UKIPT5 Series 2 London: Day 1A Levels 9-12(Blinds 1000/2000/300)

8:40pm: Day 1A is a wrap - Jerome O'Shea is day 1A chip leader
Just like that we have finished level 12 and Day 1A is in the bag!

Chips are just being tallied, and it's been confirmed that Jerome O'Shea's 181,700 stack is heading the 30-strong pack of enthusiastic poker players.

Lurking just behind him is the UK's Otto Castle with a grand stack of 161,900. These two are some way clear of the rest of the field.

To view the full counts from the end of the day, click here.

For now though, thanks for following what has been a fun day of poker. 12 super brisk levels saw some compelling, fast-paced poker play out as the field was whittled down from a fulsome 119 strong down to just over 30 remaining.

Tomorrow we'll rinse and repeat - the 2:00pm start gives players every chance to turn up fully refreshed and invigorated as a new slew of hopefuls takes to the felt.

We anticipate an exciting day's poker and hope you'll follow our coverage of all the thrills and spills of this UKIPT Series event. For now though it's good night and bonsoir to one and all.


Jerome O'Shea - the man of the day

8:25pm: Olmo-st there
As we approach the end of the night Olmo Sanchini has won a big pot, getting his chips in with A-J and running into not one but two players holding king-queen.

A raggy board saw him triple through to 90,000+ with an effusive Italian fistpump/scream to punctuate his success, whilst Stephen Lennon was one of those who was pipped and outkicked, and ultimately kicked out.


Boom! Justice! One Time!

20:10pm: Gone-zo

So long, farewell, auf wiedersehen, adieu to the following, who have all succumbed before the end of the day.

Adrian Smith, Dominic Wells, Robert Crawford, Terry Pedro, Robert Crawford, Mark Bishop and Ion Lucian Daniel.


Shaun Montana, unlike the above, has yet to be smoked

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000-300

20:07pm: Bento Boxed
Fernando Bento was looking elimination full in the face when he made a move to chip up on a 9♣4♣4♠ board with T♦J♦.

When he was called by Lifan Shen, holding a flush draw with T♣7♣, he was in surprisingly reasonable shape, his jack-high the best hand - temporarily at least.

Unfortunately for Bento it was indeed temporary as the 7♠ arrived on the turn and his slim gutshot/overcard redraw failed to roll in.

Good game Bento Shen rises to 65,000.

7:45pm: Koumis gunned down by bullets
James Barnaby Koumis, better known as Barney, just made his last stand. Jonathan Rozema was the man to take him out of the action - reshoving over Koumis' initial 20,000 ish shove for his 26,000 stack.
Koumis turned up with A♠9♥ but had scant hope when Rozema revealed bullets in the hole.

The board of K♠K♠K♥ left Koumis praying for a one out king for a chop - never a happy situation.

It failed to materialise as the board bricked and Koumis bows out, whilst Rozema takes a jump up the chip rankings to 50,000 or so.


Barney like his namesake dinosaur is now extinct, though not purple

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600-200

7:25pm: Crushed in the mill of variance
These players are like pieces of wheat running through a mill. Some are seeing their stacks turned into flour, some yeasty poker savvy and run-good fluid added, salted with experience and a spoonful of sweet sugar luck before being baked in the cauldron of the tournament arena- the perfect recipe for fresh bread.

Others however are merely discarded chaff - footnotes along the way to crown the eventual winner.

Sad for them - here are the latest men who may be loafing around in a different way come the end of the day:
Stefanos Moysidis, Joseph Townsend, Paulo Carlos Ribeiro Jorge, David Wellings, Youssef Darwich, Tomas Taranovas, Yusuf Heptullabhai, Neil Van Der Merwe, Christopher Gordon, Frederic Gautrin, Ales Ruzicka, Lok Yin Justin Tsui and Teoh Wui Hieng.

7:10pm: Palpable tension
There has been a significant decrease in the jocularity levels over the last level. What started out as a slight longshot of tournament glory has been transformed through ten levels of grinding into a real palpable possibility.
Nearly everyone has their poker face on now, the stakes are serious, and everyone knows it.

There are some fierce exchanges going on at the tables right now from acerbic staredowns to disgusted mucks.

The tournament is a tinderbox, any moment a random spark could ignite a furnace.

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 600-1,200-200

7:05pm: Chip Leaders
Here are the players leading the tournament as we speak. It's been a good day so far, can they maintain their impressive standing as we move through the final stages?

105000 Stuart Snowden
105000 Otto Castle
95000 Erik El Annaoui
83000 Wilson Chan
78000 Lifan Shen
78000 James Mitchell
75000 Brett Noades
70000 Nicholas Craxton


James Mitchell contesting the chip lead

6:50pm: Mo' Levels, Mo Bustouts
Every cloud has a silver lining they say. The following players have seen their dreams of UKIPT Series glory implode however it is Friday night in the heart of London.

Great food, wonderful shows and plentiful alcohol and fun awaits you out there in the non-poker world. Enjoy!

Richard Codd, William Fasano, Karl Parrish, David Zermon, Adam Kossew, Qiuyu Huang, Karolis Masaitis, James Manlove and Youssef Darwich

6:40pm: Back for the final run-in
Well, well, well. Eight levels into the day just 71 remain from the initial 119 players.

This number will be eaten into yet further over the coming four levels. It's been aggressive, uncompromising poker throughout and there are more twist and turns to come, for sure.

Hold tight as we enter the final furlong.


Qiuyu Huang one of today's many fallers

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PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT5 Series 2:

Rod Stirzaker. Photos courtesy of Mickey May.

Rod Stirzaker
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