UKIPT Nottingham: Final table player profiles

The final table line up for the UKIPT Nottingham event at Dusk Till Dawm is as follows:

Seat 1, 639,000 chips
Piotr Majewski, 28, Poland, PokerStars qualifier


Piotr Majewski is a familiar face at PokerStars events, having blogged on the European Poker Tour for a number of years. But he is also a player and nearly missed his flight to San Remo in 2010 while recording his biggest online win of $10,000 on the previous night. A part-time player, Majewski's main job is running a poker site owned by his brother. He nearly made it as a professional basketball player and is a qualified basketball referee. This is his first final table.

Seat 2, 506,000 chips
Gareth Walker, 27, Newcastle, UK


Gareth Walker started playing online three years ago, but these days he prefers live poker. He usually tries to satellite into the bigger tournaments but he bought in directly to this event. He owns his own company, specialising in high-performance car parts. His favourite type of poker is lo-limit hold 'em cash games and his biggest cash before this event was $2,700. Away from poker he likes watching movies, particularly comedies, and his favourite film is "Ferris Bueller's Day Off".

Seat 3, 1,206,000 chips
Andrew Couldridge, 44, London, UK


Andrew Couldridge is a part-time player who owns a plumbing firm in London. He started playing online five years ago and his biggest win to date is $9,000. He is a former football coach of Broadwalk Farm Youth Community Association, a youth club associated with Tottenham Hotspur, where Couldridge owns a season ticket. He is looking forward to following Spurs around Europe next year, but with his final table appearance at this event, he could find himself travelling around Europe to play some EPT events instead.

Seat 5, 2,414,000, chips
Owen Robinson, 27, Wexford, Ireland


Owen Robinson is UKIPT Nottingham's Final Table chip leader. He's from Wexford and is currently on a voluntary three-year career break from his job in local government. He is planning on travelling to Asia and also to study for a Masters to add to his degree in Politics, Philosophy and Sociology. He's been playing poker for around four years and started by playing in home games with friends. He prefers playing online to live play, and his speciality is cash games. A minimum £7,600 win here beats his previous biggest cash of $3,500.

Seat 6, 1,807,000 chips
Graham Giles, 31, Essex, UK, PokerStars qualifier


Graham Giles has has been playing poker for six years. He describes himself as a semi-pro but generally plays four tables for five to six hours a day. He's a man of the world and has held many jobs, but considers poker to be what he does best. He would like to go professional, but currently combines playing with a day job as a delivery driver. He plays both live and online, mainly tournaments. He won a satellite into this tournament on PokerStars and in the past he's also won three seats to the WSOP on PokerStars. He has a partner and a baby, and away from poker he likes horse racing and is an avid fan of the Tractor Boys - Ipswich Town FC.

Seat 7, 1,018,000 chips
Oliver Schaffmann, 23, Berlin, Germany


Originally from the German capital, Oliver Schaffmann has been living in the UK for three years and currently studies accountancy in Aberdeen. However, the Scottish weather has clearly taken its toll and Schaffmann plans to head to Australia - via the World Series in Las Vegas - once his studies are complete. He plays both live and online, relishing the social aspect of the live game, but also plays five to six days a week online, including the Sunday Million on PokerStars. A keen sportsman, Schaffmann was previously in the German national junior cycling team.

Seat 8, 494,000 chips
Nick Gavriel, 24, Birmingham, UK


Nick Gavriel began playing poker with his family, and is still mainly a recreational player who works full-time in the family business. He is of Greek descent but lives in Birmingham, where his father is a friend of the English poker stalwart Mickey Wernick. His girlfriend, Natalie, who also plays poker, usually supports him, but is currently on holiday in Cyprus and so is missing his best live result to date. Primarily a live player, he also contests the Sunday majors on PokerStars.

Seat 9, 1,407,000 chips
Andros Spyrou, 27, London, UK


A former road-worker from north west London, Andros Spyrou is now a full-time poker professional. He's played the game for more than 10 years - primarily live - and describes hold 'em and Omaha cash games as his "bread and butter". He has also had some decent online scores, including winning $45,000 for third place in one online tournament. He'll be well-supported in Nottingham, with a contingency of friends arriving to cheer him at the final table.


Here's how the video bloggers set up the day:

Howard Swains
@howardswains in Nottingham