UKIPT Bristol: Wojtek wins second UKIPT title in a week and £90,400

The final table of UKIPT Bristol will live long in the memory of anyone who witnessed it as Wojtek Barzantny won his second UKIPT title within a week, adding the UKIPT Bristol title and £90,400 to the UKIPT Online title he won on Wednesday. "I don't know many superlatives like "awesome" or whatever but yeah it feels great," he said in the aftermath of his victory.

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Wojtek wins...again

The German joins Joeri Zandvliet and Nick Abou Risk in a select group of three, who've won two UKIPT titles. When Abou Risk won his two titles within three and a half months we didn't think that would be bettered but Barzantny blew that out the water here in Bristol. Abou Risk was among the first to congratulate Barzantny tweeting "Congrats to Wojtek Barzantny who just shipped two UKIPT titles in a week! Stop making the rest of us look bad though..."

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Barzantny's the latest UKIPT double champ

Much like Barzantny's UKIPT Online victory the heads-up battle would be attritional and see multiple changes of the chip lead. At the start of heads-up play the German had a 4,600,000 to 3,300,000 chip lead over James Greenwood.

He surrendered the chip lead to Greenwood but then battled back with aggression and had 70% of the chips in play. However, when he got Greenwood all-in with K♦J♦ against A♣9♦, despite a low flop which contained two diamonds, Barzantny couldn't seal the deal.

Soon after it was a similar story as Barzantny had his second chance at the title with A♠J♥ to K♠5♣ but Greenwood turned one pair and rivered another to again take the narrowest of chip leads.

ukipt bristol_day4_james_greenwood3.jpg

Greenwood - gave as good as he got, but finished second

It was now that we saw the first flickers of emotion from the previously granite German. The momentum was with Greenwood, but Barzantny took a huge 2,500,000 pot with two-pair and shouted "come on," as he raked it in to regain the chip lead.

This seemed to galvanise Barzantny as he won seven pots in a row to grind Greenwood down to 20 big blinds before striking the final blow. On a 2♦T♣6♣ flop Barzantny led with T♠8♣ Greenwood shoved with pocket sevens, Barzantny called and his hand held up to give him the title. The release of tension was palpable as he again let out a cry of "Come on," and high fived his rail, who've been here since Wednesday. "I had some tough moments, losing a number of showdowns in the middle but I always had the feeling that I could take it down even if I was down to twenty big blinds," said Barzantny.

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That's right, he's got two titles (and two trophies)

It was a gallant effort by Greenwood, who had entered the final table in third place but looked in danger of going out early after a failed four-bet bluff against Robert Bull. But he re-grouped and with six players left he went from short stack to chip leader in 45 minutes. He doubled through Barzantny and then knocked Craig Goddard out in sixth, with aces against A♥Q♥.

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Goddard's ship was sunk by aces

At the start of the final table there was the possibility of something rarer than a two-time UKIPT champion, namely a first female winner of a UKIPT. Hailing from Sweden, Amanda Sidark was the first woman to make a UKIPT final table this season and coming in sixth in chips the odds were against her.

However, she eliminated Jonathan Prince in eighth with A♠K♥ against K♦J♣ and with six left had over a million chips and was in fourth spot. But, with five left she got short on chips, shoved K♣Q♥ from the small blind for 11 big blinds but found Robert Bull waiting behind with pocket nines, £19,000 will go a long way for the 20-year-old student though.

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The wait for a female UKIPT winner goes on

But for a coin-flip gone wrong it could so easily have been Robert Bull in the winner's enclosure tonight. The Edinburgh based player had led the Day 2 field and entered the final table second in chips. He played a patient, yet aggressive game to get to three-handed, before he got involved in a huge coin-flip against Barzantny.

With almost identical stacks they got it all-in pre-flop with Bull holding pocket tens, Barzantny A♥K♥. The Gods favoured Barzantny as a king on the flop saw Bull out in third winning £33,300. By that stage Barzantny had also won a flip with tens, when he eliminated the Niall Murray in seventh, the latter holding A♥Q♠.

Barzantny also took care of Anthony Forsyth-Forrest in fourth place, the latter's pocket nines outdrawn by Barzantny's A♠9♠ when an ace turned. It sounds strange to say this given the above evidence but the overall impression was that Barzantny ran badly in showdowns today.

ukipt bristol_day4_robert_bull2.jpg

Bull - lost a crucial flip with tens

ukipt bristol_day4_niall_murray2.jpg

Murray lost a crucial flip against tens

ukipt bristol_day4_anthony_forsyth-forrest.jpg

Forrest - was chopped down in fourth

It's been a fantastic week of poker here in Bristol, topped and tailed by a Wojtek Barzantny victory. It's worth repeating that his victory over fields of 578 and 550 respectively is a 317,000 to one shot. That's longer odds than the Earth experiencing a catastrophic collision with an asteroid in the next 100 years (5000-1). I think everyone here will agree we've witnessed something out of this world this week.

UKIPT Bristol Final Table results

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The elite eight

1st. Wojtek Barzantny, Germany, PokerStars Player £90,400

2nd. James Greenwood, United Kingdom, £54,500
3rd. Robert Bull, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £33,300
4th. Anthony Forsyth-Forrest, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £24,400

5th. Amanda Sidark, Sweden, £19,000
6th. Craig Goddard, United Kingdom, £15,100
7th. Niall Murray, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, £11,600
8th. Jonathan Prince, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, £8,800

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The UKIPT is over for 2012, the next stop of Season 3 is in Edinburgh from January 17th-21st 2013. Qualifiers are online on the client now, 21 players have already won their seat and you've got plenty of time to join them. Qualifiers start from £1.10.

But that's it from Bristol, we think Wojtek Barzantny might just be back at some point.

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So long Bristol

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Nick Wright
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