Big stacks, big names

Raymer, Sacrifice, Ragde

We've sent blog correspondent Mad Harper to the pool to get a bit of sun. PokerStars own Conrad Brunner is on the floor in her place and has just reported back to Blog HQ.

Brunner has seen Greg Raymer's stack and it is large. The chip count now numbers near 100,000.

Raymer, after forcing during an opponent to lay down his hand and give up a 10,000 pot, flipped over pocket jacks and said, "Don't worry, you didn't lay down the best hand. I've learned over the last year that bluffing just doesn't work for me."

Raymer, earlier in the day, giving an in-game interview to the Associated Press

In other news, PokerStars Graeme "sacrifice" Harrison is back on track and has pushed his chipstack to more than 200,000. Audio blogger James Hartigan has been stalking Harrison and just brought back this brief interview with the Scotsman.

Graeme "sacrifice" Harrison

Finally, WCOOP Champion Edgar "Ragde" Skjervold of Norway is running hard during Day 2. He just doubled his stack thanks to a pair of queens and sits at around $50,000 in chips. It's not been so long since the man at Table 114 won $450,000 in the WCOOP championship. [Incidentally, a lot of folks have been asking about the 2005 WCOOP schedule. Stay tuned. Info to appear here VERY soon].


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