Eric "erbloore" Bloore takes 9th in PL Omaha event

"There's making the money, there's making the final table, and then there's winning the bracelet." --Eric "erbloore" Bloore
Eric Bloore said those words just a few minutes ago as he prepared to sit down at the $1500 PL Omaha final table at the WSOP. In short, he knows he's shortstacked, but he's not about to sit around and hope to make another jump in the money. He had three goals. He's accomplished two of them. Now he's about to try for the third. Live updates can be found below. The final table should begin within a few minutes.

4:20 pm: Greenstein opened the pot. Bloore told me earlier he was going to get his money in if he had a decent hand when Greenstein opened. Sure enough, Bloore had a hand and his money got in. Greenstein called, showing A22x with three spades. Bloore had 9TAK two suited. The flop gave Bloore his king and put one of Greenstein's spades on board. The turn was another spade and gave Greenstein a gutshot straight draw. Bloore needed to avoid a spade, a four, or a deuce to win. A deuce fell on the river and Bloore was eliminated in ninth place. Congrats to "erbloore."

4:15: Blinds are $1k/$2k. Bloore only has $16k in his stack. He just got his first lucky moment and drew the button.

4:08: Bloore is 36 about to turn 37, a pro poker player who plays small and middle buy-in tournaments. He's from California.

4:07 pm--Okay, looks like we're actually going to start this thing. Player introductions are underway.
Seat 1: Chris Ferguson
Seat 2: Sam Silverman
Seat 3: Paul Vinci
Seat 4: Paul Maxfield
Seat 5: Barry Greenstein
Seat 6: Tim Martz
Seat 7: Toto Leonidas
Seat 8: Eric "erbloore" Bloore
Seat 9: Chris Lindenmayer

3:31 pm--Well, go have a popsicle. We're on a break until 4pm. I'm not sure why, but I think it has something to do with a missing Jesus. Until then, I'd recommend the cherry popsicles. Or grape.

3:27 pm--Apparently recovered from his explosion last night, Phil Hellmuth just arrived (with what appeared to be either a fruit salad or sushi) and shook the hands of all final table players. If you missed last night's action, Hellmuth got all his money in with two pair and his opponent drew a straight on the turn to bust Hellmuth just short of the final table. The result was an explosion of epic proportions that people are still talking about today.
3:25 pm--Why the delay in getting started? Well, it's getting a bit hard to wrangle up some of the final table players. A $5000 PL Hold'em contest began today and a few of the final tablers here are playing in that event. Indeed, they are multi-tabling at the WSOP.
Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker