UKIPT5 Marbella Day 3: Level 23 -26 updates (25,000/50,000 ante 5,000)

9:15pm: Aleksandar Abutovic eliminated in 9th place (€11,200)
Play had ended for the day and the official final table has been reached after the elimination of Aleksandar Abutovic in eighth place.

David Vedral opened to 100,000 and then shrug-called after Abutovic three-bet all in for 430,000.

Abutovic: K♣Q♣
Vedral: A♠4♠

The board ran 2♠8♠4♣A♣A♦ to make Vedral a full house.


Aleksander Abtovic - 9th place

Full counts and a wrap of the day's play will be up on the blog shortly. Cards for the final table will be in the air at Midday CET tomorrow. -- MC

9:03pm: Rosales doubles through Latorre
The first signs of a blip for monster chip leader Jose Angel Latorre. He flopped top pair, top kicker but it wasn't good enough to avoid doubling up Rodrigo Rosales.

He opened to 110,00 from mid position and was called by Rosales (hijack) and Jeffrey Brouwer (big blind) en route to a J♥Q♠2♠ flop.

Latorre continued for 200,000 before Rosales raised to 700,000. Brouwer folded but Latorre shoved and Rosales called all in for 1,390,000.

Latorre: A♥Q♥
Rosales: Q♣J♣

The board ran out 3♣3♥ and Rosales was understandably over-joyed. -- MC

8:47pm: The unofficial final table of nine
Here's the final seat draw of the Main Event:

SeatNameCountry Status
1Dario CarrionSpainPokerStars Qualifier
2Jose Angel LatorreSpainPokerStars Player
3Rodrigo RosalesSpainPokerStars Qualifier
4Sam GraftonUKPokerStars Qualifier
5Isidoro BarreñaSpain 
6David VedralAustriaPokerStars Qualifier
7Jeffrey BrouwerNetherlands 
8Juan Bautista Spain 
9Aleksandar AbutovicGermany

8:35pm: Rembert Net eliminated in 10th place (€9,250)
The unofficial final table at UKIPT5 Marbella is set and it's Rembert Net who's the 10th place finisher. After Rodrigo Rosales opened to 225,000, Net moved all-in for 400,000 with A♦J♠ and Rosales called the extra with pocket nines.

The J♦9♠8♦2♥7♠ hit both players, but it hit Rosales harder and they'll now be a redraw of the final nine players. -- NW


Net - tenth

8:26pm: Victor Gimenez De-Houting eliminated in 11th place (€9,250)
It's the Jose Angel Latorre show on table number two right now after he eliminated another player to move close to seven million.

He raised to 105,000 from the button and called after Victor Gimenez De-Houting three-bet all in for 415,000 from the small blind.

Gimenez De-Houting: Q♣J♠
Latorre: A♥4♥

Latoree fell behind on the Q♥4♣3♣ flop but continued to run pure as the board ran out 7♥3♥ to make him a flush. -- MC


Victor Gimenez De-Houting - 11th

Blinds up: 25,000/50,000, ante 5,000

8:15pm: Crucial double up for Abutovic
Aleksandar Abutovic just got a double up in one of those funny hands where a human error led to the hand playing out far differently than it otherwise would.

Juan Bautista was the first to enter the pot and he meant to raise but instead of throwing out four T25,000 chips he threw out four T5,000 chips and so his bet went as a call. This meant Abutovic followed suit, that Dario Carrion completed from the small blind and that Sam Grafton checked his option in the big blind.

So the four of them saw a A♦4♠A♥ flop, no takes though and the K♥ rolled off on the turn. It checked to Abutovic, who was on the button, he moved all-in for 300,000 and after it folded back to him Bautista made the call.

Abutovic: K♦T♠
Bautista: K♣8♦

They both hand two pair so there were plenty of chop outs, but the 5♦ meant Abutovic held onto the lead and doubled to around 800,000. --NW

8:05pm: Andreas Schillinger eliminated in 12th place (€ 8,280)
And the rich get richer...

It folded to Jose Angel Latorre on the button and after eyeing up the stacks of the players in the blinds he put out enough to cover either stack (about 500,000). Victor Gimenez De-Houting passed from the small blind but Andreas Schillinger decided to commit his chips.

It looked a shrewd move when he showed A♣6♣, which was dominating Latorre's K♥6♥, but the Q♦3♣K♠8♥K♦ board favoured Latorre and he's now up to around 6,200,000 and closing in on a third of the chips in play. --NW


Andreas Schillinger

7:55pm: Jose Angel Latorre increases his chip lead
No one can stop Jose Angel Latorre at the moment and the Spaniard is up to 5,600,000 after winning a big pot against Rodrigo Rosales.

He opened to 90,000, Andreas Schillinger flat called from the small blind and the dealer went to fan a flop only for Rosales to stop him as he was still to act. He raised it up to 270,000 and Latorre was the only caller.

Rosales fired bets of 280,000 and 425,000 on the flop and turn before giving up on the river of a 4♦4♥6♥5♦3♥ board. He showed A♦Q♥ but Latorre had pocket eights and he took the pot. Our Spanish colleagues tell us that Latorre is a very well known player, they informed us that he's a Supernova Elite and earned over 3,000,000 VPPs last year playing high stakes sit and gos under the screename 'Cejakas14'. -- NW

7:45pm: Javier Mateos eliminated in 13th place (€8,280)
Javier Mateos looked down at a queen in the big blind and decided it was good enough to go with. Chip leader - Jose Angel Latorre - had set him in from the big blind.

Latorre opened J♦T♠ so Matoes knew he was ahead. He rubbed the second card on the table in hope of it being a big one but it was the 3♠ to go with the Q♣. The board ran a Latorre flavoured J♣2♠8♦2♣2♥.

Latoree moved back over the four-million mark with 4.2 million. -- MC


Javier Mateos - 13th place

7:30pm: Jonathan Cantle eliminated in 14th place (€ 7,470)
Sam Grafton is the only British player left in the field after Jonathan Cantle was eliminated in 14th place.

He was in the big blind and three-bet all in for 875,000 after Juan Bautista had raised to 150,000 from early position. Call.

Cantle: A♠7♣
Bautista: A♦K♠

The board ran Q♥8♥3♣5♥5♣ to send Cantle on his way. -- MC


Jonathan Cantle - 14th

7:15pm: Chip counts!
As level 25 gets under way Jose Angel Latorre and Dario Carrion are beginning to pull away from the chasing pack whilst at the other end of the scale Javier Mateos, Sam Grafton and Aleksandar Abutovic fufind themselves in sub 20 big blind territory. --NW


Top of the chip charts, Jose Angel Lattore

Jose Angel LatorreSpainPokerStars Player3,500,000
Dario CarrionSpainPokerStars Qualifier3,300,000
Rodrigo RosalesSpainPokerStars Qualifier2,650,000
David VedralAustriaPokerStars Qualifier2,100,000
Juan Bautista Spain 1,600,000
Jeffrey BrouwerNetherlands 1,200,000
Andreas SchillingerGermany 1,000,000
Victor Gimenez De-HoutingSpainPokerStars Qualifier900,000
Isidoro BarreñaSpain 900,000
Rembert NetMalta 900,000
Jonathan CantleUK 850,000
Aleksandar AbutovicGermany 650,000
Sam GraftonUKPokerStars Qualifier550,000
Javier Mateos Spain 500,000

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 20,000-40,000, 5,000 ante

6:55pm: Barreña doubles through chip leader
Jose Angel Latorre has dropped back a little to 4.1 million after he doubled Isidoro Barreña.

He raised to 65,000 and was called by Rodrigo Rosales and Barreña in the blinds en route to an 8♦3♠4♠ flop. Latorre continued for 75,000 and called after Barreña shoved for 409. Rosales folded in between.

Latorre: J♠8♠ for top pair and flush draw.
Barreña: 9♥9♠ for an over pair.

The board ran out 3♦7♥. -- MC

6:45pm: Bautista hits the Bullseye
Juan Bautista has to see a man in Valencia about a bull. He bought a bull for €9,000 earlier this week and has been constantly checking his phone as he needs to get there. But, it'll have to wait for now as he just doubled up through Dario Carrion to continue his deep run in this tournament.

All the chips went in pre-flop, Bautista opened to 65,000, Carrion raised it up to 175,000, Bautista shoved for 454,000 and Carrion called it off.

Bautista: A♣A♥
Carrion: J♣J♥

The 6♣9♦T♣3♦A♦ board secured a double up for the grey haired Spaniard whilst Carrion dropped to 2,700,000. --NW

6:35pm: Mateo Sempere eliminated in 15th place (€ 7,470)
The Spanish player had been short for sometime and on the hand prior to his exit hand he'd called a min-raise in a three-way pot from a stack of just five big blinds before folding post flop.

So, after Isidoro Barreña opened to 60,000 he didn't have to call much more as Sempere's shove totalled just 83,000. He was all-in and at risk with Q♣9♥ and up against Barreña's A♦5♣. It was all but over after the 2♦A♠3♥ flop and neither the J♦ turn or T♣ turn helped him.

14 players left. --NW

6:22pm: Double up for Brouwer
The action to the turn is unknown but there was already a sizeable chunk of chips in the pot by the time
Jeffrey Brouwer bet 112,000. The board was 5♥J♣6♦A♣ and Brouwer's lone opponent - Victor Gimenez De-Houting - took his time before eventually making the call.

The A♦ completed the board Gimenez De-Houting again checked and Brouwer didn't take too long to move all-in for 420,000 total. After getting a count Gimenez De-Houting cut out the calling chips from his stack, put them in one tower and then began to think. After a few minutes in the tank he pushed them forward over the betting line to indicate a call. Quick as a flash Brouwer showed A♥Q♥ which was good as Gimenez De-Houting had made the call with J♥T♥.

After that hand Brouwer climbs to 1,225,000 whilst Gimenez De-Houting drops to 800,000. --NW

6:17pm:Dawid Grabinski eliminated in 16h place (€ 6,660)
Dawid Grabinski had been in shoving mode for a while and it finally caught up with him. He found a caller and was in bad shape.

His last 290,000 went in from the button with 8♥7♣ and Rodrigo Rosales shoved from the next seat with T♣T♠. The board ran K♥5♠5♥2♦7♦. -- MC


Dawid Grabinski -16th

6:10pm: Final two tables

David VedralAustriaPokerStars Qualifier2,550,00011
Jonathan CantleUK 1,130,00012
Victor Gimenez De-HoutingSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,800,00013
Juan Bautista Spain 470,00014
Aleksandar AbutovicGermany 875,00015
Dario CarrionSpainPokerStars Qualifier3,700,00016
Sam GraftonUKPokerStars Qualifier760,00017
Jeffrey BrouwerNetherlands 700,00018
Dawid GrabinskiSweden 230,00021
Rodrigo RosalesSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,300,00022
Isidoro BarreñaSpain 571,00023
Rembert NetMalta 1,230,00024
Jose Angel LatorreSpainPokerStars Player4,300,00025
Javier Mateos Spain 940,00026
Mateo SempereSpain 150,00027
Andreas SchillingerGermany 860,00028

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 15,000/30,000, ante 4,000

5:55pm: Franklin out, down to 16
With the exit of Scott Franklin in 17th place this tournament is down to the final two tables. After a raise to 50,000 from Jose Angel Latorre, there was a three-bet to 137,000 from Rodrigo Rosales and Franklin then shoved for 250,000 total.

There was a quick fold from Latorre and Rosales got a count before making the call with A♠6♦ which was ahead of Franklin's Q♣J♦. The 9♥2♠4♥6♥7♠ board kept Rosales in front and they'll now be a short break as there's a complete redraw for the final 16. --NW

5:50pm: "I'm getting too old for this"
So said Sam Grafton, the Englishman is at the centre of all the action at the moment. Just minutes after he doubled up Andreas Schillinger it was Grafton's turn to get a double and again it was David Vedral that he doubled through.

The Austrian opened to 50,000 from the cutoff and after some consideration Grafton smotth called from the big blind.

On the Q♣7♣4♦ flop Vedral bet 65,000, Grafton check-raised to 151,000, Vedral moved all-in and Grafton called all-in for 526,000 total.

Grafton: Q♠J♣
Vedral: K♣3♣

The J♦ turn gave Grafton two pair and he dodged the flush on the 8♦ river. But, he didn't hang onto those chips for long. A couple of hands later Isidoro Barreña opened to 52,000 from the button, Grafton moved all-in from the small blind only for Schillinger to move all-in behind him for 435,000 total.

After some thought Barreña folded, Grafton opened 2♥2♠ and was racing against Schillinger's A♥9♥. It wasn't a race for long though as the 5♠A♣5♥9♦9♠ board doubled up the German. After that hand Grafton is back down to 800,000. --NW


Maybe I should learn limit hold'em?

5:40pm: Three more double ups!
The Main Event has stuck at 17 players remaining after three more double ups.

Juan Bautista was the first to get his chips in, all 176,000 of them from the button, and he was called by Dawid Grabinski in the big blind with A♦T♦. Bautista opened K♣Q♠ and got there on the 7♦4♦7♦K♥T♠ boards, despite blowing air through his lips upon sight of the flop. Grabinski dropped to 280,000.

The next double up was a big one for Victor Gimenez De-Houting. He raised to 110,000 after two players had limped in before him. Jeffrey Brouwer was in the small blind and three-bet to 258,000 and called when De-Houting shoved for 896,000.

De-Houting: A♦K♣
Brouwer: 9♥9♦

The board ran 8♣K♠7♣Q♦6♣. Brouwer dropped to 940,000.

The third double up was a strange one. Sam Grafton completed from the small blind and Andreas Schillinger checked his option. The board ran out 4♠5♠2♣6♣Q♠ with no chips venturing forward until the river. There, Grafton over-bet the pot to the tune of 120,000 before Schillinger quickly shoved for 538,000.

Grafton smiled and said, "How much is that?" He continued with, "I got a straight, any good?"

He though for another coupe of minutes and then called with J♥3♦ for a straight but it was crushed by Schillinger's A♠7♠ for a flush. Grafton dropped back to 540,000. -- MC

5:20pm: Sempere's turn to double
Mateo Sempere was the short stack of the remaining players and it didn't take him long to get his chips in the middle. He three-bet all-in for just 130,000 (just over five big blinds) and Jeffrey Brouwer, who had already raised to 65,000, quickly called the extra.

Brouwer: A♠9♠
Sempere: A♣5♥

The 4♦2♣T♣5♣Q♣ board favoured the short stack and Sempere celebrated his victory. He's still short on chips but has a little but more breathing room. --NW


Sempere's all smiles after doubling up

5:15pm: Sam Grafton doubles through David Vedral
After David Vedral opened to 50,000 the action folded to Sam Grafton and he moved all-in. When it passed back round to Vedral he requested a rough count - Grafton had about 500,000 - and then made the call.

Vedral: A♦Q♦
Grafton: 8♣8♦

The board stayed low - 2♦4♥9♠7♣3♠ to be precise - and Grafton, who was all-in for 555,000 doubled to over 1,100,000 whilst Vedral slipped to 2,300,000. -- NW

5:05pm: Benedi busted by Carrion
Jose Antonio Benedi picked the wrong time to four-bet shove with A♠J♦ as he ran into the pocket rockets of Dario Carrion. The 9♦7♦Q♠6♣J♥ board didn't even give him a sweat. He's out in 18th for € 5,850 whilst Carrion continues to climb the chip counts, he's now second in chips. -- NW

5pm: Chips ahoy!

Jose Angel LatorreSpainPokerStars Player3,000,000
David VedralAustriaPokerStars Qualifier2,380,000
Dario CarrionSpainPokerStars Qualifier2,000,000
Jeffrey BrouwerNetherlands 1,850,000
Jonathan CantleUK 1,250,000
Aleksandar AbutovicGermany 1,240,000
Victor Gimenez De-HoutingSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,100,000
Rodrigo RosalesSpainPokerStars Qualifier1,000,000
Rembert NetMalta 950,000
Javier Mateos Spain 830,000
Andreas SchillingerGermany 720,000
Jose Antonio BenediSpainPokerStars Qualifier680,000
Scott FranklinUK 630,000
Dawid GrabinskiSweden 625,000
Isidoro BarreñaSpain 510,000
Sam GraftonUKPokerStars Qualifier500,000
Fabien PariselFrancePokerStars Player350,000
Juan Bautista Spain 306,000
Mateo SempereSpain 190,000

4:50pm: Four levels down, 19 remain
That's four levels in the books and the 61 starters have already been whittled down to 19 players. They redrew at 24 and it won't be long before they redraw again, at 16 players. Full break time chip counts will appear on the blog shortly.


Marbella commodity

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