Exclusive at final table--Boeken eliminated in ninth place

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Noah "Exclusive" Boeken

Noah "Exclusive" Boeken, EPT Scandinavian Open Champion and PokerStars standout, is in the final nine players of the World Series of Poker $2500 Limit Hold'em event.

Noah doubled up on the last hand before the dinner break after turning an ace with AK versus his opponent who flopped a pair of jacks with JT. Noah currently has in the neighborhood of 90-95,000 in chips. Chip leader Captain Tom Franklin has nearly 250,000. It looks like Noah is about middle of the pack right now after coming into the the final ten on the short stack.

Greg "Chosen Kid" Debora also made the final table bust busted in tenth place when his AQ got run down by QJ on a QJxQx board.

I'll provide live updates here when Exclusive gets in the action. To follow Exclusive's progress, just keep it here and click refresh. The latest information will be found directly after this paragraph. Action is set to resume around 9:15 PDT.
$2500 Limit Hold'em "Exclusive" Updates

10:40--Boeken all in for 15,000. Do calls. Boeken shows AQ vs Do's A8. Flop K98. Boeken needs a queen and it doesn't come. He's eliminated in 9th place.

10:38--Boeken all in pre-flop and flops trip kings against 55. Boeken doubles up,

10:32 Missed the pre-flop action because a chihuahua showed up in the media area (seriously). I believe Do raised and Boeken called form the blind. Regardless, Boeken checks dark before the flop. Flop is A54. Do checks. Turn is jack of diamonds (now two diamonds on board). Boeken bets out 16,000. Do calls. River is three of hearts. Boeken checks. Do bets out 16. Boeken thinks for several minutes then calls. Do shows a set of aces. Boeken mucks.

10:24-- Noah raises, shortstacked Tony Nasr re-raises, Noah calls. AJ7 on flop. Tony checks. Noah bets out 8000. Tony raises to 16. Noah calls. On the turn, Tony is all in. Noah calls. Noah shows kings to Nasr's AK. Noah had a shot at a diamond flush on the river, but didn't get there. Nasr doubles up at Boeken's expense.

10:18-- Arzoin raises all in, Boeken and Do call. Flop is T83. Boeken checks. Do checks. Four is four of diamonds and puts three diamonds on the board. Checked around. River is four of hearts. Checked around. Boeken had the eight but Arzoin has the king and triples up.

10:14pm--Boeken raises in late position and picks up the blinds.

10:07--Boeken raises to 16,000 and is re-raised to 24,000 by Sammy Arzoin. Boeken calls. Flop is Q95 all spades. Boeken leads out for 8,000 and is called. Turn is four of spades. Boeken bets 16,000. Arzoin thinks for several minutes before folding and giving Boeken a nice-sized pot.

9:55--Boeken still has chips to play with. The last announcement put him at 69,000.

9:42--Boeken makes it 16,000 to go. Quinn Do re-raises and makes it 24,000 straight. Boeken calls. Flop comes down 984 rainbow. Boeken leads out for 8,000. Do raises to 16,000 and Boeken re-raises. Do moves all in for 24,000. Boeken calls. Do shows QQ to Boeken's 77. Four of clubs on the turn. River is five and Do picks a up big pot. Boeken lost a good part of his stack on that hand.

9:37--The action has slowed down a bit here. Regardless, Noah just picked up the blinds with a pre-flop raise.

9:27--Noah raises it up and makes it 16,000 to play and is called by Captain Tom Franklin. Flop is KQ7. Franklin checks to Noah who makes it 8,000 to go. Franklin folds and Boeken picks up the pot.

9:25pm--Spencer Sun and Quinn Do, the table's shortstacks, have boh doubled up in the first few hands.

9:15pm--We're ready to resume. While we're shuffling up, I feel compelled to report that Noah may end up with a black eye. He and David Williams were sharing either gossip or strategy. Williams head crashed into Boeken's face. The tournament director announced we'll be sitting at blinds of 4K/8K with bets at 8K/16K.

Brad Willis
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