A man who has won a hundred, and a man who has won a million

Team Blog has returned from the floor with two reports. Mad Harper and I have been stalking John "JAMAPLAYS" Harrington. He's one of those players who came over to PokerStars and played for real money for the first time just before the WSOP. Mad Harper chatted him up.

Amongst the cynical, the experienced, the seen-it-all befores, there are a clutch of players here in the Amazon Ballroom for whom reaching Day 2 of the WSOP is not so much a dream come drue, but a dream they never even dreamed of having. John Harrington, 50, from Harlingen, Texas, is one such man. John isn't new to poker - he's been playing since the age of ten and comes from a large, close-knit family for whom Friday nights has always meant - and still means - sitting around the kitchen table in nickel, dime and quarter games.

He's never been to Vegas before, he's never played in a live tournament before and he's only been to a casino twice in his life. The most he's ever won anywhere is a couple of hundred bucks. But a few months ago, John thought he'd try out online poker. Good decision. Within a few weeks of signing up with PokerStars, he'd won a qualifier for the big one. "I was born and raised in the South", he said, "and we all play poker there. In fact, I reckon I'm a pretty good player. But this is like nothing I've ever seen or done in my life. My friends, my family, none of us knows anyone who has ever done anything like this before." John, out in Vegas with his wife Amy, currently has 28,000 in chips and even if he goes out in the next ten minutes, says he will have no regrets whatsoever. "It's been a ball," he said.

John "JAMAPLAYS" Harrington

And then there's the man who has won more than a million, John Duthie. He's still alive during Day 2 amd audio blogger James Hartigan got a few thoughts from the man behind the European Poker Tour. Right click here.

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