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2009 WCOOP: The way it was

Each year, we look at the PokerStars World Championship of Online Poker and simply This year, we're looking for a word bigger than "wow." Since WCOOP started in 2002, PokerStars has awarded more than $156 million in WCOOP prize money. This year made up nearly 1/3 of that purse. The 2009 WCOOP guaranteed $40 million in cash. That number is now academic. In all 44,000 players from 140 countries played in this year's 45 events and built an overall prize pool of more than $51 million. We'll leave it...more

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2009 WCOOP: Raymond "raydavis77" Davis rolls to victory in Event #15, $320 Badugi

WCOOP 15 FT.jpg

Tonight marked a first in PokerStars history, as the WCOOP crowned its first-ever Baduigi champion. A natural addition to this year's lineup of events, Badugi began running on PokerStars earlier this year, thanks in no small part to the lobbying efforts of Team PokerStars Pro's Barry Greenstein, who had enjoyed...more

2009 WCOOP: Dang! dangdokodang took down Event 14 mixed hold'em title

Katja Thater.jpg

Any mixed game requires players to change strategy and mindset with each level. In Event 14, there were only two games - no-limit and limit hold'em - but they alternated every ten minutes, so players had to be quick on their feet (hands?) and able to change gears continuously. But...more

2009 WCOOP Events 1-10 roundup


WCOOP Profile: From 180-mans to bracelet


Just a month or so back, Michael Overstreet hit the biggest score of his poker career. After five years of playing poker, the man known as FireGoblin on PokerStars stepped away from the computer as the runner-up finisher in a $20 180-man sit and go. It was to that point...more

2009 WCOOP: yhcaep takes bracelet in Event #13, $320 7-Card Stud


Somewhat mirroring the scheduling tradition that has been established at the World Series of Poker over the last couple of years, Monday's non-hold'em event kicked off in the late afternoon (Eastern time, anyway), a $320 buy-in 7-card stud event that attracted 668 entrants. That meant another WCOOP guarantee ($150K for...more

2009 WCOOP: lebordellai victorious in Event #12, $215 4-max NLHE

WCOOP 12 FT.jpg

Short-handed enthusiasts rejoiced today with the advent of WCOOP Event #12, a 4-max No-Limit Hold'em affair. The 4-max format was added to the WCOOP schedule last year and the 2009 installment proved to be even more popular than 2008's, drawing 3,864 entrants. 560 players came away with a share...more

2009 WCOOP: hustla16 wins more than $446K in $530 NLHE two-day event


It began on Sunday, September 6 when 6,219 players each ponied up a $530 buy-in to participate in the first two-day event of the 2009 WCOOP. The excitement of the day increased as the tournament hit the last hours, when 900 players found their way into the money and many...more

2009 WCOOP Event #7


2009 WCOOP Event #6


2009 WCOOP: ternoplayer takes down Event #9, $215 NLHE


For thousands of online tourney grinders, Sunday afternoon means one thing -- no-limit hold'em. So it was fitting for the first WCOOP event of the day to be a familiar one, the $215 buy-in NLHE event. One knew something was different this Sunday, however, when the number of total entrants...more

2009 WCOOP: Sumpas soars to victory in Event #10, $10,300 High Roller NLHE

WCOOP 10 FT.jpg

The field was as elite as it gets, a comprehensive, international "Who's Who" of high-stakes tournament poker. The prize pool was massive, eclipsing those of the last four World Poker Tour events. And the play was nearly flawless, a virtual master class in aggression, position, and timing. This year's...more

2009 WCOOP: CONOW dominates, RaiNKhAN soars in Day 1 of $530 NLHE


The two-day events of the WCOOP are highlights of the series. Not only does the structure and starting chip stacks allow for ample play, but the fields are large and the prize pools are staggering. That was the case in Event 11, and the first day's action and participation was...more

WCOOP Profile: 2FLY2TILT can play on clay, grass, and felt


Find a tennis player who can play equally well on clay, grass, and hard courts and you've found a player you should watch. Until just a few years ago, you might have been watching a man named Joel Adam Gordon. London born and raised, Gordon moved to Barcelona, Spain at...more

2009 WCOOP: iacog4 followed instincts and won Event 8 ($215 FLHE)

Barry Greenstein.jpg

Limit hold'em is for the patient, calculating player. It is a game that many learn when they first walk into a casino or log on to an online poker site, as the buy-ins are lower and the betting is more controlled, and while some eventually move on to no-limit or...more

2009 WCOOP: CesarSPA rules them all in Event #7, $215 Pot-Limit 5-Card Draw

WCOOP 7FT 2.jpg

Pot-Limit 5-Card Draw. It's like your grandma's card game with an action junkie's twist-- six-handed play and pot-limit betting. In this seventh event of the 2009 WCOOP the play was fast and the swings often gut-wrenching, but it was enough to draw 844 players into the fray, each of...more

2009 WCOOP: vakAAttack relentless, takes Event #6, $109 NLHE


Fifteen thousand, six hundred and seventy-four. That's how many runners came out on Saturday for Event #6, the $109 buy-in No-Limit Hold'em event -- by far the most ever in the eight-year history of the World Championship of Online Poker event. Kind of mind boggling, really. 15,675 players. All logged...more

2009 WCOOP Event #2


2009 WCOOP Event #1


2009 WCOOP: 2FLY2TILT soared to victory in Event 4 ($215+R NL Single Draw 2-7)

scoop2012_event 18h_jason mercier.jpg

Long gone are the days when online poker tournament series consisted of primarily hold'em. Players have increasingly expressed a desire for more games, a mix that includes Omaha and draw games, variations on the games the make for a well-rounded card player. The premiere online poker site heard the cries,...more

2009 WCOOP: MUSTAFABET Takes Event #3, $215 PLO 6-max


Action junkies came together for the $215 buy-in six-handed pot-limit Omaha event on Friday. The field of 2,738 created a total prize pool of $547,600, more than exceeding the $500K guarantee as well as besting the total of 2,457 who played in the same event last year, won by Mary...more

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