UKIPT Bristol: Final table, level 29-30 updates (50,000-100,000, ante 10,000)

10pm: Wojtek Barzantny wins UKIPT Bristol (£90,400); James Greenwood eliminated in second place (£54,500)
It's all over here in Bristol and Wotjek Barzantny has done the unthinkable and pulled off an amazing UKIPT double, winning UKIPT Bristol to add to the UKIPT Online title he won on Wednesday.

In the final hand James Greenwood raised to 200,000 and Barzantny made the call. The flop fell 2♦[10c]6♣, Barzantny bet 200,000, Greenwood moved all-in for 1,725,000 and Barzantny made the call.

Greenwood: 7♠7♦
Barzantny: [10s]8♣

Barzantny had outflopped Greenwood and was two cards away from his second UKIPT title. The 5♦ fell on the turn and the crowds moved ever closer to the table. The 9♣ fell on the river to give the German the title and he let out a cry of "Come on," and high fived his rail as the magnitude of what he had just achieved set in. He takes the title and £90,400, whilst runner-up James Greenwood battle gamely but will have to settle for the not inconsiderable runners-up cheque of £54,500.

A full re-cap of the final table is on its way shortly. - NW

ukipt bristol_Final Table winner.jpg

There was an air of inevitability about the winner

9.55pm: Magnificent seven
Wojtek Barzantny has won the last seven pots, he's knocked James Greenwood down to around 1,925,000.

9.44pm: "Come on!"
Barzantny is a pretty laid back character so you know any exultations on his part are truly ffrom the heart.

We witnessed one of these rare moments in the last hand. An unraised pot witnessed Barzantny check-raise Greenwood's opening bet of 130,000 to 280,000 on a 9♥5♣2♦ board.

Greenwood called and the pair saw the 7♣ materialise on the turn.
The German cut out a stack of 25,000 chips, removed one single chip and added a 5,000 chip, 480,000 the price Greenwood must pay.

Pay it he did and the dealer burnt and turned the J♣ on the river.

Barzantny now tanked and riffled for a long time - the tension palpable in the air as he pondered his decision.

Finally he bet out 525,000 and Greenwood again made the call quickly - only to be shown [9][2] in the German's hand for a flopped two pair.

"Come on!" yelled Barzantny and although he didn't punctuate his exclamation with a physical fist-pump, there's no doubt he was fist-pumping mentally at this point. -- RS

9.37pm: Greenwood starting to pull away
Following that double through the pair found themselves pretty much neck and neck with 4 million chips apiece, and Greenwood suggested doing a deal based on a chip split.

Barzantny however didn't fancy this idea.

"Let's play on," he said and that's just what happened.

However he may have started to regret this, losing two pots in quick succession, the first in an unraised pot where his 100,000 bet on the turn of a A♦Q♥5♠8♠ board was called and when the pair checked the A♠ river, Greenwood's [4][5] was clear of Barzantny's announcement of ten high.

Next up Barzantny raised the button to 200,000, only for Greenwood to put in a three-bet to 515,000.

Barzantny might have been tempted to pull the trigger but he backed down this time... -- RS

ukipt bristol_Final Table_James greenwood.jpg

Greenwood builds momentum

9.25pm: James Greenwood doubles through Wojtek Barzantny
You've got to hand it to James Greenwood, he's got gumption and he's also got the chip lead after doubling through Wojtek Barzantny.

He'd already jammed over a Barzantny button raise once and when he did it again with K♠5♣, Barzantny made the call with A♠J♥.

It looked bleak for Greenwood, even more so when the flop fell 9♠8♥3♥, but the 5♦ turn card gave him the lead and the K♣ river gave him an unnecessary two-pair.

After that hand stacks are almost even but with 4,120,000 to Barzantny's 3,815,000 it's the Brit who has the lead. -- NW

ukipt bristol_day4_james_greenwood2.jpg

Greenwood has grabbed the lead again

9.12pm: No deal
There was a delay of about 10 minutes whilst the players discussed a deal, however an agreement couldn't be reached and play continues. -- NW

9.02pm: Players back in their seats
The final two combatants are back in their seats with blinds now a chunky 50,000 - 100,000 ante 10,000. The stacks as they stand are 5,460,000 to Wojtek Barzantny and 2,475,000 to James Greenwood. -- NW

ukipt bristol_day4_wojtek_barzantny3.jpg

Barzantny has a big chip lead

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 50,000-100,000 ante 10,000

8.47pm: Break time again. End of level 29
It's the end of the level and the players have requested a ten minute break.

We'll be back shortly. Au revoir. -- RS

8.45pm: Barzantny gets some back
In the last hand of the level Wojtek Barzantny further dented James Greenwood's chances of winning this title.

The German opened to 160,000 on the button and Greenwood defended. The flop fell 5♥Q♥3♣, c-bet of 175,000, call from Greenwood. The 8♣ hit the turn, both players checked to see the [10d] complete the board. Check from Greenwood, bet of 280,000 from Barzantny and a quick call from Greenwood.

The German showed K♠[10s] and Greenwood mucked his hand with the face of someone who was ahead to the river. -- NW

8.32pm: They think it's all over! - (but it isn't)
Having ground Greenwood down to 1,450,000 - leaving Barzantny with a healthy advantage, the German moved all-in - and a shrugging Greenwood said "Yeh i call."

Barzantny turned over K♦J♦ and Greenwood A♣9♦ and suddenly we were close to crowning our champion.

A flop of 7♦5♦3♥ gave Barzantny a flush draw to go with his overcards, and one enthusiastic railer yelled out "It's all over!)

He did have a plethora of outs to hit, but they never arrived as the bricky 2♣ and 9♠ were the turn and river and Greenwood chipped back up to close to 3,000,000 - Barzantny close to 5 million. -- RS

ukipt bristol_final_james greenwood.jpg

I'm a survivor!

8.25pm: Barzantny stretches chip lead
Wojtek Barzantny now has over 70% of the chips in play after winning a big pot that went to showdown.

James Greenwood made his standard raise to 160,000 from the button and Barzantny made the call from the big blind. So far so standard. The A♣J♣A♥ certainly seemed to open up some possibilities, it checked to Greenwood, he bet 130,000, Barzantny check-raised to 325,000 and after getting a count Greenwood made the call.

The 4♣ fell on the turn and Barzantny slowed down, checking it to Greenwood who bet 330,000. This time it was Barzantny's turn to ask for a count, after he'd received it he made the call.

The Q♦ completed the board and both players checked, Greenwood shrugged and showed just the 8♥ whilst Barzantny revealed A♠6♣ for trip aces.

After that hand the rough counts are 6,500,000 for Barzantny and 1,400,000 for Greenwood. -- NW

8.10pm: Greenwood forced to back down to power shove
Button raise from Wojtek to 160,000, three-bet from Greenwood to 395,000.

No surprise so far. However a call from Barzantny broke the consistent pattern of raise or fold.

A flop of K♣Q♥6♦ saw Greenwood lead for 415,000, only for Barzantny to now move all-in!

A big bet and Greenwood couldn't make the call - so Barzantny re-takes the chip lead once more.

It's a real back and forth battle at the moment. The crowd are not whooping wildly but they seem very engaged in this focused, aggressive confrontation... -- RS

UKIPT_Bristol_Final Table Heads Up.jpg

Anyone's game right now

7.59pm: Button Barzantny has a fight on his hands
Barzantny is from the school of heads up play that will never see a button they don't like, and he is proving this by min-raising every button so far.

It has worked sporadically for him, although James Greenwood has started to combat this relentless button aggression by three-betting from the big blind.

The first time Greenwood pulled this trick (125,000 button raise from Barzantny, 290,000 reraise from Greenwood) Barzantny just folded.

The second time however (same action as previously) Barzantny wanted to put a marker down and now four-bet to 640,000.

It seemed as though Greenwood was ready for him though, or perhaps just had an impressive hand, pushing two big 25,000 chip stacks out with a smattering of 5,000 chips like icing on the top - a gargantuan 1,115,000 bet that saw Barzantny insta-fold and concede the chip lead to Greenwood for the first time. -- RS

7.50pm: Barzantny still in the lead
There's not a lot in it, but Wojtek Barzantny still has a slender lead over James Greenwood in his quest to beat odds of 317,000-1 and win back to back UKIPT titles against fields of 587 and 550 respectively.

His heads-up match against Chris Moorman on Wednesday lasted four hours, during which the only all-in and call was the final hand. Small ball indeed. That mean folks that this could go long, though with the average stack now dipping under 50 big blinds, it could conversely, all be over very swiftly. That's the beauty of No Limit Hold'em.

ukipt bristol_day4_heads_up.jpg

Heads-Up action at UKIPT Bristol

PokerStars Blog reporting team in Bristol: Rod Stirzaker and Nick Wright. Photos by Mickey May.

Nick Wright
@PokerStars in Day 4