Evelyn Ng's got a pretty necklace

Editor's note: Just in case my wife is reading, while I was out talking to smelly poker playing males, female correspondent Mad Harper took care of this report. Just in case my wife isn't reading, I have this picture saved to my hard drive if anyone wants it.

From blog correspondent Mad Harper:

"Are you getting the necklace?" grinned Evelyn Ng, as she sat down straight after the first break. "Getting the necklace" involved full throttle on the close-up button and if I was a guy, I probably would have been too excited to even push the shutter button. But yes, there it is - in solid gold and perfect focus: Evelyn Ng's bespoke, limited edition PokerStars necklace. Sitting on $15,000 in chips, Evelyn looks more than happy with her progress so far. "I've had some good hands and won some good pots," she said. "No, I haven't busted anyone out but I have put the hurt on a few of them." Table 170 if anyone wants to get a better look at PokerStars' premium logowear.

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Brad Willis
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