UKIPT5 London: Day 1A Level 7-12 Updates (1,000/2,000 ante 300)

8:10pm: Done for the day
Day 1A has come to an end and it's Lawrence Bayley who leads the way with a stack of 265,000. A full wrap of the day's play is on the way. -- NW

7:50pm: The final furlong
It's been a busy day replete with incident but with the end of level 12 in sight, the TD has called for the final three hands to be played out. We'll have news of how the end of day chipcounts have shaped up, along with who has snatched the chiplead shortly.

Hold tight for news! -- RS

7:45pm: There's still time to qualify!
If you fancy a crack at the UKIPT London Main Event yourself then there's still time to qualify.

Whilst a live satellite is playing out here at The Hippodrome Casino, the final two online satellites take place online on PokerStars. A £33 2R1A satellite gets under way at 20,00 GMT and a £82 Hyper-Turbo satellite begins at 22.00 GMT. In PS7 you'll find these satellites (and feeders to them) under Live Events>Europe>UKIPT London. -- NW

7:40pm: Cody the comeback kid
Jake Cody has been below starting stack for pretty much the entire day but has staged a late night rally to get his head above water finally. He's up to 50,000 and is in the relative comfort of 25 big blind territory. -- NW

7:25pm: Chip leaders
There's less than 30 minutes to go in the day and these players are the ones vying for the title of overnight chip leader:

Lawrence Bayley, 217,000
William Dunlop, 207,000
Adam Kossew, 175,000
David Clarkson, 170,000
Stuart Green, 160,000

7:10pm: More exits
As the last level of the day gets under way just 48 of the 143 starters remain. Those who've recently been left potless inlclude: Markos Georgiou, Robert Deacon, Stuart Easton, Callum Malcolm, Daniel Efeturk, Krzysztof Michalik, Peter Blow and Iman Chamazkati. -- NW

7pm: Shuffled off this mortal coil
Perhaps we overplay it sometimes. Poker is after all just a game. No one really suffers mortal consequences as a result of losing their chips and you can always go and play a new game at one of the multitude of online or live facilities available online and around London.

It still hurts losing your chips however. Bad luck to the following folks:

Peter Dibben
Richard Lord
Dalius Balciunas
Gavin Manley


6:55pm: Owain Carey wins UKIPT High Roller and £44,550
Whilst the UKIPT Main Event is just getting started the UKIPT High Roller has just finished. When the 11 remaining players returned today Owain Carey was the chip leader and he's gone wire to wire to win. He takes home £45,550 for defeating field of 49 players (46 unique entries and three re-buys) whilst runner-up Victor Ilyukhin earns £32,070.

The final hand was a good old race with all the chips going in pre-flop. Carey had pocket tens to Ilyukhin's [K][J], neither player connected with the board and Carey's pocket pair held to give him the title.

A full list of the in the money finishers is below:

1st. Owain Carey, £44,550
2nd. Victor Ilyukhin, £32,070
3rd. Christos Kyprianou, £20,350
4th. Morten Klein, £15,350
5th. Gareth Teatum, £11,750
6th. Sergio Marti Aguilar, £8,940
7th. Vasile Stancu, £7,130.
8th. Jonathan Wong, £2,450

Congratulations to Carey and well played to all those who cashed. -- NW


Owain Carey - UKIPT5 London High Roller champion

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600-200

6:45pm: Bowl stopped play
Last time Jake Cody played an event in London his popular 'Play With Jake' competition earned James Raddon over £1,200. But, Cody's been unable to break out that particular competition today.

6:35pm: Three-way all-in madness
The PokerStars Blog arrived on the scene to see a three-way all-in progress between Joakim Sorensen (hijack), Richard Lord (cut-off) and Yucel 'Mad Turk' Eminoglu (button).

Sorensen had both players covered but Eminoglu only had around 10,000 to Lord's 40,000 so the side pot was bigger than the main pot. The hands were as follows:

Eminoglu: 9♦9♠
Lord: Q♠Q♦
Sorensen: A♥J♥

"Let me know when the nine comes," said Eminoglu to the player across the table from him and he didn't have to wait long as the flop fell K♦9♥A♣. The J♣ turn gave Sorensen outs to scoop the lot but the 2♣ river kept Eminoglu in front. He tripled up to around 30,000, Sorensen is up to 110,000 and Lord was left with nothing. "The best hand came last," said Eminoglu as he stacked his chips.

Jake Cody, who is at the same table was a keen observer of the hand and will be hoping to perform his own Lazarus like comeback as he's currently got just 12,700. -- NW

6:25pm: Not so Lucky Nguyen
The ever-rising blinds continue to encroach upon the players stacks, Meaty blinds and increasingly dwindling blind to stack ratio mean the players are being forced to fight tooth and nail fot the pots, and this is taking its toll.

The inaptly but appealingly-named Lucky Nguyen is the latest to succumb, leaving around 57 players remaining as we move through the antepenultimate level of the day. -- RS

6:20pm: Fewster's millions evaporate
Henry Fewster won't have enjoyed his short stay in the new environ greatly, as he has busted just 10 minutes or so into the move.

He was already showing a few signs of strain,bemoaning the superior conditions of an adjacent table, albeit with a smile on his face.

"Look at those guys, they have a chandelier, a beautiful view next to the window. Meanwhile we can barely see our cards!"

His torture was to be short-lived. Moving all-in with A♦Q♠, he was called by pocket jacks and failed to spike any required cards over the 8♥2♥7♣K♦3♠ board, leaving him off to better-lit pastures new. --RS

6:10pm: Carey still in charge
We're still heads-up in the High Roller and the two protagonists have just taken a break at the end of level 17.

When they return to blinds of 4,000/8,000 ante 1,000 Owain Carey will be playing a stack of 593,000 whilst Victor Ilyukhin has 387,000. -- NW

6pm: Exits
These players have all failed to make level 10: Daniel Rohrbasser, Jordan Bamford, Christopher Deacon, Charles Coates, Nicholas Galtos, Ricky Farbrother, Pablo Gordillo, Antonio German, John Eames, Rory Liffey, Kevin Parkes, Dost Mohammad Ghrabie, Ralph Baylor, Lee Atherton and Oliver Price.

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1_john_eames.jpg

John Eames

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200 ante 200

5:45pm: End of level 9
That's all for level 9 folks, meaning the players are once more relieved of poker duty for 15 minutes. They have also had their chips scooped off them, deposited into plastic bags ready to be re-assigned to the relevant player in their new venue - an adjoining room.

We'll be back shortly for level 10 at the new locale. See you then! -- RS

5:40pm: Roberts hit by ladies
Jamie Roberts has had a fruitful day, up over 60,000 following a very auspicious start, although he was relieved of a few of those by WIlliam Dunlop a few moments ago.

After Roberts had raised pre-flop, Dunlop made the call and check-called two barrels (the 2nd a chunky 6,500 on the turn) from Roberts over the 9♦6♥4♥K♦ board.

The A♠ river saw Roberts finally check to showdown pocket queens, only to get the bad news that Dunlop's flopped flush draw with K♥J♥ had connected on the turn.

A minor setback for Roberts then who drops to 58,000 whilst Dunlop is running good, could be the sole survivor, is doing it just for the kicks, [insert myriad shoe puns in this space] etc etc.

Well done is basically what we are saying. He has 50,000 or so as we speak. --RS

5:20pm: Heads-up in the High Roller
And then there were two...

We've just gone heads-up in the £3,000 High Roller here at The Hippodrome Casino and it's Owain Carey versus Victor Ilyukhin for the title. As play gets under way Carey has the lead with 543,000 to Ilykhin's 437,000. With blinds at 3,000/6,000 ante 1,000 it could take a while to determine the winner and who gets the first prize of £44,550 and who picks up the runners-up cheque of £32,070.


Heads-up play begins

What we do know is that Morten Klein finished fourth taking £15,350 and Christos Kyprianou was out in third earning a £20,350 payday. -- NW

5:10pm: Gone, gone, gone
There has been virtual slaughter at the felt, with the following all succumbing beneath the unrelenting waves of variance. No one is safe, as evidenced by the rise and fall of Soren Kongsgaard, riding high so recently, even he could not manage to make it through the day.

Well played and farewell brave folk.

Joel Ettedgi
Boutros Pierre Naim
Matas Cimbolas
Marc Church
Soren Kongsgaard
Matthew Frankland
Jareth East
Gary David Pearce

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1_mat_frnakland.jpg

Franky - did not have a fun time

David Gassian
Angelo Karunakaran
Matt Rickard
Iacopo Palla
Marios Andreas
Randolph Reese
Louise Duffy
Zahari Petrov.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 500-1,000-100

4:48pm: Field strength at 66%, cap'n
With just 90 players remaining of the adventurous 143 who arrived to contend the title in the first place, we have already schythed down 1/3 of the field as we approach the completion of the eighth level.

A quick look at a couple of interesting stacks from the tables sees John Eames with 37,000, Jake Cody continuing to struggle onward with 18,000 Gillingham winger Antonio German up to 25,000 and Dominic Wells, a recent UKIPT Series finalist, doing a good job with 67,000 total. -- RS

4:40pm: Chip leaders
As we approach the end of level eight these are the top dogs:

Adam Kossew, 145,000
Stuart Easton, 99,000
Stuart Green, 89,000
Jonas Christensen, 88,000
Christopher Nazer, 78,000
Alex Bounsall, 77,000
Miguel Riera Suarez, 69,300
Richard Steele, 67,000
Rhys Jones, 65,000

Blinds are about to go to 500/1,000 ante 100. -- NW

4:25pm: Oppong pinged out
Lawrence Bayley just dusted off Sidney Oppong, though he was somewhat fortunate to do so.

The hand involved some early confusion, Oppong quietly moving all-in for his shortstack before a blissfully ignorant Bayley tried to raise from the small blind and pick up the big blind's chips.

"Oh I didn't see you were all-in!" Bayley suddenly realised in shock. "I have to call now do I?"

The TD was called and confirmed that he did have to call the raise, which he did so with a laugh. "Well, I have 8-high, are you worried?" he joked with Oppong.

"In that case I have you dominated!" Oppong countered, pleased as punch to be facing a potential double up, holding K♠8♥ to Bayley's 8♦6♦.

He was even more cheered as the flop fell king high, though
his face dropped as he realised the K♦7♦7♣ board gave Bayley a flush draw.


The 5♥ on the turn was accompanied with "ooooooohs" from the table as Bayley picked up an open-ended straight draw to go with his flush draw.


Finally Oppong was put out of his misery - the 9♠ spiking on the river to send him to the rail.


Bayley could not have been more apologetic. "I'm so so sorry. I'm not a live player," he effused energetically as he picked up the chips, moving to 35,000.

Oppong took the beat with good grace, laughing as he left the arena. "Well you had enough outs," he bantered as he departed the felt. -- RS

4:10pm: The fallen
Not surprisingly there's been a increase in the volume of exits during level seven and the following players have all seen their Main Event hopes extinguished: Jonathan Clark, Ian Hastie, Sidney Oppong, Jimmy Kebe, Thomas Langley, Jen-Yue Chiang, Craig Sweden, Mark McShane, Steven Fatt Fai Ly, Daniel Tersigni, Luke Bindon, Daniel Gaina
, Timothy Dearing, Milcho Angelov, Dimitri Joubert and Neil McCulloch. -- NW

Blinds up: 400/800 ante 100

3:50pm: Down to four in the High Roller
Whilst the main event plays out on in the Matcham Room a hop skip and a jump away the final table of the £3,000 High Roller is playing to its conclusion.

When we last checked in there were eight players remaining and after a deal took £350 off the prizes for 1st-7th they were all in the money. Fast forward to now and Gareth Teatum has just been eliminated in fifth place and this is how it happened. He moved all-in from under-the-gun for 26,500 (5.3 big blinds), Victor Ilyukhin asked for a count before splashing in the call and Christos Kyprianou called from the big blind.

The two active players checked it all the way down on a 8♦9♦8♥[10c]4♦ board and Teatum announced 'ace-king' and showed A♦K♠, it was ahead of Ilyukhin's A♥6♣ but behind Kyprianou's K♥9♣ and he wished the table good luck as he left the table.

With blinds at 2,500/5,000 ante 500 the final four stack up like this:

Seat two: Morten Klein, 72,000
Seat three: Christos Kyprianou, 225,000
Seat six: Owain Carey, 450,000
Seat eight: Victor Ilyukhin, 180,000

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1_owain_carey.jpg

Carey still leads

Whilst the in the money finishers and what's still up for grabs is as below:

1st. £44,550
2nd. £32,070
3rd. £20,350
4th. £15,350
5th. Gareth Teatum, £11,750
6th. Sergio Marti Aguilar, £8,940
7th. Vasile Stancu, £7,130.
8th. Jonathan Wong, £2,450


Wong's hopes have gone up in smoke

3:40pm: Cody battles to recover poise
Jake Cody has been struggling to build a stack today, but he hasn't thrown in the towel yet, most recently picking up chips following an UTG raise from William Dunlop to 1,600, Cody shoved all-in for his 13,000 or so.

Dunlop laid his hand down and Cody moves up to 15,500. --RS

3:35pm: Halfway home
Half a dozen levels are in the can but the players have another six levels to negotiate if they wish to be back here on Saturday for Day 2.

Currently 115 of the 143 Day 1A entrants have chips and a chair but that number will decline sharply before play is done for the day. Blinds are now 300/600 ante 75 and the average stack is 31,086 so just over 50 big blinds. Action is back under way. -- NW

Ukipt5_london_main event_day1_cards.jpg

PokerStars Blog reporting team at UKIPT5 London: Nick Wright and Rod Stirzaker. Photos by Mickey May

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT