Are you packed, yet?

Your final guide to the Official PokerStars Blog before the World Series of Poker Main Event begins

Here in America, it's Independence Day. I've made it a point not to discuss it much with from friends from England. Nonetheless, it's an American holiday, fully complemented with giant, colorful explosions and much revelry. Of course, here at the WSOP, most of the explosions come after two-outers on the river. Just last night, I watched as Rio security escorted two people out of the room over the course of one hour. In advance of the main event, tensions are escalating.

All of that notwithstanding, we're about to enter the biggest poker event of all time and 1116 PokerStars qualifiers are going to be a part of it. Here are some things you need to know about the WSOP and the coverage you can expect here on the blog.

  • Priming the pump: If you want to know how to pack, how to eat, where to go to the bathroom, or what to expect from the WSOP, be sure to read the World Series of Poker Primer I posted a couple of days ago.

  • Attention Europe: Covering any poker tournament is a challenge for one man. Covering the main event of the World Series of Poker by myself would be suicide. With that in mind, a talented writer from the UK will be joining me on this blog to keep an eye on PokerStars European players. Howard Swains will be posting here for the next two weeks. Be sure to see his picture on the right side of the page so you can track him down and tell him your bad beat story. Speaking of pictures...

  • Track me down...: I've met quite a few readers of this blog out here at the WSOP. I suspect many more will be coming in over the next couple of days. Many of my meetings so far have been by accident. I'll be in a coversation with someone and fifteen minutes later, after he blog comes up, they will say, "That's you?" Yeah, that's me. As I'm the one usually taking the pictures instead of starring in them, you might not know what I look like. Hit the FAQ on the right and scroll to the bottom. The picture from the WSOP is the most recent. Track me down and tell me how you're doing.

  • Team PokerStars:: Keep an eye out, as well, for Team PokerStars. Every one of these players will be playing in the main event. We're proud of these folks and wish them well in the main event.

  • Starring..YOU:: Chances are you'll run into me, Howard, or another member of the PokerStars crew over the next two weeks. We want to know how you're doing. We'll do our best not to bother you excessively, but we'll want to hear your story and hopefully broadcat it to your friends and family back home. If you don't have time for us, just let us know nicely and we'll move along.

  • Chip count warning:: Let's deal with this now, rather than later. I promise I will make every effort to get as many chip counts out as often as possible. But, keep in mind, PokerStars has 1116 people playing in this event. Unless or until we get an official count from the WSOP, chances are 100% we won't get to everybody. So, please, please, please be understanding.

    Good luck to all our players. Get out there and have fun.