Eric "erbloore" Bloore makes WSOP final table

Sure, he only had four thousand in chips left. Sure, he had to get all in with JT58 doubled suited. Sure, he had to catch his five and eight to beat a guy with aces. And sure, it took a double bust-out on the other table (resulting in a trademark Phil Hellmuth profanity-laced, chair-kicking, donkey-calling blow-up), but Eric "erbloore" Bloore did it. He made the final table in the $1500 PL Omaha contest.

Eric "erbloore" Bloore

All of that aside, Bloore played some solid poker today, at one point holding the chip lead, and holding on to make down to the final two tables where folks like Hellmuth, Jesus, Paul Maxfield, Toto Leonidas, and Barry Greenstein.

Right now, the entire room is quoting and re-quoting the Hellmuthian explosion (for the sake of decency, I'll leave out the quotes, for there were very few that didn't contain words that would make a sailor blush down to his beer gut). Nonetheless, PokerStars has another player at another final table.

Good luck to Eric tomorrow.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker