UKIPT5 Marbella Day 2: Level 15-18 updates (4,000/8,000 ante 1,000)

9:05pm: Day 2 is done
Day 2 of the UKIPT Marbella Main Event is in the books. A total of 61 players have advanced to Day 3 with Dario Carrion leading the way. A full wrap of the day's play is on the way and overnight chip counts and the Day 3 seat draw will follow later this evening when the tournament staff have worked their magic.

Day 3 starts at noon CET and will continue until a final table of eight is reached. --NW

9pm: Last three hands
The clock has been paused and players will play three more hands before they are done for the day. --NW

8:55pm: Dario Carrion up to almost a million
Dario Carrion appears to have taken the chip lead right near the end after eliminating Daniel Perkusic in a near 600,000 pot.

In a cut-off vs button battle Perkusic opened, Carrion three-bet, Perkusic four-bet, Carrion five-bet shoved with pocket eights and Perkusic called it off with ace-jack. A 2♣6♠5♣3♥Q♥ board means Carrion is busy stacking chips rights now. --NW

8:50pm: Out but happy
They say the only person who's ever happy at the end of a poker tournament is the winner but you try telling that to Daniel Coloma. The Spaniard just busted out in 64th place but was giving high fives, shaking hands and smiling as he left the table.

He got his final 70,000 in with A♣7♦ and was probably happy to be in a race against David Tovar's pocket fours. A K♣Q♣8♥5♠3♦ board meant Tovar's pair held up and he now has an average stack of 300,000. --NW

8:40pm: 300!
Action has slowed down in last 20 minutes, but with just 68 players remaining the average stack is 300,000. One player who has a lot more than that is Pablo Galache, he's up to 795,000. --NW

8:20pm: Leaders of the pack
These are the chip leaders as the final level of the night gets under way.

Name CountryStatusChips
Isidoro BarreñaSpain 895,000
Aleksandar AbtovicGermany 650,000
Dario CarrionSpainPokerStars Qualifier610,000
Jeffrey BrouwerNetherland 600,000
Steinar EddusonIceland 590,000
Daniel Sisa CuraSpain 575,000
Daniel PriceUK 550,000
Gardar Geir HaukssonIcelandPokerStars Qualifier540,000
Roi PereiraSpainPokerStars Qualifier480,000


Daniel Sissa

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 4,000-8,000, ante 1,000

8:10pm: Grafton stops the rot with a lucky double
Sam Grafton was cruising with an average stack before he ran queens into kings and fives into sixes to drop back. No bother though as he spiked a lucky double versus Andrei Vlassenko.

Grafton opened to 13,000 from the button before his Russian opponent three-bet to 29,000 from the small blind. Grafton quickly shoved for 81,100 and Vlassenko flicked in a calling chip.

Grafton: A♣J♦
Vlassenko: K♥K♦

The board ran A♠5♠Q♥4♥T♥. "Unlucky, sir, bad luck" said Grafton to Vlassenko. -- MC

8:05pm: No recovery for Atkin
PokerStars qualifier James Atkin never managed to recover after doubling up Richard Pearson. According to Pearson he moved all in with king-queen but ran into the big slick of Philipp Schimmerl. -- MC

8pm: Pearson doubles up again
Richard Pearson just talked Pascual Sanchez into calling his 19 big blind shove with a good old bit of speech wizardry.

He open shoved for 114,000 from early positon and it folded round to Sanchez in the big blind. He asked Pearson if he had a pair and the Brit said he did but that it was a low pair. "Sixes?" asked Sanchez. "Lower," replied Pearson. "I've got deuces here," he said pointing to his cards. After a bit more chat Sanchez pushed forward some chips to indicate a call and it was time for showdown:

Pearson: Q♦Q♠
Sanchez: 5♥5♦

Pearson had been economical with the truth but then who isn't at the poker table? The 9♣A♠Q♣A♥3♦ board meant Pearson doubled to around 240,000 whilst Sanchez slipped to around 300,000. --NW

7:50pm: Brit on Brit action
It took a long time to witness a James Atkin hand and when we did, he lost it by doubling up Richard Pearson.

The action folded around to Pearson in the small blind and he moved all in for his last 55,000. Atkin was in the big blind and made the call.

Pearson: 8♠8♦
Atkin: A♣T♠

The board ran K♠5♣Q♣4♥K♣. Atkin dropped to 55,000 himself after the loss. -- MC

7:45pm: Daniel Price, come on down
Earlier today Daniel Price had a massive chip lead but no one seemed to know too much about that. Our Spanish colleagues decided to put that right by nabbing him for an interview during a break in play.

7:35pm: One in, one out
After Dario Carrion opened to 12,000 from the hijack, David Suarez requested the all-in triangle and shoved for around 135,000 from the button. Action was on the small blind but as he was thinking Nikolay Baryshnikov went to move all-in from the big blind. When the small blind did fold Baryshnikov could move all-in for what amounted to 104,000 and Carriron folded his hand to take us to a heads-up showdown.

Baryshnikov: 9♦9♣
Suarez: A♣K♣

The board came Q♠2♥7♥8♥6♦ and Baryshnikov said: "Finally I win a flip!"

Over on another table Marcos Trastoy was all-in with pocket kings against the pocket fours of Daniel Sisa. The J♦9♥5♦4♥6♦ board favoured the big stack and Sisa is up to 400,000 as a result. -- NW

7:29pm: Payouts so far

PlaceNameCountryStatusPrize (€)
110Carsten JohGermany 1,775
111Tomas Domingo Caro BonillaSpain 1,775
112Pedro Calabuig GonzálezSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,775
113David UrbanSlovenia 1,775
114Eetu PorkkaFinlandPokerStars Player1,775
115Francisco Carrasco GómezSpain 1,775
116Fatima Moreira de MeloNetherlandTeam PokerStars SportStar1,775
117Sandro Alfonso TaddeiIreland 1,775
118Lander LijoSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,775
119Jaime Tomas EscarrerSpain 1,775
120Manuel Fuentes BenjumeaSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,695
121Gerardo Gomez BalcacerSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,695
122Johnny Kurcaba SoerensenDenmark 1,695
123Nicholas CrozerUKPokerStars Qualifier1,695
124Maciej GutPolandPokerStars Qualifier1,695
125David VedralAustriaPokerStars Qualifier1,695
126Alexander FergusonUKPokerStars Qualifier1,13
127Lukasz JankowskiPolandPokerStars Qualifier1,13
128Salvador Mosteiro CostoyaSpainEstrellas Private Access1,13

7:20pm: Frost and Moreira de Melo bust
Two of the better-known players left post bubble - Fatima Moreira de Melo and Lasse Frost - both busted from the same table.

The Team PokerStars SportStar was very happy she squeaked into the money and got her chips in with 9♠7♠ from the button after the action folded around to her. Mats Sjoblom waiting in the small blind with queens though and made a call to bust her.


Fatima Moreira De Melo - 116th

Frost was down to 29,000 when he raised 25,000 of them from second position. David Tovar was in the big blind and set Frost in for the rest. Call.

Frost: A♠9♣
Tovar: J♦T♦

The board ran A♥5♥A♦3♦Q♦ to send Frost off in a cruel run out. -- MC

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 3,000-6,000, ante 100

6:50pm: Break time
Everyone needs a breather after all that bubble excitement. Good job the last day break of the day has arrived then. -- MC

6:45pm: Let the spin up commence
Always quiet nice to squeeze into the money and then find aces the first hand after the bubble has burst, isn't that right Joe Hindry?

He was down to 33,000 when he three-bet all with A♦A♥ over an open from Michael Herbert. The latter called with Q♦J♥ and the board ran K♦5♦T♥Q♠6♠.

Hindy was a very happy camper after avoiding the river sweat. -- MC

6:33pm: Three into two does go as Tomas ends up as bubble boy
So, turns out the bubble bubble was the actual bubble. Got it? Good!

On the hand after Tomas bubbled three players busted on the same hand and as a result have chopped the prizes for the first two in the money places, so they each get €1,130 for a small profit!

Salvador Mosteiro, Lukasz Jankowski and Alex Ferguson were the three players who'd all thought they'd bubbled and indeed Ferguson's exit was quite spectacular. There was an open to 11,000 a three-bet to 28,000 from Andrei Vlassenko and Ferguson then moved all-in for 190,000 and action passed back to Vlassenko. He asked for a count and then began to mull over his decision. He had the covering stack, with about 300,000 total. He tanked for so long that the clock was called and it ticked down to his final ten seconds before he decided to call.

Ferguson: A♠K♣
Vlassenko: Q♦Q♠

The 2♣6♥6♦7♣2♦ board meant that Ferguson was eliminated, he saluted the table and began to wander off before he was called back by the tournament director. --NW


The happiest bubble boys you'll ever see

6:25pm: Bubble time in Marbella
We're now on the stone bubble as Rolf Tomas is the unfortunate 129th place finisher. He got his final 56,000 in with pocket kings but ran into pocket aces. --NW

6:20pm: Pereira goes back on promise
Roi Pereira and Alex Ferguson were in a blind on blind pot that got to the river with 100,000 in the middle when an interesting conversation broke out.

The board read T♦K♣Q♦8♣7♥ and Pereira led for 40,000. Ferguson asked his opponent if he'd show if he folded. Pereira agreed and Ferguson double checked that if he showed a king, Pereira would show. The Spaniard agreed once more but refused to shake hands on it.

Ferguson opened the K♦ as he folded and Pereira half went back on his work and just showed the 2♥ before raking in the pot. Ferguson wasn't impressed but could also see the funny side of it. -- MC

6:12pm: Yanguas ejected
Adrian Yanguas just busted in 130th place after failing to get there against Aleksandar Abtovic. After a raise to 12,000, Yanguas moved all-in for roughly 40,000 with A♣8♣, Abtovic smooth called with A♠K♥ and the original raiser folded. The 3♠J♣2♣ flop gave Yanguas a lot of outs, the 2♠ turn even more, but the K♠ river wasn't one of them.

129 left, 127 get paid. -- NW

6:08pm: De Melo shoves, survives
Down to just 46,500 Fatima Moreira de Melo shoved all-in from the hijack, one player tanked but ultimately everyone folded and she scooped some much needed blinds and antes. -- NW

6:06pm: Cortina runs well, one owner from new
Noel Cortina has eliminated another player and just 130 players remain now.

Andrei Vlassenko opened to 11,100 from early position before Bengt Eddeland moved in for 45,000 from the cutoff and Cortina did likewise for 96,600 from the button. Vlassenko asked for counts but ultimately folded after some thought.

Eddeland: A♠Q♦
Cortina: A♥A♦

The board ran T♦3♦7♥2♥6♠ to send the Swede home four off the money. -- MC

6pm: So close...
Hard lines to: Jose Alberto Auslander, Alain Goldberg, Ciancanelli Teresio, Diego Redondo, Magnus Karlsson, Francisco Javier Minguez, Victor Herrezuelo, Joaquin Delgado, James Mitchell, Pedro Inglés García, Dominic Mulhall, Christian Grundtvig, Francisco Carrasco and Manuel Cortada who are all out.

132 players remain, 127 get paid. -- NW

5:50pm: You might remember me form such UKIPT final tables as...
Katja Spillum Svendsen and Fatima Moreira de Melo have both made a final table on the UKIPT and they're now sat side by side, albeit separated by a dealer. It's Spillum Svendsen who's in better shape as she's got 190,000 to De Melo's 58,000. Should the Olympic gold medallist hang on to cash though it would represent her fifth UKIPT Main Event cash. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 2,500-5,000, ante 500

5:42pm: Grafton no Urban child
Sam Grafton found a good spot to double up although it wasn't without its risks.

The action folded around to David Urban in the small blind and he set Grafton (big blind) in for his last 5,800. Call.

Urban: A♦2♦
Grafton: A♠Q♣

The board ran J♣8♥9♣3♦A♣. Urban was left with 115,000. -- MC


Grafton is pretty damn Urban actually

5:40pm: Emergency avoided for Jiminez
Just 135 players remain but it should be 134 as Rodrigo Jimenez just got lucky to survive. He was all-in for just 27,000 with A♣9♠ and was in trouble against Lukasz Jankowski who held a dominating A♦K♥. The 7♥2♦9♥9♣9♦ board ruled decisively in Jiminez's favour as he runner-runner quads!

Still 135 left then. -- NW

5:30pm: Lots of chips in Iceland
Steinar Edduson looks to have taken the chip lead, the Icelander is sitting on a very healthy stack of 630,000. -- NW


Steinar Edduson

5:25pm: Sosa runs into them rockets
Jose Alberto Auslande fell just over ten players short of the money after he ran in to aces when making a move with pocket fives.
He was down to around 40,000 when he three-bet all in over the top of an 8,000 raise from Noel Cortina in the hijack. The board ran 6♥J♠6♠J♦T♣. -- MC

5:10pm: A stressful time
An orange, a toy train, a picture with your kids on it. All three have been used as a card protector but this tournament is the first time we've ever seen someone with a stress ball at the poker table. Paulos Patsis, a Greek PokerStars qualifier is constantly playing with one at the table and it appears to be stressing everyone else at the table out.

When action gets to him he bounces the ball numerous times before taking any action, He's got a decent stack of 230,000 so this seems to be about routine more than any actual stress he may be under as he's not short on chips. -- NW


Balling out of control

5pm: The not so secret seven
As the bubble approaches (141 left, 127 paid), these seven players (the only ones over 300k) will be looking to utilise the dynamics to add even more chips to their stacks:

Daniel PriceUK 460,000
Pablo GalacheSpain 430,000
Dario CarrionSpainPokerStars Qualifier380,000
Steinar EddusonIceland 367,000
Gabriel Barba GodinoSpain 355,000
Jose Antonio Benedi LahuertaSpainPokerStars Qualifier348,000
Gardar HaukssonIcelandPokerStars Qualifier340,000

4:50pm: Eight max
This tournament is now an eight-max affair. As a result the tournament floor staff are working their way around the room and removing a chair from each table. Will it speed up the action? Only time will tell. --NW

4:36pm: Busted before halftime
Players are back in their seats for the second half of today's play. The names below won't be joining them:

Ognyan Dimov, Josep María Galindo, Manuel Saavedra, Roberto Perez, Asier Urruzmendi, Andrzej Kozikowski, Alfonso Cara García, Isabelo Gómez, Sylvie Van Den Bergh, Oscar Martinez, Traian Nechiti, Dennie Sormani, Alejandro Rodríguez, Cesar Omar Pino, David Laka, Moises Pastor, Carlos Andres Duran, Jose Mellado, Simon Chamoun, Joan Fabregas, Tamu-Petri Kero, Jose Luis Calero, Mathias Maasberg, Juan Jose Sanchez, Sergio Roberto Bloeme, Alberto Salinas, Grzegorz Grochulski, Israel Lao, Antonio Battaglia, Juan Jose Ramos, David Suarez, Filipe Briga Claro, Patrice Brandt, Dheni Vodegel, Patrick Clarke, Joao Carlos Carreira Marcelino, Guillermo Sánchez, Jonathan Matthews, Patrik Mitzner, Gregorio Diez, Mark James, Dmitrii Pcheliakov, Khazret Nebezhev, Mario Perez, Leonid Sidelkovskiy, Ivan Macias, Pedro Monteiro, Bakazs Szalavics and Seun Oluwole. --MC


Oluwole - out

PokerStars Blog Reporting Team at UKIPT5 Marbella: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT