UKIPT4 Nottingham 6-max: Day 2, level 9-12 updates (1,000/2,000, 300 ante)

4.25pm: Break time
The fourth level of the day is now complete and players are on a 15 minutes break. When they return they will be on the bubble. Follow live coverage of level 13 here.

4.20pm: All-in to nothing
Ganesh Jayaraman just moved all-in from the small blind for 34,500. It came after an opening bet from Matt Perrins who then tanked before calling. Alas for both players it was a damp squib, both showing ace-queen. The board ran out 3♣K♦6♦9♣Q♣ for a no-score draw. - SB

4.15pm: The bubble approaches
As we approach the end of level 12 there are just 78 players remaining. The pace of exits has been quite frightening, tournament staff predicted the bubble would burst in level 15, perhaps level 14 but it looks an odds on cert that it'll happen in the next level.

Sadly Ryan Spittles, Richard Blacklock, Paul Febers, Patryk Slusarek and Jon Spinks are all out. -- NW

4.10pm: Deadman done with kings
"I'm not playing kings again today," said Simon Deadman having just had them cracked for the second time today.

It was all-in pre-flop with Emmett Mullin at risk for 49,100 with A♦Q♠ up against Deadman's K♣K♦. The 5♥A♥3♣5♦4♠ board doubled up the UKIPT3 Galway winner and left Deadman with around 100,000. -- NW

4.05pm: Mayhew wins a monster
Ben Mayhew has just won a 340,000 chip pot against Matt Perrins.

Pre-flop Matt Perrins made it 4,000 to go, Sean Randall called and Mayhew then bumped it to 12,600 from the button. Back on Perrins he went deep, making it 26,000 to go, Randall folded but Mayhew was going nowhere. He pushed the price of poker up to 52,000. It wasn't too steep for Perrins though as he set Mayhew all-in for 163,000 total and Mayhew snapped.

Perrins turned over pocket tens but was in a world of hurt against Mayhew's aces. The [5][k][Q][k][j] board gave a 340,000 chip pot to Mayhew and knocked Perrins down to around 140,000. -- NW

4pm: Eagel-eyed Bedi
Rupinder Bedi just got moved to Dave "Devilfish" Ulliott's table. Ulliott is at his lugubrious best, slouched in his chair, chips in one hand, a bottle of beer in the other.

On the subject of his chips they are in a state of dishabille. No two towers are stacked to the same height, big chips are at the back behind a wall of little chips, there's even a small pile of unstacked chips to the side, like junk gathering on someone's front lawn.

Then there's the eagle-eyed Bedi sitting next to him, who despite all this just spotted a single chip in all this mess that didn't belong. A side event or cash chip, tucked into one of the leaning towers, an imposter. Ulliott said nothing. Bedi's stack is immaculate. - SB

3.45pm: Perrins pushing part two
Matt Perrins is the chip leader, he's up to over 300,000 after eliminating Ludo Geilich in a monstrous hand.

I missed the pre-flop, flop and turn action, but Perrins told me that he raised from the cut-off and Geilich had called from the big blind. Geilich had then check-called the flop and turn before I saw him lead 23,700 into roughly 32,000 on the river of a [10c]7♠8♥2♦K♣ board.


Matt Perrins

After thinking it over for a bit Perrins announced that he was all-in. "Ayyaya," said Geilich recoiling at this turn of events. The UKIPT4 Marbella champion had about 70,000 behind - so a good 35 big blinds - and went deep into the tank. "Will you show if I fold?" he asked of Perrins. The two-time WSOP bracelet winner remained impassive, right hand riffling and left foot tapping like a jackhammer.

"Don't want to answer huh?," said Geilich. "This is so sick, I couldn't ask for a better run out," he continued. Eventually after much soul searching he announced call. Perrins showed 9♥6♣ for the flopped straight, Geilich didn't show his hand and, despite the rules indicating in all-in situations that you should turn them over no one asked to see.

Apparently though the dealer did turn them over and he had [10][7] for two-pair. -- NW

3.30pm: Perrins pushing
Matt Perrins just moved all-in. On a board of 2♦5♦J♣4♦ he bet 12,900 from his position under the gun. Sean Randall called for a 7♥ on the river. At this point Perrins shoved for around 33,000. Randall tanked for a while but eventually passed. Perrins moved up to 90,000. - SB

3.20pm: 99 players but Loggie ain't one
A total of 24 exits during level 11 mean that just 99 players remain here in Nottingham. 71 of whom will get paid at least £1,800. Recent exits include: Ross Loggie, Caicai Huang, Stuart Barnett, Paul Jenkinson and Marc Foggin. -- NW


Caicai Huang

Blinds up: 1,000/2,000, ante 300

3.20pm: Gavriel revokes Hall pass; takes chip lead
We have a new chip leader and his name is Nicholas Gavriel. He's up to 260,000 after eliminating UKIPT3 leader board winner Tom Hall.
The hand started with Gavriel raising to 3,300 from under-the-gun, Hall three-bet to 7,200 from the button and Gavriel smooth called. On the 6♦5♥J♣ flop Gavriel checked, Hall bet 6,500 and Gavriel smooth called. The turn was the 5♦, Gavriel checked again and then called after Hall had bet 13,500.

The [10h] completed the board, once more Gavriel checked, Hall, who had around 35,000 back moved all-in and Gavriel took just a couple of seconds to call. "You've got it, you win," said Hall. After Gavriel showed J♥[10s], Hall opened K♣Q♣. "Would you have folded if the river was a low card?" asked Hall. "No, I was more worried about an ace, king or queen," replied Gavriel. "I just can't help myself, I love unloading the clip," rued Hall as he walked away. Meanwhile Gavriel is in a good spot to make his second UKIPT Main Event final table, in the first season of the UKIPT he finished seventh for £9,900 here in Nottingham. -- NW

3.10pm: Four betting to nothing
A three-bet, then a four-bet, but it doesn't necessarily mean there will follow any action.

Emmett Mullin opened in the hijack for 3,200 before Kuljinder Sidhu raised to 8,000 in the cut-off. It was then Richard Kellett's turn to act from the button. He four-bet to 17,500. Then came the folds. Mullin at least thought about it, but decided against. Pot to Kellett. - SB

3pm: Four-way pot
A four-way pot on table 22. On a flop of 5♣7♠8♠ Petersen checked, as did Benjamin Riviera, Dahe Liu and Richard Lawlor.

The turn came A♠. Again Petersen checked before Riviera bet 6,100. Liu called while Lawlor and Petersen passed ahead of a 4♣ on the river.

Again Riviera bet, 17,000 this time. Liu tanked, possibly paralysed by the elbow the massage therapist behind him had jammed into his spinal column. Finally thought he regained control enough to fold. - SB

2.50pm: Is Docherty's luck turning?
David Docherty is a familiar face on the UKIPT, he's at pretty much every stop. And, despite making a final table at the Dublin stop in Season 3, it's fair to say he's probably ran pretty bad overall. He was down to just 22,000 earlier but is now back up to around 54,000. I'll let him tell you how.

Elsewhere Dara O'Kearney is another with new found chips

2.40pm: Big names bust
As well as Scott Shelley, Fintan Gavin, Dave Nicholson and Willie Tann are all out. 107 left, 71 get paid. -- NW

2.30pm: Shelley busted by Ellwood
Scott Shelley opened in the cut off and Jack Ellwood three-bet 8,100. In response Shelley four-bet to 26,000 which prompted Ellwood to five-bet shove. Shelley called. The was an audible "ahh" as he turned over pocket nines only to see Ellwood show pocket jacks.

The board ran 6♥K♠8♥Q♥4♦, bringing no relief to Shelley, who departed, Ellwood easily covering him and now sitting with a stack of around 120,000. - SB

2.20pm: Chip leaders
The players are back in their seats and as action gets underway these are the chip leaders.

Abhishek Khaitan - 210,000
Ben Vinson - 203,000
Colin Tang - 193,000
Rob Sherwood - 185,000
David Harris - 180,000
Mitch Johnson - 174,000
James Sykes - 170,000
Richard Kellett - 163,000


Abhishek Khaitan

David Clifton-Burraway - 155,000
Adam Gotch - 149,300
Richard Lawlor - 142,800
Matt Perrins - 142,000
Iason Riziotis - 138,000
John Eames - 135,000
Ben Mayhew - 130,000
Maurice Samuels - 130,000


John Eames

Blinds up: 800/1,600, ante 200

2pm: Gotch has everything in order
Adam Gotch likes thing in neat order. He just moved his stack up to 160,000, but even when involved in a hand he maintains a degree of composure and orderliness. His hair is neat, the top button of his collarless pressed shirt is fastened, he sits upright and his chips are stacked neatly in piles of tense. Even his bets and calls are in neat little piles. No splashing the pot from Mr Gotch.

He just took chips from Paul McTaggart. With the board reading 5♠5♥T♣6♠K♥, a sizeable pot and a bet from McTaggart. Primly, Gotch made the call, showing J♥T♠. McTaggart could only muck. - SB

1.55pm: Exits
21 exits in the last level meaning we're down to 123 players here in Nottingham, with 71 of those getting paid. Among the exits were: Peter Charalambous, Harry Lodge, Charles Chattha and Brendan Ruane. -- NW

1.50pm: Gavriel doubles
Chin Chai Koh opened for 2,300 under the gun. Next to him in the hijack was Nicholas Gavriel, who three-bet 5,400. The action reached Paul Febers in the big blind who thought for a second, then four-bet to 12,000.

The action was now back on Koh who, after an elaborate period of thought, mucked his hand. And so Gavriel gathered his chips and pushed them forward, 20,400 in total.

After confirming the amount Febers called. "Do you have a pair?" asked Gavriel. "No," replied Febers, turning over A♣Q♣. Gavriel topped that with A♦K♠.
The board ran 6♥2♥T♥4♣4♠ doubling Gavriel.

Koh was adamant that had Febers not acted, he would have shoved, although he didn't specify what he had. - SB

1.45pm: Chip counts
We'll be getting counts of the chip leaders on the first break but here are some eyes on chip counts to keep you going:

Ben Vinson - 162,000
Benjamin Rivera - 100,000
Chris Brammer - 58,000
Dara O'Kearney - 17,000
Dave Ulliott - 70,000
David Docherty - 22,000
Dave Jones - 100,000
Dave Nicholson - 60,000
David Price - 120,000
Emmett Mullin - 80,000
Fintan Gavin - 20,000
Jack Ellwood - 90,000
Jamie Sykes - 150,000
Jason Wheeler - 76,000
John Eames 97,000
Jon Spinks - 84,000
Ludo Geilich - 110,000


Dave Ulliott

Mark Kirkpatrick - 71,000
Matt Perrins - 83,000
Mickey Petersen - 47,000
Mitch Johnson - 115,000
Patryk Slusarek - 47,000
Paul Febers 95,000
Paul McTaggart - 34,000
Rupinder Bedi - 115,000
Ryan Spittles - 80,000
Scott Shelley - 40,000
Sergio Aido - 125,000
Simon Deadman - 70,000
Sin Melin - 44,000
Thomas Barratt - 65,000
Tim Slater - 101,000
Tom Hall - 65,000
Viktor Leonov - 83,000
Willie Tann - 57,000


Sin Melin

1.35pm: Deadman runs into aces
Simon Deadman was looking remarkably cheery for someone who was shipping a portion of his stack to Paul Grace. The British pro has still got 70,000 and perhaps his positive complexion was down to the fact that he'd run kings into aces and there wasn't much he could do about it. -- NW

1.20pm: Petersen shows aces
Mickey Petersen just moved up to around 60,000 after a hand against Richard Lawlor. On a board of T♦2♥Q♣7♦3♣ there was already 20,000 in the middle and a bet of 11,000 from Petersen. Lawlor was in deep thought, eventually opting to call. Petersen flipped up A♠A♣. Lawlor nodded, conceding the pot. - SB

Mickey Petersen

1.15pm: Bull's exit
UKIPT4 London champion Robbie Bull was one of the exits during today's opening leve.l He tweeted his exit looking for opinions:

What do you reckon? -- NW

1.05pm: Eames victim to a Stokist crusade
John Eames is in action again, with similar results to hands earlier. Eames opened from the cut-off for 2,200. Waiting for him was Carl Taylor in the big blind who moved all-in.

Taylor is dressed as he was on day one, in a Stoke City FC cap and scarf. He's a zealous fan, almost as if he's a recent convert to Stokism. Either way he's all in now for 22,000.

Eames pulled a variety of faces, finally settling as a wince as he called, turning over 6♣6♠ against Taylor's A♦Q♠.

The first card out was an ace, doubling Taylor. - SB

1pm: Exits
A humongous 46 exits during the opening hour. Among those to be eliminated were: Dermot Blain (147th), Ross Jarvis (149th), Joe Grech (151st), Robbie Bull (160th), Zimnan Ziyard (162nd), David Gent (167th), Alan Gold (176th), Richard Evans (181st) and Maximilian Heinzelmann (189th). -- NW


Richard Evans

Blinds up: 600/1,200, ante 200

12.55pm: Wealthall wamboozled
UKIPT host Nick Wealthall is out and he told me,"It's actually a really interesting hand."

He'd doubled up once today already and then was moved to table 44 to the left of David Clifton-Burraway. It folded to him in the small blind, he raised to 2,300 and Wealthall, who had 34 big blinds to start the hand, called with pocket fives.

The flop came [8][7][5] with two spades, Clifton-Burraway c-bet 2,300, Wealthall raised to 6,100 and Clifton-Burraway smooth called. The 6♥ came on the turn and Clifton-Burraway decided to lead for 8,000. "I decide to call because I can't fold and shoving allows him to play perfectly," said Wealthall. An off-suit ace completed the board, Clifton-Burraway set Wealthall in for his last 14,000. "I cried because I'm certain that I'm beat, but at the same time I'm completely readless and I'm getting three-to-one," he told me.

Eventually Wealthall decided to make a crying call and Clifton-Burraway showed [10][9] for the turned straight. -- NW

12.45pm: The only German in the village
First out today was Max Heinzelman, the only German left in the field, who got it over with in the first hand. But, as he put it, if you're going to go out you may as well get it over with. -- SB

12.35pm: Keeping up with the Johnsons
The chip leader when play got underway was Mitch Johnson and he was drawn on table 1, which you can see below.

1, 1, Guy Barron, United Kingdom, PokerStars Player, 27,100
1, 2, Richard Kellett, United Kingdom, 50,000
1, 3, Mitchell Johnson, United Kingdom, 171,500
1, 4, Patryk Slusarek, Poland, 49,000
1, 5, Kevin Daly, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 30,700
1, 6, John Bousfield, United Kingdom, PokerStars Qualifier, 66,000


Mitch Johnson (pictured on Day 1)

Usually if you were drawn on table 1 you wouldn't expect it to break all day, but such is the layout of the tables here at Dusk Till Dawn and the fact that side events will be running, the tournament staff have told me it will be broken sometime later today. That might not actually be a bad thing for Johnson as he probably recognises a few of the players at his table.

In seat two is Richard Kellett; the two may well have played cash games against each other but Kellett also has tournament pedigree. He's coming off the back of a final table in a £2,000 event in London last weekend and has cashed in an EPT before.

To Johnson's right sits Patryk Slusarek; the professional poker player is originally from Poland but now lives in London and is close friends with Team PokerStars Pro Marcin Horecki. He finished seventh at UKIPT4 London back in October.

To Slusarek's left is Kevin Daly, who's got a number of cashes to his name including a deep run in the 2006 WSOP Main Event, so obviously also has a few years of experience. And lastly John Bousfield in seat six is a circuit regular from Teeside and has almost $80,000 in tournament earnings.

I wandered over to watch the table and saw Slusarek and Guy Barron clash in a pot. The Pole opened from the cut-off and Barron defended from the big blind. On the J♦8♣Q♥ flop Slusarek c-bet 2,300 and Barron smooth called. The 7♠ turn was checked through and the K♣ completed the board. Barron led for 5,100 and Slusarek didn't take too long before calling, Barron showed J♣9♥ but Slusarek opened K♦5♦ to claim the pot. -- NW

12.25pm: Not a card to be seen
The drama has begun already, although there's not a card to be seen face up anywhere.

John Eames

Scott Shelley opened in the cut off for 2,200 which was called by Kyle Maguire on the button. John Eames was in the small blind and three-bet to 7,200. That wasn't the end of it, as Ganesh Jayaraman was in the big blind, and four bet 19,800. In order the cut off passed, the button passed and then Eames in the small blind passed. - SB

12.15pm: More for Petersen; Mason falls
Two more early exits to tell you about. Team PokerStars Online's Mickey Petersen eliminated Mike Panteli. The latter only started the day with 8,000 and got them in with ace-king, Petersen was behind with ace-queen but spiked a queen.

And Jen Mason three-bet jammed pocket kings over the top of a raise and a flat call. The original raiser folded but Matt Harris called with ace-jack and hit an ace to send Mason to the rail. -- NW


Mickey Petersen

12.10pm: Hulme one of the first to fall
When you come back dead last of the 191 players and with less than eight big blinds you don't necessarily plan for a long day. Andrew Hulme was in that position today and on one of the first hands he got his chips across the line.

Pre-flop Fintan Gavin made it 2,250 and Hulme flat called from a stack of 7,800. On the 8♠6♦5♣ flop Gavin set Hulme in and the local player, who's a former octochamp on Countdown, made the call.

Gavin: A♥J♦
Hulme: K♥J♥

"I hope you hit your jack," said Gavin with a grin. The [10c] and Q♣ completed the board. "One more card?" said Hulme as he got up to leave and wished everyone good luck. -- NW

Play starts
Play is now underway on Day 2.

11.55am: Weekending in Nottingham
Welcome back to Nottingham and after what felt like an endless stream of opening days, we now find ourselves at the start of Day 2. The field is combined for the first time under one roof, some 195 of them. Most of them will leave here with nothing but the Nottinghamshire sunshine as consolation. The top 71 players will finish in the money, the rest will not.

Moments of terror amid long stretches of boredom

The money bubble will burst today, which could either help of hinder the mood at this evening's player party. There will be much to talk about before that though, with a field of big names looking for a place in Day 3.

The full table draw can be found here, but a few tables stand out.

On table 32 there are three former UKIPT champions--Emmett Mullin, Fintan Gavin and Richard Evans.

On table 31 sits former EPT winner Zimnan Ziyard who is to the left of Dave Ulliott. Last night's chip leader Benjamin Riviera is to the left of another former EPT winner, Team Online's Mickey Petersen. And hey look, Willie Tann is also at that table.

There are others in there somewhere. How long they will last will be determined today. Play starts at midday. -- SB

PokerStars Blog reporting team at PokerStars UKIPT Nottingham 6-max: Nick Wright and Stephen Bartley. Photos by Danny Maxwell.

Stephen Bartley
@StephenBartley in Nottingham