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2009 WCOOP: The way it was

Each year, we look at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker and simply This year, we're looking for a word bigger than "wow." Since WCOOP started in 2002, PokerStars has awarded more than $156 million in WCOOP prize money. This year made up nearly 1/3 of that purse. The 2009 WCOOP guaranteed $40 million in cash. That number is now academic. In all 44,000 players from 140 countries played in this year's 45 events and built an overall prize pool of more than $51 million. We'll leave it...more

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2009 WCOOP: PiMaster circles the final table in Event #40, $215 NLO8 win


Last year in the 2008 WCOOP there was the double turbo tourney which shot out a winner so fast; the PokerStarsBlog live blogging crew's fingers had blisters from trying to keep up with the action. While that tourney was of the NLHE variety, tonight's Event #40 $200,000 Guarantee No Limit...more

2009 WCOOP: Greenstein finds another way to multi-table


One of my favorite blog posts I've written here was Seventeen steps with Barry Greenstein. That was back during the 2007 World Series of Poker when Greenstein managed to get himself involved in two tournaments at once. Instead of doing what a lot of people do at the WSOP--play one...more

WCOOP Profile: Pay dat man his money


There are screen names and there are screen names. Some are boring, some are clever, some are dirty. And some are just perfect. Meet Unsyatisfied. Anybody who has ever seen the movie Rounders (or anybody who watches it at least once a year, and keeps it on his iPod to...more

WCOOP Profile: VAMOOOOOOO for the former banker


Hang around enough Brazilians, and you'll hear it eventually. "VAMOOOOOOO!" Hang around enough poker tournaments with Brazilians doing well, and you'll hear it even louder. "VAMOOOOOOO!" Hang around a final table of a poker tournament a Brazilian ultimately wins, and you'll be hearing it in your dreams. "VAMOOOOOOO!" And, so,...more

WCOOP Profile: Danzer's bracelet


We wait for it every year. Which member of Team PokerStars Pro is going to go deep in a WCOOP event? We've seen Raymer, Rousso, and Moneymaker (among many others) do it. This year, we've seen Peter Eastgate get close, but so far, German George Danzer is the only one...more

2009 WCOOP: kiiski proves he's no fish in Event #37, $2,100 PLO 6-max

WCOOP 37 FT.jpg

Translated from Finnish, "kiiski" means fish, and a quick Google search of the word will yield dozens of photos of the scaly, water-bound creatures. Though tonight's champion boasts a now-ironic choice in screen name, this kiiski was far from fishy at the tables tonight, defeating an elite field in Event...more

2009 WCOOP: Astrolux85 Rockets to Event 36 Victory ($530+R NLHE)

Event 36 final table.JPG

As the WCOOP begins its last few days of tournaments, instead of players seeming weary of the no-limit hold'em action, they cannot seem to get enough. Event 36 brought an opportunity for a NLHE rebuy tournament with short-handed tables, and the takers were certainly not difficult to find. When registration...more

WCOOP Profile: ShawnZJones takes road less traveled


It's easy to find a hold'em game--at your local casino, anywhere online, on just about every TV station at night. Hold'em is king and that probably won't change anytime soon. To be royalty in that kingdom takes more than just being good. And so some people, like Shawn "ShawnZJones" Grant,...more

WCOOP Profile: Fish plays poker, wins


A lot of people will tell you that it's always darkest before the dawn, that every cloud has a silver lining, that the light at the end of the tunnel is not, in fact, a train, but actually salvation. These people are relentless optimists who are probably going slip on...more

Exit Gulf Coast, enter WCOOP for Brown


You might have seen a little less of Chad Brown at the WCOOP tables in recent days. That's because he was busy padding his bankroll by several hundred thousand dollars in live events. Now that he's done with that, he's ready to move on to WCOOP, where he's suggesting you...more

WCOOP Profile: From Longmeadow to WCOOP


Longmeadow, Massachusetts is a nearly 400 year old town with which Puritan settlers fell in love. The soil was rich, the grazing land was good, and there were enough beavers to kill and skin that everybody was going to line their pockets with cash. Three hundred something years later, Jonathan...more

2009 WCOOP Event #33


2009 WCOOP Event #32


2009 WCOOP: Eastgate reflects on big cash


You might think when a guy is less than one year removed from winning the World Series of Poker Main Event that he might get a little complacent. You might think he is happy to rest on his laurels. Not Peter Eastgate. Nope, this member of Team PokerStars Pro came...more

2009 WCOOP: twenty305 takes down Event #35, $320 Pot-Limit Omaha Hi/Lo

WCOOP 35 FT.jpg

1,567 players came out in search of a WCOOP title today in pot-limit Omaha Hi/Lo, a hybrid game that combines the explosive action of pot-limit Omaha with the finesse of limit Omaha Hi/Lo. With a $500,000 guaranteed prize pool there was a bit of an overlay, with 234 players claiming...more

2009 WCOOP: Koln4ever captures Event 34 Title ($215 NLHE)

Event 34 final table.JPG

Some might call it a turbo tournament, because despite the 20-minute levels, antes were introduced at the very first level and continued to escalate throughout the event. The title of the event even noted that it was a no-limit hold'em tournament with "big antes." With a little extra incentive for...more

WCOOP Profile: Not laying down the law...yet


So, here's more than a quarter million dollars. It's not going to hold you for the rest of your life, but if you're 25 years old, it's going to feel pretty darned good to get it. Now, keep in mind, you need to get to class. You're in law school...more

WCOOP Profile: A Crib Clown Teen Power


A crib clown teen power! Think on that for a second. Let it rest on your noodle while we introduce one of WCOOP's newest bracelet winners, Thomas "soterdelf" Osterfeld. It's been just a couple of days since Osterfeld won $174,594 in the WCOOP $215 rebuy tournament. "It was a great...more

WCOOP Profile: Firefighter, todch, smokes competition


"Now I know I can compete with the sharks," said the man when I asked him what it was like to take down a WCOOP event. It's rare to hear something like that from a winner of a World Championship of Online Poker tournament. Most everybody who wins one of...more

2009 WCOOP: MyRabbiFoo revealed


I've been watching PokerStars players for longer than my kids have been alive. At the very same time I started the PokerStars Blog, a player with the screen name MyRabbiFoo started playing on the tables. He almost immediate started winning, which meant I started seeing the name on a regular...more

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