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2009 WCOOP: The way it was

Each year, we look at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker and simply This year, we're looking for a word bigger than "wow." Since WCOOP started in 2002, PokerStars has awarded more than $156 million in WCOOP prize money. This year made up nearly 1/3 of that purse. The 2009 WCOOP guaranteed $40 million in cash. That number is now academic. In all 44,000 players from 140 countries played in this year's 45 events and built an overall prize pool of more than $51 million. We'll leave it...more

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2009 WCOOP Event 21


2009 WCOOP Event #19


WCOOP Profile: iCeVeNoM foils pesky ape


For some people, there is a great white whale in poker's waters. They spend their day playing Ahab around a virtual felt sea and never capture their prey. Such it is for the player known as iCeVeNoM. The 23-year-old UCLA grad plays poker full time while waiting a bit to...more

2009 WCOOP: Sleep is the winning formula for Science in Event #22, $530 Omaha Hi/Lo

WCOOP 22 FT.jpg

We've all done it. Shut our eyes between hands, grabbed a few winks on a break, nodded off during hand-for-hand play. Heck, some of us have even fallen asleep in front of a screen full of blinking sit-n-goes, only to wake up hours later to the damage. Typically running over...more

2009 WCOOP: Soterdelf Takes Event 21 Title to Germany for $215+R NLHE Victory

Event 21 final table.JPG

Rebuy tournaments have been player favorites for years, as they allow for a more aggressive style of play and the opportunity for second (and third) chances if the plan fails. Though rebuys sometimes receive a bit of scrutiny, as some claim that they allow the higher stakes players a much...more

2009 WCOOP: Straight to the top for Str8$$$Homey in Event #23, $320 NLHE (10-min. levels)


The last WCOOP event of the day, a $320 buy-in no-limit hold'em event (with 10-minute levels), attracted a total of 2,676 entrants, creating a prize pool of $802,000 -- well over the tourney's $300,000 guarantee. The top 396 finishers got paid, with the winner scheduled to receive $126,441.01. It took...more

WCOOP Profile: lebordelaii nurses win, knee


Normally on a nice weekend, the PokerStars player known as lebordelaii could be found on the pitch. At just 21-years-old he still has a lot of that youthful energy that poker players lose after too much time at the tables. So, a weekend of football (you might know it as...more

2009 WCOOP: Timmy K topples the field in Event #20, $320 2-7 triple draw

WCOOP 20 FT.jpg

Today's WCOOP schedule amounted to nothing less than an action junkie's paradise. Event #19, a 6-max Pot-Limit Omaha rebuy started off the day, followed by Event #20, a $320 2-7 Triple Draw tournament that shot past its $100,000 guarantee. 468 players put up $320 apiece for their shot at...more

2009 WCOOP: Team PokerStars Pro George Danzer Takes Event 19 Title ($320+R PLO)


Pot-limit Omaha is all the rage with the kids these days. Truthfully, it has been gaining popularity with poker players of all ages for years. While PLO is similar to hold'em - enough so that the concept is relatively easy to pick up for hold'em players - it requires additional...more

WCOOP Profile: Zen for the win


It almost seems rude to profile somebody who has been around PokerStars almost as long as it has been around. It seems a tad gauche to "introduce" you to someone who has a really hard time counting the number of final tables he's made. And yet, we must, because just...more

2009 WCOOP Event #16


2009 WCOOP Event #15


2009 WCOOP: g0lfa scores a hole-in-one in Event #18, $320 8-Game


Poker players are a superstitious bunch. Some refuse to change their clothes in the middle of a rush. Others believe in lucky starting hands that never seem to lose. More still put their faith in charms, card protectors, and coins. Conspiracists, numerologists, and apocalypse-watchers everywhere today had their eyes...more

2009 WCOOP: iCeVeNoM freezes competition in $530 NLHE Triple Shootout (Event 17)

Victor Ramdin.jpg

Shootout tournaments are a big draw in online tournament poker, primarily as a result of the popularity of sit-n-goes. Many look at a shootout as an opportunity to beat out two or three tables worth of players rather than a field of hundreds or thousands; simply play the table as...more

WCOOP Profile: Peachy win for yhcaep


The PokerStars Blog staff has grown by leaps and bounds over the past several years, and I'm sure we have some people on the staff now who are pretty good with anagrams and things of the like. That said, when the name yhcaep popped up on the screen (again) at...more

WCOOP Profile: Restaurateur serves up WCOOP bracelet


If you're ever in Trnava, Slovakia and feeling a bit peckish, we suggest you stop in at a little restaurant owned by Emil Nosko. "I like a good meal and a good beer," he said. While you're there, ask Nosko about the daily special, the local cuisine, and that gold...more

2009 WCOOP: XTheDecanoX marked the spot with the Event 16 victory ($1050 NLHE)

Event 16 final table.JPG

This was no ordinary no-limit hold'em tournament. Not only was it set up with a $1,050 buy-in, making it a field of higher bankrolled players and those who battled tough satellites for entries, but it began at 8:00pm Eastern Time. Typical start times bring players to the tables much earlier...more

WCOOP profile: Sumpas gets his bracelet


It was a late September night and the man known as Sumpas sat in Sweden on the cusp of WCOOP greatness. He had made the final table of the 2008 WCOOP Main Event. He'd started the final table with one of the shorter stacks, but had somehow managed to survive...more

2009 WCOOP Event #13


2009 WCOOP Event #11


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