UKIPT3 Newcastle: Day 1A, level 5 - 8 updates (blinds 300-600, 75)

ukiptthumb.JPG9.10pm: Bag, tag then get out of here!
Players have bagged their chips and dispersed there separate ways - although funnily enough there's a queue by the bar right now.

The chip leader appears to be Tmotheos Timotheou who bagged up 135,300.

We'll be bringing you a re-cap of today's play shortly and will post overnight chip counts when we receive them. Day 1B begins at noon when we expect a field of over 300. -- NW

8.47pm: Pause that clock!
The clock has been paused with 12 minutes remaining and each table will play four more hands before bagging up for the night. The current tournament status has 117 players still in with an average stack of 31,500. -- MC

8.35pm: Another table of death
Whilst table one (see 7.25pm) might lay claim to being the toughest in the room, I can't imagine the participants at another particular table (table 11) are loving life. Seated together are Dean Lyall, Sam Holden, Jon Lundy and Jamie Ellwood. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_dean lyall.jpg

Dean Lyall

8.25pm: Thirty minutes to go
Time is ticking down at the end of Day 1A, 30 minutes remain till play ends. The board is showing that 126 players remain, the average stack is 29,300. -- NW

8.15pm: Ciementa cements stack
Table one might be full of well known sharks, Grafton, Shelley et al but Pole Dariusz Ciementa is showing he can play too.

I reached the table to see a complete board of Q♣[10d]3♥2♠8♠, Ciementa fired out a bet of 5,650 - a slight overbet of the pot - action was now on Ben Jenkins and he tanked before making the call, a third active player folded his hand. Ciementa turned over J♠9♣ for the nuts, Jenkins took one look back at his hand before pitching it into the muck. -- NW

8.05pm: Kersulis KO'd
Simonas Kersulis opened to 1,200, next to act Dwayne Stacey three-bet to 2,600, Kersulis then moved all-in for 8,975 and Stacey made the call.

Kersulis: 8♦8♥
Stacey: A♠Q♥

The Q♣3♠4♣ had Kersulis out of his chair but that old trick didn't work as the 7♠ and 7♣ completed the board. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 300-600, 75

7.50pm: Walker busts
UKIPT2 Nottingham winner Gareth Walker is one of the latest casualties, he three-bet all-in for 4,000 with 8♦8♠, the original raiser - Michael Huber - made the call with pocket queens. The board ran J♥K♦7♥J♣Q♠ to eliminate the Geordie. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_gareth walkerjpg

Gareth Walker

7.40pm: Jamie 'The Grinder' Burland
I bumped into UKIPT Brighton winner Jamie Burland on the stairs, he's playing tomorrow but despite this he is getting some hours in at the table. "The others have all gone out drinking but I'm grinding the satellite."

Dedications what you need... -- NW

7.30pm: Tinlin for the win
Chip leader midway through level seven is Alan Tinlin who has 93,000, also going well is Timotheos Timotheou who has 70,000. -- NW

7.25pm: Table Number one in the tournament, table number one for sharks
If the below table we've talked about many times today wasn't difficult enough already, it just got a little more so.

Scott "@PKR_Scott" Shelley just Tweeted: "Move table and have a hilar line up for a ukipt, @SquidPoker @TFPbenj and Ben Jackson."

Shelley arrived at the table with 23,000. -- MC

7.20pm: Grafton versus Jackson
We've been waiting to catch a hand between Sam Grafton and Ben Jackson all day, and we've finally managed it!

Jackson opened from late position and was called by Grafton in the small blind, and the big blind. All three checked the T♥5♥2♠ flop before Grafton was the only check-caller when Jackson bet 1,450 on the 4♥ turn.

The river fell 3♠ and Grafton snapped his opponent's hand off when he fired another 3,825. Jackson opened A♥9♥ for the nut flush and Grafton mucked. That dropped Grafton down to a little more than his starting stack, dwarfed by Jackson's 42,000. -- MC

7.10pm: Give Morl a spin
Local lad Graeme 'Morlspin' Morl is one of 246 players who entered this tournament today. But Graeme's story and reason for playing this tournament is probably unique. In May 2012 Graeme's dad passed away and he's playing a series of tournaments - including this one and UKIPT Bristol to raise money for the British Heart Foundation.

On Graeme's justgiving page he says: "My Dad meant the world to me and by fundraising I hope I can make a difference and donate some money to help others to live longer lives. My Dad was taken from us in May 2012 from an illness that he never knew he had, if research and support can save people from Heart Disease then we should all help where possible."

A worthy cause for sure, so far Morl has so far raised 27% of his £5,000 target. If you'd like to donate please give your chips to Graeme at the felt! Or click on the link above. He's got around 25,000 at the moment. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_graeme morl.jpg

Graeme Morl

7pm: The demise of Papa Razavi
As we mentioned (see 6.25pm post) Reza Razavi - Sam Razavi's father is out. Before he got knocked out though he doubled through Jeff Kimber who tweeted: "Old boy I doubled with AK v 44 on AJ48A is Sam Razavi's old man, goldeness runs in family. I blame lady gaga #paparazavi."

Kimber though was kind enough to tell us about Razavi's exit hand saying: "Seat one (Stephen Odysseas) got his chips. Razavi had pocket tens against K-J on a K-J-x-x-A board, he shoved the river with his tens, for an overbet and got called." -- NW

6.57pm: Back from the break
Cards are back in the air. A few more counts garnered on the break: Jeff Kimber (37,000), Martin Mulsow (13,500) and Scott Shelley (21,000). -- NW

6.42pm: Last break of the day
Here are a few counts we caught before the rush to the exit:
Timotheou Timotheos (68,000), Keith Hawkins (40,000), Ben Grafton (24,000), Dean Lyall (50,000), and Sam Holden (58,000). No sign of Maximilian Heinzelmann though, assumed out. -- MC

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_keith hawkins2.jpg

Keith Hawkins

6.25pm: You got to go
The most recently disappointed are: Ryan Clark, Christopher Fraser, F. Conan, James Lowrey, Sean Byrne, Kevin Hart, Jack Barnsdale, Thomas McGarrity, Joel Beverly, Florian Wieduwilt, Michael Allmrodt, Richard Young, Peter McGlen, Keith Smith, Jim Madden, Bartlomiej, Rachael Costa, Anthony Weldon, Abdolreza Razavi, A. Mackay, Gareth Gourley, Ray Irving, Jack O'Neill, Ian Simpson, Thomas Dunwoodie and Adam Boutwell. -- MC

6.10pm: Lundy loving it
"I love it," said a friend of Jon Lundy's as he raked in a pot having made a thin value raise on the turn.

He had raised pre-flop from middle position and Khadir Khoshawy had defended from the big blind. Both players checked the 9♥5♦Q♦ flop to see the 4♣ hit the turn. This card elicited a bet of 700 from Khoshawy, Lundy made it 1,700 and Khoshawy made the call. The [10c] completed the board, both players checked and Lundy's A♥4♥ was good, Khoshawy showed 4♦3♦. -- NW

6pm: A hashtag too soon for Ellwood
"5 levels down and my 15k starting stack is now 40k #cruising #homeadvantage #UKIPTNewcastle," was Jack Ellwood's latest Tweet. Me thinks he wrote too soon.

We approached his table and Ellwood (small blind) was setting an opponent all in for his final 11,225 on the turn of a 2♦9♥6♠5♦ board. His opponent called with two black jacks, ahead of Ellwood's 6♦4♦, but still in danger. Ellwood needed a diamond, a four, or a six, none of which appeared on the 7♠ river. Ellwood down to around 17,000 and has to #grind more than #cruise now. -- MC

5.45pm: Bettingen busto
Tim Bettingen is out, the UKIPT Nottingham final tablist was seen wandering out of the casino with a friend. The online tournament grinder is likely off to playWCOOP. -- NW

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 150-300, 25

5.35pm: Too much action for Jackson?
Luke Grant seemed not to like having Ben Jackson to his left, that was until he doubled through him. Jackson had three-bet him, successfully, in one hand before the double up happened two hands later.

Grant raised for the third hand in a row (to 700) and was called by Jackson and the big blind.

The flop came down 8♣3♦2♥ and Grant continued for 1,325. Jackson was the only caller to the 8♦ turn where he faced a check. He bet 1,325 and Grant called to the 7♠ river where Jackson put him in for his remaining 6,450 after he checked. Grant took his time but ultimately made the call.

He was good with his T♥T♣ as Jackson didn't want to show. Jackson was flying, but is down to 18,000. -- MC

5.20pm: Keeping it in the family
There's a Razavi in the field today, but it's not UKIPT champion Sam Razavi and it's not his brother Eb either. No, Papa Razavi is at the felt, better knows as Reza. "It was a bit of both," said Sam when I asked if it was his Dad who got the brothers into poker. "He used to play in Iran, but now he plays in more civilized games," he added.

And Razavi is proving that there's no substitute for experience as he was down to 3,000 at one point but is now up to 16,500. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_the razavis.jpg

The Razavi's

5.05pm: Geordie on Geordie action
There will be no second UKIPT final table for Jamie Dale here in Newcastle he tweeted: "And I will not be winning the ukipt in my hometown JJ v AK all in pre v Lundy geeeeeg."

His chips (he was down to 7,650) went to fellow local Jon Lundy, to be fair those two had looked like a tussle waiting to happen all day. -- NW

4.55pm:Word from Twitterville

Jeff "@jeffkimberpoker" Kimber: "55k at second break, guy tried bluffing me off a set, didn't work out for him #UKIPTNewcastle"

Sam "Sam_Holden888" Holden: "27k after 4 levels.150/300 next, 8 levels being played today, no dinner break.Big fan of this format so can have leisurely dinner afterwards."

Kimber's stack makes him one of the chip leaders. -- MC

4.45pm: Ellwood on the up
Jack Ellwood is a Newcastle native and he had his breakthrough live result at UKIPT Manchester in February 2010, finishing second and cashing for £37,500. Since then he's had four further five-figure scores and his reputation is that of one of the finest young players in the UK.

I just saw him play a big pot that extended well into the break. I only caught the river action live but with a complete board of 7♦6♠K♥3♣Q♣ on the felt Ellwood moved all-in for 20,300 into a pot of roughly 19,100. His opponent Steven Warburton went into the tank and as the time ticked down on the level he said: "Great, I'm going to need the break to think."

After a few more minutes in the tank he folded the K♣ face-up, Ellwood didn't show but filled me in on the action after the hand. "He three-bet pre, I called. I check-raised the flop and barrelled the turn and river. -- NW

ukipt newcastle_day 1a_jack ellwood.jpg

Ellwood - local boy in the photograph

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Newcastle and their medicinal requirements today Marc Convey (beechams all-in one - cough/cold) and Nick Wright (nandos - macho peas habit). Photos by Mickey May (deep heat spray - bad knee).

Nick Wright
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