted. -- MC

1:50pm: McGee finds a double up
Michael McGee needed a double up bad, and he found one through chips leader, David Gomez.

The action folded to him in the cutoff and he moved all in for 310,000. Gomez was in the big blind and made the call.

McGee: Q♥Q♠
Gomez: A♣8♣

The board ran a blank K♦7♥T♦4♣6♥. Gomez still huge on 2,500,000. -- MC

1:35pm: Gomez continues to apply the pressure
It's been all David Gomez since the players combined to one table with the Spaniard using relentless aggression to increase his stack.

In a hand against Alex Lynskey, the Spaniard opened to 70,000 from early position, Lynskey three-bet to 165,000, Gomez made it 270,000 total and Lynskey flat called. On the J♥4♣2♣ flop Gomez fired out a bet of 175,000 and showed A♠8♦ when Lynskey folded. The Australian's reaction - he was happy - showed that Gomez likely had the best hand anyway.

In the second big pot he played he pot Dean Hutchison to the test for his tournament life. The action started with Hutchison raising to 60,000 from the hijack, Gomez three-bet pretty small - making it just 100,000 - from the button and Hutchison tank-called. Both players checked the 6♣8♦Q♦ flop, and Hutchison then check-called a bet of 100,000 on the 2♥ turn.

The 5♣ completed the board and after Hutchison checked, Gomez slid out a tower of green 25K chips that totalled enough to set Hutchison all-in. The defending champion had about 400,000 back and after a long think he elected to fold. --NW

1:25pm: Play resumes
The players are in their final seat of the tournament and play gets back underway. -- MC

1:20pm: Unofficial final table seat draw

1Ben Burnhill
2David Gomez
3Dode Elliot
4Gary Laing
5Alex Lynskey
6Angelina Rich
7Michael McGee
8Alan Brown
9Dean Hutchison

1:10pm: Dara O'Kearney eliminated in 10th place (£4,050)

Dara O'Kearney - 10th place

Yesterday Dara O'Kearney sent a tweet out where he said today could be the day where he finally makes a UKIPT final table. Unfortunately for him, it didn't turn out to be the case.

He was down to 250,000 when he moved all in for from under the gun. His good friend Dode Elliot was in the big blind and made the call.

Elliot: 8♥8♦
O'Kearney: A♥5♥

The board ran 2♦6♣Q♥3♥9♣. The two shook hands and O'Kearney made a quiet exit. The final nine will now be drawn onto one unofficial final table-- MC

1:03pm: Updated chip counts
David Gomez has a big lead right now, whilst Dara O'Kearney now has less than 10 big blinds and is the shortest stack of the final 10.

David GomezSpainPokerStars Qualifier2,200,000
Ben BurnhillUnited KingdomPokerStars Qualifier1,370,000
Angelina RichUSAPokerStars Qualifier1,150,000
Gary LaingUnited Kingdom 990,000
Dean HutchisonUnited KingdomPokerStars Player730,000
Michael McGeeUnited Kingdom 650,000
Alan BrownUnited Kingdom 650,000
Alex LynskeyAustraliaPokerStars Qualifier600,000
Donald ElliotUnited Kingdom 535,000
Dara O'KearneyIrelandPokerStars Qualifier275,000

Blinds up: 15,000/30,000, ante 4,000

12:59pm: Thomas Pearn eliminated in 11th place (£4,050)
Thomas Pearn was the second shortest stack at the start of the day and he was trying to find a spot to double up for much of the opening level. At the very end of the first level he found one, but it didn't end well.

In his exit hand the action folded to Angelina Rich in the small blind and she moved all-in, Pearn had about 440,000 in total and he thought for some time before announcing call.

Rich didn't look too happy about this, she showed A♠4♥ whilst Pearn had A♦6♠. There was a 36% chance this hand would end in a chop, but the 7♦4♠T♣K♦2♣ board favoured Rich and eliminated Pearn. She's up to 1,150,000 as a result. --NW

12:57pm: They clash again
David Gomez's stack had dipped a little with his play almost every pot style, but he just took anther chunk out of Alex Lynskey to get back up to 2,230,000 with the latter dropped further to 600,000.

Gomez raised to 57,000 off the button and Lynskey defended his big blind to see a 9♦2♦9♣ flop appear. Lynskey check-called 57,000 there and 130,000 on the 8♣ turn before both checked the Q♠ river. Lynskey opened A♦J♥ but lost out to the Spaniard's 4♦4♣. -- MC

12:45pm: Gomez playing every pot
David Gomez isn't exactly sitting on his chip lead, in fact he's played every pot since the big hand against Alex Lynskey. The rest of the table aren't letting him run over them though, but he's clearly able to exert a lot of pressure on his opponents at this stage.

In the first hand of this sequence Dean Hutchison opened to 50,000 from the button, Gomez wanted a look at the defending champion's stack so Hutchison moved his hands so the Spaniard could get a better look. A few seconds later Gomez made it 120,000 to go but folded when Hutchison moved all-in for ~550,000.

Gomez soon got those chips back though as on the next hand Thomas Pearn raised to 52,000 and then folded after Gomez three-bet to 120,000. "You're allowed to fold you know," said Michael McGee cheekily to Gomez as he took the pot. McGee is on Gomez's direct left and isn't exactly getting the chance to open many pots.

That's because Gomez is, and on the next hand the Spaniard opened to 57,000 from the hijack and called when Angelina Rich three-bet to 160,000 from the big blind. On the 4♣9♥A♦ flop Rich c-bet 135,000 and Gomez released his cards. -- NW


Gomez is not resting on the chip lead

12:35pm: Gomez clear leader after chip leaders clash
A big clash between chip leaders, David Gomez and Alex Lynksey, was always going to happen and it took place maybe a little earlier than expected. When the dust settled, Gomez became clear chip leader with 2,350,000 and his Australian opponent dropped back into the pack with 725,000.

Gomez opened to 57,000 from under the gun and Lynksey was the only caller in the cutoff. The board ran out 2♠8♦T♥A♣4♠ and Gomez emptied the clip with bets of 75,000, 190,000 and 500,000 on each street. Lynksey called the first two bets in standard time but had the clock called on him when he faced the river bomb. He didn't wait until the clock ran down to call and he was disappointed to see Gomez's A♦2♥ for two pair. Muck.-- MC

12:17pm: Doke dents Dode
Dara O'Kearney was the shortest stack at the start of play but he's just moved up the chip charts after winning a sizeable pot against Dode Elliot.

Pre-flop Elliot raised to 49,000 and O'Kearney smooth called from the big blind. The flop fell 4♣9♣9♥, Elliot c-bet to the the tune of 55,000, O'Kearney check-raised to 125,000 and after a decent amount of tank time Elliot smooth called.

The 8♥ hit the turn and O'Kearney wasted little time in requesting the all-in triangle. Elliot didn't ask for a count, but O'Kearney's bet looked to be in the region of 240,000. The Scotsman went deep into the tank again but ultimately elected to fold. After that hand O'Kearney is up to roughly 600,000 whilst Elliot drops to 515,000. --NW

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12:11pm: First showdown pot goes to.....Laing
Gary Laing made a good start by winning a small pot out of position against Alan Brown.

The latter raised to 48,000 from the button and Laing called from the small bind to see a 7♥A♠A♥ flop roll out in from of them. The action was checked to the T♣ turn where Laing led for 51,000. Call. The river was the 7♥ and Laing bet another 55,000. He opened K♠T♠ once called and Brown folded whilst saying, "Nice hand."

Laing moved up to almost 900,000 as a result and Brown dipped to 850,000. -- MC

12pm: Let's get this started
Cards are in the air here in Edinburgh. --NW

11:45am: Welcome back to the final day UKIPT5 Edinburgh
Well done everyone, we've all made it to the final day of the final UKIPT festival of 2015. Season 5 rolls into 2016 but today marks the last day this year we'll all be together, and it promises to a great day!

Day 2 ended with 11 players remaining and they are led by David Gomez, who was also Day 1B chip leader. He's shown through his play that he'll be a hard man to beat but there's a lot of talent to be found amongst the other 10 players. Here's the full line up:

David GomezSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,540,000
Alex LynskeyAustraliaPokerStars Qualifier1,341,000
Ben BurnhillUnited KingdomPokerStars Qualifier1,144,000
Alan BrownUnited Kingdom 995,000
Gary LaingUnited Kingdom 720,000
Angelina RichUSAPokerStars Qualifier706,000
Michael McGeeUnited Kingdom 693,000
Donald ElliotUnited Kingdom 687,000
Dean HutchisonUnited KingdomPokerStars Player631,000
Thomas PearnUnited Kingdom 472,000
Dara O'KearneyIrelandPokerStars Qualifier408,000

One of the players that Gomez has to get through knows how to close out a tournament, and knows how to do it in this city. Reigning UKIPT Edinburgh champion Dean Hutchison may be one of the shorter stacks but he has the confidence and the knowledge to get the job done. Talking of short stacks brings us right on to Dara O'Kearney. The Irish serial PokerStars qualifier entered a WSOP final table in last place this year and was the short stack all the way until he busted heads up, so don't doubt his ability to play with few chips.


Final set up this morning

The players are filtering in and staff are making the final arrangement in the set up. Play will hopefully be underway n time at noon. --MC

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PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Edinburgh: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May

Marc Convey
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