A bracelet for one, a chance for two others

After watching thousands of hands and seeing countless bustouts, I'll admit, it all starts to run together. Tonight has been one of those nights that stands out from the maelstrom of activity.

Three PokerStars players have made final tables in the past two days.

Just moments ago, PokerStars's player Dan Schmiech defeated Gabe "Mr. Kotter" Kaplan at the final table of the $5000 Limit Hold'em event to win a WSOP bracelet. Schmiech, from Houston, now has his sights set on the main event for which he won an entry on PokerStars.com

Dan Schmiech after his win

Just moments ago, a $2000 NL affair finished with nine players remaining. Among them are two prominent PokerStars players. Dustin "neverwin" Woolf and Jarl "Virus1975" Lindholt will both appear on the ESPN TV table.

Dustin "neverwin" Woolf

Jarl "Virus1975" Lindholt

With two tables remaining, "neverwin" seemed as though his name was prophecy. Down to less than 20,000 in chips, he made stand after stand and battled his way back to a very favorable chip position. This will be his second final table of the 2005 WSOP.

Neverwin wins again

Watch this space Thursday afternoon for final table updates with Neverwin and Virus1975.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker