Day 1A Ends--Notable chip counts

As this day ends with around 650 players remaining in the first flight, Team Blog has run around looking for PokerStars players with big stacks. I guarantee we didn't get them all, but we have some. Please see the post below this one for a list of all the posts from today.

Notable PokerStars Chip Counts
(Chip counts are approximations)

Carmy "am888" Banin--$90K
Joe "hickoryhill" Vannata--$80K
Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf--$65K
Rob "stroker352" Bowers--$55K
Charles "Twichie" Wey--$40K
Greg "Fossilman" Raymer--Just a bit under $40K
Jonathan "billygoatgrf" Sanger--$34K
Ron "ron dogg" Winnegar--$31K
Dennis "Acey-Deucy" Longoria--$30K
Kevin "sportcards" Betsill--$30K
Travis "DuggaYowski" Brennan--$29K
Clemente "mydenise" Castracucco--$27K
Patrick "TheHawk" Hocking--$27K
Ron "rbutan" Butan--$25K
Matthew "mct119" Turner--$25K
Ray "KidBlaast" Campbell--$21K
Steve "Pokeyman" Murphy--$19K
Steve "kruzer" Fetterman--$14K

Again, this is not all the remaining PokerStars qualifiers, simply the ones we could catch before they ran out to get some sleep. Which is what we need to do. Scroll down to the next post for a list of posts from today. We'll be back with Day 1B Friday.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker