UKIPT5 Dublin Final Table: Level 27 -33 updates (125,000 - 250,000, ante 25,000)


9:45pm: So long Season 5, hello Season 6
Level 33 - Blinds 125,000/250,000 (25,000 ante)

I hope you've enjoyed our coverage of Season 5 of the UKIPT, which started all the way back in January 2015. There's not long to wait for Season 6 as it kicks of in London in April. The first event of Season 6 takes place at PokerStars LIVE! at The Hippodrome Casino between April 5th-10th. The Main Event is a £770 buy-in, but satellites from just £1.10 will start running on PokerStars this Thursday.

We'll be announcing more details about Season 6 so keep an eye on the UKIPT Website and @UKIPT on Twitter for details of that.

A full recap of the final table will be posted shortly, thanks again from everyone at PokerStars for following our coverage of the UKIPT.

9:35pm: Vladas Tamasauskas wins UKIPT5 Dublin and €176,900; Dave Pollock second (€107,010)
Level 33 - Blinds 125,000/250,000 (25,000 ante)

It's all over and Vladas Tamasauskas is the UKIPT5 Dublin champion. On the final hand the 21-year-old raised to 550,000 with T♥5♦ and Dave Pollock flat called with A♠4♣. The Lithuanian made trips on the 9♠5♠5♣ flop, Pollock checked, Tamasauskas bet 500,000 and Pollock check-raised all-in for 5,500,000. Tamasauskas snap called!

The 8♣ turn meant Pollock was drawing dead and the meaningless 2♠ completed the board.


Vladas Tamasauskas - the final UKIPT champion of Season 5

9:25pm: Pollock gets Tamasauskas off the best hand again
Level 33 - Blinds 125,000/250,000 (25,000 ante)

Yet again Dave Pollock has run a bluff that has got Vladas Tamasauskas to lay down the best hand. The Lithuanian found a big hand on the button and raised it up with Q♦Q♣ and Pollock decided to defend with 9♣3♥.

On the 3♠A♣8♥ flop Tamasauskas bet 400,000, Pollock check-raised to 1,000,000 total and Tamasauskas smooth called.

On the T♣ turn Pollock continued selling the story that he was strong, he bet another million leaving himself 2,200,000 back. If he was selling then Tamasuaskas was buying as he let his hand go.

Vladas Tamasauskas, 18,475,000
David Pollock, 6,350,000

9:18pm: Pollock back in the danger zone
Level 33 - Blinds 125,000/250,000 (25,000 ante)

After losing a couple of pots and the blinds having gone up, Dave Pollock is down to 19 big blinds.

9:13pm: Level up
Level 33 - Blinds 125,000/250,000 (25,000 ante)

9:12pm: Pollock up to 6.5M
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Fair play to Dave Pollock he raised with junk and had the stones to bet like he had it. He opened to 625,000 with 8♣3♦ and Vladas Tamasauskas smooth called with K♥8♦.

On the A♣K♠5♠ flop Pollock continue for 500,000 and Tamasauskas stuck around. The 9♠ turn checked through and a fourth spade - the 2♠ - completed the board. The Lithuanian checked and Pollock moved all-in for 3,675,000. It was an overbet as the total pot was now 5,975,000.

Tamasauskas went deep into the take and thought for three and a half minutes before folding. It's now 94 big blinds for him and 29 big blinds for Pollock.

9:05pm: Pollock on the up
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Dave Pollock has clawed some back and is up to 5,280,000. He's still some way behind Vladas Tamasauskas who has 19,700,000. The blinds are going up in about five minutes though.

9:02pm: Frozen kidney chips in play
Twenty-five million (in value) chips can take up a lot of room on a poker table so the 500,000 value chips have been introduced. "Graphical" Nick from EPTLive has named them "Frozen Kidney."

8:57pm: No big clashes yet
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

It's as you were in this heads up battle. No major chip movement yet as the players are taking the opportunity to size each other up. We've seen one three-bet shove from Dave Pollock but it went uncalled.

8:47pm: Play resumes
One thousand players have busted and just two remain. They're back in their seats and continuing level 32. Can Dave Pollock amount an amazing comeback? Stay tuned to find out.

7:28pm: Dinner break
The remaining two players are taking a 75-minute dinner before coming back and playing for the trophy. Here's how they stack up:

Vladas Tamasauskas, 21,425,000
Dave Pollock, 3,580,000

7:25pm: Mark Reilly eliminated in third place (€75,230)
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)


Reilly - third place

Aces cracked have taken us to heads-up here in Dublin and Mark Reilly won't forget this hand in a while.

Vladas Tamasauskas limped from the button with J♦T♥ and called when Mark Reilly three-bet to 575,000 with A♥A♦. The J♣T♣7♦ flop meant Tamasauskas took the lead. "He's never getting away from this," said James Hartigan in the booth and he'd been proved right.

Reilly actually checked, Tamasauskas bet 550,000, Reilly check-raised, Tamasauskas set the Irishman in and Reilly called off the extra.

He had outs and picked up some more on the Q♦ turn, the T♠ river gave Tamasauskas a full house and eliminated Mark Reilly in third.

7:18pm: Dave Pollock doubles through Vladas Tamasauskas
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Dave Pollock was down to just over 10 big blinds when he took a stand with 7♦7♣. He shoved from the small blind and Vladas Tamasauskas looked down at A♠K♥ and made the call to put Pollock at risk.

The 6♣6♥J♣3♥2♥ board kept the Irishman in front and he doubled to 4,205,000.

7:12pm: Chip counts
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Vladas Tamasauskas has a huge chip lead now. This is how the final three stack up:

Vladas Tamasauskas, 17,645,000 (88 big blinds)
Mark Reilly, 4,615,000 (23 big blinds)
Dave Pollock, 2,565,000 (12 big blinds)

7:10pm: Adalsteinn Karlsson eliminated in fourth place (€56,470)
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Adalsteinn Karlsson started the day as chip leader but has failed to end it that way after he busted in fourth place.

The action folded around to the 2015 Icelandic Poker Champion and he moved all in for his final 1,070,000 with Q♥8♦. Vladas Tamasauskas looked down at 8♥8♠ and snap called.


Karlsson - third place

Karlsson was in terrible shape but the Q♠7♠6♣ flipped the odds on their heads. Tamasauskas knew an eight was unlikely but not impossible and so it proved as the turn fell as the 8♣ to see him retake the lead with a set. Karlson needed a queen but the 5♠ came on the river and Tamasauskas' lead grew even further.

7pm: Tamasauskas stretches his chip lead
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Dave Pollock is taking a battering at the hands of Vladas Tamasauskas and the Lithuanian now has over 60% of the chips in play.

Tamasauskas opened to 480,000 from under-the-gun with A♥3♠ and Pollock defended from the big blind with A♦7♣.

The 8♦3♥9♠ flop was checked through and although the A♠ looked like a good card for Pollock we knew it was one of the worst in the deck for the Irishman. He check-called a bet of 475,000 from Tamasauskas and the 3♦ completed the board.

Pollock checked again and Tamasauskas bet 1,480,000 - about two thirds of the pot - and Pollock went into the tank. "Am I giving you more free chips?" he wondered out loud. He thought long and hard but ultimately couldn't get away from it and made the call.

Vladas Tamasauskas, 15,350,000
Dave Pollock, 3,290,000

7:02pm: Pollock gets the bluff through
Level 32 - Blinds 100,000/200,000 (25,000 ante)

Dave Pollock has stopped the rot by taking a couple of pots. In a hand against Mark Reilly, he opened to 425,000 from under-the-gun with 2♣2♥ and Reilly called with 7♠3♠. He flopped best as the first three community cards were: T♥3♦5♣.

Pollock c-bet 425,000 and Reilly called. The turn was the K♠ but it didn't slow Pollock down, he bet 625,000 and got Reilly off the best hand.

6:49pm: Huge pot for Tamasauskas
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)

We have fireworks! With the amount of big hands we've seen today it was a matter of when, and not if, this pot was going to happen.

On the button Tamasauskas looked down at two red aces and opened to 340,000, Mark Reilly then three-bet to 1,000,000 straight with K♣J♥ and Dave Pollock then cold four-bet to 2,200,000.

That's because the Irishman had a real hand, A♠Q♥ to be precise. Now back on Tamasauskas he took some time before moving all-in for 6,020,000 total. Reilly swiftly folded and now Pollock asked for a count. When he learnt how much it was he let out a couple of profanities and said: "I'm probably going to have to call this."


Defining hand for Tamasauskas?

He took some more time, and then decided to call. We had a huge 13,120,000 chip pot on our hands here and the 6♥6♣Q♠ flop gave Pollock some additional outs. The 8♠ turn and 3♦ river kept Tamasauskas in front and we might just have seen the defining pot of this tournament.

Pollock was understandably a little flustered after that hand and after playing one more hand he decided to take a self-imposed break and nip outside for a cigarette.

Vladas Tamasauskas, 13,120,000
Dave Pollock, 4,520,000

6:40pm: Raise-fold from Karlsson
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)

Despite being in the danger zone with just 12 big blinds, Adalsteinn Karlsson just manged to raise-fold a hand. He raised to 355,000 on the button with 6♠5♠ but released his hand when Vladas Tamasauskas re-raised to 780,000.

6:26pm: Reilly up to second
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)

Mark Reilly just won a blind on blind pot against Vladas Tamasauskas to climb to second in the chip counts. Pre-flop it was Tamasauskas who was the aggressor, he raised it to 480,000 from the small blind with J♦2♣ and Reilly defended with A♣9♣.

Tamasauskas flopped best on the J♣K♥3♦ flop but gave up the betting lead, Reilly fired out 525,000 and Tamasauskas smooth called.

The A♥ turn put Reilly in the lead but both players checked and the 8♣ completed the board. Having called with the best hand, Tamasauskas now led with the worst hand, he bet 840,000 and Reilly got a count before calling.

That pot has seen Reilly and Tamasauskas trade positions in the chip counts, with Reilly now up to second.

Mark Reilly, 7,270,000
Vladas Tamasauskas, 6,410,000

6:19pm: Pollock pulls off a big bluff
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)

Wow! Dave Pollock just pulled off a stone bluff and got it through.

Vladas Tamasauskas opened from under-the-gun with 9♣8♦, Pollock called from the small blind with 5♠3♠ and Karlsson flat called with Q♥T♣ from the big blind.

There was something for everyone - apart from Pollock - on the K♠T♦9♥ flop. It checked through to the 4♣ turn, Pollock checked, Karlsson bet 500,000, Tamasauskas folded and Pollock then check-raised to 1,225,000 total. "What is going on?" wondered Joe Stapleton. "To be fair he's picked a good time to do it as Karlsson's got a hand he can fold," and fold he did! Pot to Pollock.

Dave Pollock, 9,310,000
Vladas Tamasauskas, 8,455,000
Mark Reilly, 5,385,000
Adalsteinn Karlsson, 1,675,000

6:08pm: Somehow the pot stays small
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)

We're not sure how this pot didn't inflate to a bigger size but kudos to Mark Reilly for making a disciplined call and then a disciplined fold.

Vladas Tamasauskas raised to 340,000 from under-the-gun with A♠K♣ and Reilly looked down at A♥Q♠ on the button. A lot of players would automatically three-bet here but Reilly just smooth called and that bought Adalsteinn Karlsson in from the big blind with A♦6♠.

On the 7♠5♣J♠ flop Tamasauskas c-bet and both players folded.

6pm: Pollock takes the chip lead
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)

A couple of hits to the stack of Vladas Tamasauskas has seen Dave Pollock take a slender chip lead.

After the Lithuanian lost a pot to Mark Reilly, he was straight back into the action when he called from the big blind with 8♣6♠ after Pollock raised from the small blind with A♥J♥.

They both hit the 8♠J♦J♠ flop but the action checked through to the 9♣ turn. At this juncture Pollock bet 700,000 and Tamasauskas folded.


Oh, hello chip lead!

Dave Pollock, 8,070,000
Vladas Tamasauskas, 7,870,000

5:48pm: Play resumes
Level 31 - Blinds 80,000/160,000 (20,000 ante)
The four players are back in their seats and cards are being dealt.

5:28pm: Second break of the day
The players, and their chips, will be back in 20 minutes.

Vladas TamasauskasLithuaniaPokerStars player10,855,000
Dave PollockIrelandPokerStars qualifier6,970,000
Mark ReillyIreland 4,800,000
Adalsteinn KarlssonIcelandPokerStars player2,380,000
Samuel VousdenFinlandPokerStars player0
Quentin DellisBelgium 0
Jelcides MonteiroLuxembourg 0
Marc FogginUK 0

5:23pm: Karlsson and Tamasauskas clash again
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)

The story of this final table so far has been the repeated clashes in big pots between Adalsteinn Karlsson and Vladas Tamasauskas and they just played another chunky pot. Tamasauskas opened to 255,000 from under-the-gun with J♦8♥ and called when Karlsson three-bet to 550,000 with A♣7♠ from the big blind.

On the 6♠K♥2♣ flop Karlsson c-bet 600,000 and Tamasauskas floated in position. On the 2♠ turn Karlsson checked and he folded when Tamasauskas bet 720,000.

5:15pm: Chip counts four handed
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)


Vladas TamasauskasLithuaniaPokerStars player9,985,000
Dave PollockIrelandPokerStars qualifier6,340,000
Mark ReillyIreland 4,840,000
Adalsteinn KarlssonIcelandPokerStars player3,660,000
Samuel VousdenFinlandPokerStars player0
Quentin DellisBelgium 0
Jelcides MonteiroLuxembourg 0
Marc FogginUK 0

5:10pm: Samuel Vousden eliminated in fifth place (€43,440)
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)

Action folded to Vladas Tamasauskas in the small blind and he set Samuel Vousden all-in for the Finn's last 1,260,000. Vousden looked down at Q♦8♦ and made the call.

He was behind to the A♦7♦ of Tamasauskas though and didn't even have diamonds working for him. The 2♦5♠K♣6♠2♣ run out couldn't save him and we're down to four at the final table.


Vousden - fifth place

Adalsteinn Karlsson asked the others if they wanted to look at numbers, but Tamasauskas said he wanted to play on and that was that.

Vladas Tamasauskas, 9,985,000
Samuel Vousden, 0

5:05pm: Tamasauskas shoves on Vousden
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)

Samuel Vousden is down to 10 big blinds after getting shoved on by Vladas Tamasauskas and folding the best hand. The latter opened to 255,000 from under-the-gun with 8♥7♠ and Vousden called with Q♣J♣.

The 9♥K♣6♥ flop gave Tamasauskas an open-ended straight draw but after a bit of tank time he checked the action to Vousden. The Finn bet 205,000 into a pot of 790,000, leaving himself with about 1,300,000 back. After about 10 seconds Tamasauskas announced he was all in and Vousden immediately folded.

4:55pm: Reilly finds another big pair
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)

It's one thing to get dealt big hands, it's another entirely to pick them up when someone else has a slightly worse hand. Mark Reilly has found himself in that situation with the best of it a few times today.

On this occasion Dave Pollock opened to 325,000 from under-the-gun with A♠T♠, Adalsteinn Karlsson smooth called with A♥J♣ only for Reilly to find Q♥Q♦ in the big blind.

He slid out a three-bet to 2,000,000 straight and both his opponent's folded.

4:48pm: Vousden shoves
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)

Samuel Vousden is the shortest stack at the moment and he just moved all-in with K♣]Q♦ for 1,180,000 and picked up the blinds and antes uncontested.

4:43pm: Chip count roller-coaster of a day!
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)

Vladas TamasauskasLithuaniaPokerStars player8,140,000
Dave PollockIrelandPokerStars qualifier8,005,000
Mark ReillyIreland 4,490,000
Adalsteinn KarlssonIcelandPokerStars player2,490,000
Samuel VousdenFinlandPokerStars player1,700,000
Quentin DellisBelgium 0
Jelcides MonteiroLuxembourg 0
Marc FogginUK 0

4:37pm: Quentin Dellis eliminated in sixth place (€31,880)
Level 30 - Blinds 60,000/120,000 (20,000 ante)


Dellis - sixth place

They say you need a bit of luck to win a poker tournament and luck deserted Quentin Dellis when he needed it the most.

Action folded to Vladas Tamasauskas in the small blind and he set Dellis all-in for an effective 1,760,000. Dellis took a quick look at his cards and called all-in.

Dellis: 8♥8♣
Tamasauskas: K♠3♣

The T♦K♠J♥ flop gave Tamasauskas the lead and the Belgian didn't hit the T♣ turn or 6♥ river and exited in sixth place.

Vladas Tamasauskas, 8,140,000
Quentin Dellis, 0

4:32pm: Jelcides Monteiro eliminated in seventh place (€23,520)
Level 29 - Blinds 50,00-100,000 (10,000 ante)


Monteiro - seventh place

"So pretty!" muttered chip leader Dave Pollock in the big blind after he looked at his A♦Q♦ hand.

Jelcides Monteiro had moved all in from early position with A♠5♣ and was waiting for his Irish opponent to make a decision. The shove was for 1,670,000 and Pollock realised he had to call before he did.

The board ran 9♦3♥Q♠A♣8♥ to pair Pollock's kicker, and then there were six.

4:28pm: Vladas Tamasauskas doubles through Adalsteinn Karlsson
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

It's the Vladas Tamasauskas and Adalsteinn Karlsson show at the moment and it was the Lithuanian's turn to double up this time.

He three-bet shoved for 2,730,000 with pocket threes after Karlsson had opened with A♠T♣. When it folded back to Karlsson he got a count and then called.

"I didn't think we'd see Vladas Tamasauskas at risk any time soon," said James Hartigan but he needed to win this classic (ish) race to avoid going out in seventh. He managed to do that as the 5♣7♥5♦8♦Q♣ board kept him in front.

Vladas Tamasauskas, 5,500,000
Adalsteinn Karlsson, 2,920,000

4:23pm: Adalsteinn Karlsson doubles through Vladas Tamasauskas again
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

A great value check from Adalsteinn Karlsson has seen him double up again and he's now back up to second in chips, whilst Vladas Tamasauskas is down to 27 big blinds.

The Icelander opened to 210,000 with A♥T♥, Vladas Tamasauskas smooth called on the button with K♣Q♣ and Samuel Vousden defended his big blind with 8♣7♠.

On the A♠2♣4♦ flop Karlsson bet 275,000 and Tamasauskas was the only caller. Karlsson improved to two-pair on the T♣ turn but it was also the perfect turn card for Tamasauskas who now had a straight and flush draw. Karlsson bet small, 350,000 and Tamasauskas smooth called again.

So Karlsson now had just less than a pot sized bet back and on the 6♦ river he checked the action to Tamasauskas. The Lithuanian set Karlsson all-in and he took fewer than five seconds to call.

After that hand Karlsson is up to 5,650,000 and Tamasauskas is down to 2,730,000.

4:20pm: Chips ahoy!
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

Dave PollockIrelandPokerStars qualifier6,335,000
Adalsteinn KarlssonIcelandPokerStars player5,650,000
Mark ReillyIreland 4,710,000
Vladas TamasauskasLithuaniaPokerStars player2,730,000
Quentin DellisBelgium 1,890,000
Samuel VousdenFinlandPokerStars player1,890,000
Jelcides MonteiroLuxembourg 1,690,000
Marc FogginUK 0

4:15pm: Adalsteinn Karlsson doubles through Vladas Tamasauskas
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

"Always a sweat," said Adalsteinn Karlsson after he dodged the river to double up through Vladas Tamasauskas, who is now no longer the chip leader.

The Icelander moved all-in for 1,280,000 from the button with A♠9♥ and Tamasauskas made the call from the big blind with A♦7♦.

The T♦5♠T♥ flop kept Karlsson in front but opened up some chopportunities, the 4♦ turn gave Tamasauskas a flush draw but the 8♠ river was a blank and Karlsson doubled up.

Vladas Tamasauskas, 5,630,000
Adalsteinn Karlsson, 2,680,000


Domination elation for Karlsson

4:05pm: Now Reilly five-bet shoves!
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

From the cutoff Samuel Vousden opened to 220,000 with A♥8♦, to his immediate left Mark Reilly picked up another big pocket pair. Having recently shoved all-in with pocket tens, he now had J♥J♠. He slid out a three-bet of 575,000 and action passed back to Vousden.

The Finn wasn't finished with his hand though and after asking Reilly how much he started the hand with (2.6M) he four-bet to 1,050,000. There was no snap shove from Reilly, instead he took some time to think through the hand before he did indeed move all-in. Vousden immediately folded.

Mark Reilly, 3,820,000
Samuel Vousden, 2,060,000

3:57pm: Reilly four-bet shoves
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

Quentin Dellis hasn't got out of line at all today but he had the misfortune to run into a hand the first time he opted to three-bet a little light.

Vladas Tamasauskas opened to 220,000 from under-the-gun with J♥T♦ and Dellis elected to three-bet to 570,000 on the button with Q♠J♠. He had the dominating hand, but not for long as Mark Reilly woke up with pocket tens in the big blind.

The Irishman had a stack of 1,715,000 and took some time before moving all-in. There then followed a quick fold from Tamasauskas but Dellis went deep into the tank for three and a half minutes. He had 2,640,000 behind so the call would be for over 50% of his chips. Eventually he folded though and he and Reilly are almost level in chips now.

Quentin Dellis, 2,640,000
Mark Reilly, 2,575,000

3:40pm: Two in a row for Monteiro
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

Jelcides Monteiro came into this final table as the short stack but he's now up to fifth in chips and a I don't think he's had to showdown a hand yet.

He's picked up two pots early on in level 28. In the first he raised with A♥2♠ from the cut-off, Quentin Dellis folded K♣Q♥ in the small blind but Samuel Vousden stuck around with T♥8♣. A c-bet from Monteiro on the A♦9♣T♦ flop was enough to earn him the pot.

Then he picked up T♠T♥ and three-bet after Adalsteinn Karlsson had opened with A♥3♥. The Icelander folded his hand and Monteiro moves up to 2,120,000.

3:27pm: Play resumes
Level 29 - Blinds 50,000/100,000 (10,000 ante)

The remaining seven players are back in their seats for level 29, here's how they stack up:

Vladas TamasauskasLithuaniaPokerStars player7,265,000
Dave PollockIrelandPokerStars qualifier7,005,000
Quentin DellisBelgium 3,280,000
Samuel VousdenFinlandPokerStars player2,705,000
Adalsteinn KarlssonIcelandPokerStars player1,760,000
Mark ReillyIreland 1,515,000
Jelcides MonteiroLuxembourg 1,295,000
Marc FogginUK 0

3:05pm: Big pot just before the break
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)

The rest of the players missed a big pot as this one played out as the break started.

Vladas Tamasauskas opened to 180,000 from under-the-gun with J♠T♠ and called when Samuel Vousden three-bet to 525,000 from the cutoff with Q♣9♣.

The Q♠9♥6♦ flop hit both players, "Some more money is going into this pot," said Joe Stapleton. It didn't on the flop though as both players checked and the T♦ fell on fourth street. With his pair and straight draw Tamasauskas bet 670,000 and Vousden smooth called.

The K♥ on the river gave Tamasauskas the best hand, but both players checked the river and the Lithuanian won the last hand of the level.


Great end to the level for Tamasauskas

The players are now on a 20-minute break.

3pm: Vousden gets some back
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)

Samuel Vousden stopped his recent slide thanks to a straight and and opponent - Quentin Dellis - bluffing in to him.

Dellis completed 6♣4♠ and Vousden checked his option with jack-nine. Both players checked the K♣Q♥Q♣ flop before Dellis led on the T♠ turn and then bet 250,000 (into 440,000) on the 5♠ river. Vousden raised to 800,000 with his straight and Dellis folded after some tanking.

Chips after that hand:

Dave PollockIrelandPokerStars qualifier6,740,000
Vladas TamasauskasLithuaniaPokerStars player4,760,000
Samuel VousdenFinlandPokerStars player4,300,000
Quentin DellisBelgium 3,325,000
Adalsteinn KarlssonIcelandPokerStars player2,240,000
Mark ReillyIreland 1,815,000
Jelcides MonteiroLuxembourg 1,745,000
Marc FogginUK 0

2:45pm: Monteiro picking up pots
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)

Jelcides Monteiro has moved out of the 'danger zone' after picking up a few pots. Interestingly when he three-bet with ace-queen he didn't three-bet all in. It was enough to get Vladas Tamasauskas to lay down ace-jack though.

Jelcides Monteiro, 1,760,000

2:40: Twitter is with you Adalsteinn!
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)

Adalsteinn Karlsson came in as the chip leader but had a difficult first hour, but he's got great support on Twitter:

2:35pm: Vousden bluffs the river
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)

A really interesting three-way pot just played out which ended with Dave Pollock facing a really tough river decision.

The hand started with Samuel Vousden raising to 150,000 with 9♦8♠, Dave Pollock called from the small blind with Q♦T♠ and Adalsteinn Karlsson came along from the big blind with 9♣8♦.

On the T♥9♠3♣ flop Karlsson led for 285,000 and both players made the call. On the 4♦ turn it was Pollock's turn to lead, he bet 300,000 and only Vousden called. So on two post-flop streets we'd had two different players take the betting lead and neither of them were the pre-flop aggressor!

The river was the J♥ and Pollock elected to check it over to Vousden. The Finn took some time and then slid out a chunky bet of 1,375,000. "This bet is absolutely designed to get Pollock to fold a ten," said Joe Stapleton in the commentary booth.

Pollock went into the tank and said: "You can't have king-queen," and then tanked some more. Eventually he called and when Vousden opened his hand the Irishman saw that he was good.

Dave Pollock, 6,970,000
Samuel Vousden, 4,180,000

2:27pm: Two in a row for Monteiro
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)

Jelclides Monteiro is the clear short stack now, and he's shoved twice in a row. He's got both through uncontested and is now up to 12 big blinds.

2:20pm: Marc Foggin eliminated in eighth place (€ 16,840)
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)


Marc Foggin - eighth place

The theme of big hands clashing at this final table has continued and this time it led to an elimination.

From under-the-gun Marc Foggin raised with A♥K♦, this was the first hand the Geordie had played at the final table. That didn't stop Samuel Vousden three-betting with J♠J♦ from under-the-gun+2. He made it 440,000 to go and although Mark Reilly - with A♠9♦ - and Vladas Tamasauskas - with K♠7♠ - looked interested, they both folded.

With action back on Foggin, who had 24 big blinds back, he took his time before moving all in and after getting a count, Vousden called. Although this was a traditional flip, due to an ace and a king being folded Vousden was actually a 65%-35% favourite to win the hand.

The board ran Q♠6♠8♦8♣T♣ and Foggin is the first man out at the final table, whilst Vousden is now the chip leader.

Samuel Vousden, 6,315,000
Marc Foggin, 0

2:08pm: Level up. Chip counts
Level 28 - Blinds 40,000/80,000 (10,000 ante)

Vladas TamasauskasLithuaniaPokerStars player4,875,000
Dave PollockIrelandPokerStars qualifier4,275,000
Samuel VousdenFinlandPokerStars player4,125,000
Quentin DellisBelgium 4,000,000
Adalsteinn KarlssonIcelandPokerStars player2,965,000
Marc FogginUK 2,070,000
Mark ReillyIreland 1,830,000
Jelcides MonteiroLuxembourg 785,000

2:05pm: Mark Reilly doubles through Adalsteinn Karlsson
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

It's been a nightmare start to the final table for Adalsteinn Karlsson as he just doubled up Mark Reilly. But, as you'll see below there's not a lot he could do about it.

Karlsson raised to 150,000 with A♣K♥, Vladas Tamasauskas, smooth called with A♥T♥ and Reilly then moved all-in for 785,000 with 9♠9♦. Back on Karlsson he re-raised to isolate and Tamasauskas let his hand go.

This classic race actually wasn't as both Smauel Vousden and Tamasauskas folded an ace meaning Reilly was a 60-40 favourite. The 3♥T♦3♣Q♥6♠ board kept him in front and he doubled to around 1,800,000.


Reilly got the start he wanted

Adalsteinn Karlsson, 2,970,000
Mark Reilly, 1,800,000

1:57pm: Karlsson and Tamasauskas clash again
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

Seconds out round two! Two hands after they clashed in a big pot Adalsteinn Karlsson and Vladas Tamasauskas played another pot against each other. The Icelander looked down at 9♠9♥ and raised it up 150,000 from under-the-gun+2, Tamasauskas three-bet to 395,000 and Karlsson smooth called.

On the Q♦J♦J♥ flop Karlsson elected to lead for 475,000 and after a brief dwell Tamasauskas folded.

1:54pm: Aces for Tamasauskas
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

Big hands and big pots in the opening few minutes of this final table. Adalsteinn Karlsson picked up 8♠8♦ (cut off) and raised to 150,000. Tamasauskas found A♦A♣ in the small blind and three-bet to 440,000, Foggin folded A♥7♥ big blind. Karlsson, smooth calls.

K♣5♦6♣ "Pretty sweet flop for Tamasauskas," said Joe Stapleton in the booth. Tamasauskas bet 385,000 and Karlsson made the call. "He's really calling hoping his opponent shuts down," opined Stapleton. The 4♥ fell on the turn giving Karlsson a gutshot straight draw, Tamasauskas bet 880,000 and Karlsson gave it up. After just three hands the start of day chip leader is now fifth in chips, whilst Tamasauskas is the chip leader.

Vladas Tamasauskas, 5,450,000
Adalsteinn Karlsson, 3,215,000

1:47pm: First pot to Vousden
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000/60,000 (10,000 ante)

The first pot has gone to Samuel Vousden, the Finnish pro flopping a full-house no less.

He opened to 150,000 from the hijack with K♥Q♥ and picked up calls from Adalsteinn Karlsson and Jelcides Monteiro in the blinds.

The Q♣K♠Q♠ flop was a doozy for Vousden, he bet 150,000, Karlsson stuck around with 5♠5♥ but Monteiro, who had 7♥6♥, got out of the way.

A 650,000 bet from Vousden on the 6♦ turn was enough to win the pot. He's now second in chips.

1:40pm: Shuffle up and deal!
Level 27 - Blinds 30,00-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Cards are in the air for the season-ending finale. There are just over 20 minutes left of level 27. The first player out will receive €16,840 - let's do this!

1:10pm: Final table player profiles
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Which one of our finalists is supposed to be in Las Vegas for a friend's birthday right now? While you're waiting for the action to kick off, find out who and a whole lot more about all our finalists by clicking here.

12:45pm: UKIPT Season 5 set for thrilling finale
Level 27 - Blinds 30,000-60,000 (10,000 ante)

Today we bring the curtain down on Season 5 of the UKIPT, but it won't be going quietly. The final table of the final event of Season 5 will play out on the EPT Live TV table, with cards up coverage on a one hour delay.

In real life the action is already under way as play was due to start at 12.30pm, you'll have to wait to 1.30pm to get moving pictures but as well as reading about it here you can watch it in the following places:

And you can get involved in the conversation by contacting @PokerStarsBlog and @EPTLive on Twitter.

A reminder that the winner of this event will pick up €176,900 and when play starts Adalsteinn Karlsson is in the box seat, although it's very close at the top as the chip counts below show:

Seat NameCountryStatusChips
Seat 1Mark ReillyIreland 845,000
Seat 2Dave PollockIrelandPokerStars qualifier4,335,000
Seat 3Adalsteinn KarlssonIcelandPokerStars player4,420,000
Seat 4Jelcides MonteiroLuxembourg 1,025,000
Seat 5Vladas TamasauskasLithuaniaPokerStars player4,255,000
Seat 6Marc FogginUK 2,220,000
Seat 7Quentin DellisBelgium 4,150,000
Seat 8Samuel VousdenFinlandPokerStars player3,675,000


The elite eight

And a reminder of what's left to play for:

1    € 176,900  
2    € 107,010  
3    € 75,230  
4    € 56,470  
5    € 43,440  
6    € 31,880  
7    € 23,520  
8    € 16,840  

Live coverage will begin at 13.30 GMT, see you then.

PokerStars Blog reporting team on the UKIPT5 Dublin Main Event: Marc Convey and Nick Wright. Photography by Mickey May. Follow the PokerStars Blog on Twitter: @PokerStarsBlog.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in UKIPT