UKIPT Series 4 at The Hippodrome Casino (Level 9-12 1000/2000/300)

8.34pm: End of Day 1A; Welcome Day 1B!
That's it! Day 1A is in the bag and the players are bagging, tagging, accounting and recounting.

But the circle of life continues. The 30 ish players who have elected to play the Day 1B flight have already played out one level and a whole new day is set to unfold. Contain your excitement, excitable poker fans.

Updates from Day 1B's play can be found by clicking here.

10.44pm: Gizinski heads Day 1A Chip Count
As we suggested it is Rafal Gizinski who finds himself striding majestically ahead of his peers at this stage - finishing up with 149,500 come the final reckoning.

The full chip counts for Day 1A are now posted and can be found here.

UKIPT4_Day1A_Rafal Gizinski.jpg

Rafal Gizniski: Poles apart from the field

8.25pm: Last six hands for Day 1A
We're moments away from the finish of Day 1A and the clock has been paused to allow the players to play out the final six hands of the day. Shortstacks look poised to push for glory or free up their sunday to go hang out with Joe Stapleton.

8.22pm: The surprising adventures of Sir Stapes Chicken Caesar
Joe Stapleton is hard to miss in a poker room and his recent yo-yo antics have riveted the attention of interested bystanders. Moments ago, he shoved all-in from late position with pocket threes for around 13 big blinds and was called. When his opponent flipped 9♦T♦, Stapleton was taken aback somewhat.

"That's a loose call!" he yelled with surprise. Now, Joe Stapleton's godlike card calling abilities are renowned in the poker world. It's a real superpower,

However, being the all-round good egg that he is, he only ever uses his powers to help others.

"Nine in the door!" he called...anti-railing himself selflessly and fatally. The nine duly arrived and with no further help Stapes was down to a bowl of rice. He parlayed this into a small starter at the Ritz by winning a shove with 5-6 next hand, though finally his day played out as he lost a race to exit.

"I've got plans Sunday anyway!" were his parting words as he barrelled out of the casino, leaving the poker room a slightly less fun place.

8.14pm:James melts Sanchez's snowmen
There's no hiding place with these monumental blinds snapping giant chunks out of the players every round.

Juan Ignacio Sanchez was probably very happy to get it in with pocket eights to Daniel James' button raise. Sadly for him, James had pocket kings.

The spaniard found no help from the 5♠A♣3♦J♥9♦ board and he exits...James up to over 50,000....

8.01pm: Double trouble
We are packing in a whole lot of poker here at the Hippodrome today. With Day 1A in its final level, there are a host of new players who have just started Day 1B - its first level running parallel with Day 1A's last level.

Once Day 1A's level 12 is in the bag, we'll get final chip counts for the remaining players and switch our focus onto the (currently) 30 odd hopefuls who will be looking to join them for Sunday's final day.


Stapes hanging tough

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 1,000-2,000-300

7.42pm: Brutal King Wing

Majid Alsuwaidi found himself short in early position, looked at his cards and shurgged before shoving for his remaining 7,000 chips. It folded round to Wing Ken Yeung, who checked his cards before picking up his stack and moving it over the line.

"Brutal," said Alsuwaidi with a smile as he flipped pocket fives, only for Yeung to show him a dominating pair of kings.

If he felt doomed at this point, then his spirits were hardly revitalised by the A♠K♦7♣ flop.

"That's death," he said ominously, preparing to leave.

It got worse for him than this even, the 8♣ and K♥ on turn and river improving Yeung's hand to quad kings. He smiled as he collected Alsuwaidi's stack - moving to 42,000.

7.24pm: Recent eliminations

The war continues and the casualties continue to pile up. Here are the latest players joining the growing throng on the rail.

Ian Rockett
Mohamadhossein Sharifkazemi
Paul Kenwright
Ricardo Campanario
Paul Murrell
Richard Steggles
Eamonn Blake

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 800-1,600-200

6.50pm: Men of the moment
Have you ever seen the film 300? Well substitute 300 spartans for 142 poker players and it's pretty much the same here at the Hippodrome. Less severed heads perhaps but similar levels of carnage.

Here are the men who have risen Leonidas-esque to conquer the chip counts.

Alejandro Perez Torres 106000
Christopher Slade 60000
Christos Kyprianou 84000
Dave Alderton 76000
Dominic Wells 70000
Epameinondas Sintos 64000
Matt Nicholson 64000
Rafal Gizinski 66000
Leo Imrie 51000
Javier Perez Estevez 50000

6.30pm: The Fantastic Four
It's hard to believe we've already ripped through eight levels today but we have. Just four more remain, and over half the field has already been shorn from contention - 74 left from the 134 that started the day. We've gathered counts of the current leaders and these will follow shortly.

To catch up with updates from levels 5-8, click here.


Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT Series 4