UKIPT Series 4 Day 1B at The Hippodrome Casino:Level 1-4 (100/200/25)

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9.58pm: BREAK
Four levels in the bag, we estimate 39 runners in total for the second flight, of whom 37 still remain in the mix. The players are taking a 15 minute sabbatical before returning to play out the final 8 levels of the day.

In other news, we'll shortly be bringing you the final chip counts from day 1A and (!!!!spoiler alert!!!!) it is the Pole Rafal Giziniski who will be heading them.

Full counts to follow on the resumption. See you soon!

9.41pm: Horsford stumbles
There've not been too many eliminations so far but Gareth Horsford is one of those, seen hightailing it out of the poker room a few moments ago. Well it's the west end of London and it's friday night. I'm sure he can find something to do!

9.25pm: Abdullah fires three barrels
Always fun to see all three barrels unloaded and Mubarak Abdullah did just that moments ago, firing 600 then 1,600 then 5,000 over the T♥6♥7♠Q♦K♦ board.

He had two hangers-on on the flop and turn but his final meaty fusillade saw them peel off like paint under a blowtorch and he was left to implacably collect a sizeable pot that pushes him up over the 30,000 mark...

LEVEL UP: BLINDS 100-200-25

9.15pm: Chiang suffers tens moment
Jen-Yue Chiang was just forced to surrender a pot he must have thought was all his. We joined the hand on the river of a A♣3♠J♣J♦T♦ board, after there had been a bet from his opponent, which he had raised on the turn.

Holding pocket threes for a full house, he bet out 4,300 on the river and when his opponent just called he looked ready to collect the pot.

Wait a minute though, his opponent showed down a stubbornly held onto pair of tens which had rivered a bigger full house. Ouch!

"You hit your hand and didn't raise it," observed Chiang.
"Ace-jack, you could have ace-jack," his opponent answered.
"I'm curious why you would call on the turn if you thought I had ace-jack," queried Chiang.
"Well on the turn, i put you on a flush draw. Bad read," chuckled his opponent as he swept up the pot to move to 28,000.

Chiang looked put out, his stack down to 10,000. At this stage though that is still fifty big blinds - plenty to play with, if he can control his emotions following that hand...

8.56pm: It's Friday Night!

There seems to be a little less fizz and pop in this second tranche of the day thus far. The players are less crammed in and are taking full advantage of their 20,000 stacks to slowly ease themselves into the day. We have yet to see any major confrontations play out and the air is one of sedate tranquility in the poker room.

The rest of the casino however is a different story. Friday night is the end of the week for many people and the casino is abuzz with cocktails, general gambling and patrons swapping happy tales of their plans for the weekend.

Have a mojito for us guys!


8.45pm: Day 1B is locked and loaded

Welcome one and all. If you are a new viewer, we promise you intrigue, fascinating poker and stories of both woe and fortune. If you have come through from the Day 1A updates, expect more of the same.

At the last count 42 players were registered to play the second flight of the day, although this number looks to be rising all the time - and there are four levels of late registration.

If you are looking for marquee names in the field, well how about Michael Ellis, who picked up a WSOP bracelet in 2011? There's also the 2011 UKIPT Dublin leg winner Joeri Zandvliet, looking to add another UKIPT trophy to his decorated mantlepiece.


In the thick of it

Rod Stirzaker
@PokerStars in UKIPT Series 4