Fatigue, thy name is Day 1A

Managing a field as large as this year's main event of the World Series of Poker is beyond daunting. The cards hit the felt just after 11 am on Thursday morning. At 1:41am, the chips are still clacking. We've almost played through seven levels. Seventy-one tables remain. Tournament Director Johnny Grooms says we're not stopping until several more tables are gone. The man has a job to do. He has to fit all of the survivors from the three flights into this room on Sunday. That means they play until Grooms says they stop playing.

I caught a tired Grooms in the back of the tournament room a while ago and he told me the official high-water mark of entrants was 5661. However, he said, the official number of entrants (not available until Sunday) will be smaller, likely somewhere in the 5540's, because a number of players will not be attending due to documented medical emergencies. That will mean a prize pool of just more than $54,000,000.

With 690 players remaining in this flight, Grooms says nobody leaves until we hit 650.

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