Featured and familiar

The World Series of Poker at this stage is a giant game of "Where's Waldo?" Only in this game, we don't even have the benefit of a candy-striped shirt to act as a beacon. Twenty percent of the field is decked out in PokerStars gear and finding one person among a sea of other folks is as much of a challenge as kneeing the looky-loos in the kidneys to make a pathway to the players.

The blog's home base is near the featured table. For the better part of the last hour or so, Jesus Abreu, a PokerStars player from Miami has been duking it out with Marcel Luske and getting some good time under the TV lights.

Jesus Abreu at the featured table

Still, the poker jones required a battle into the field. I played "Where's Waldo" for quite a while and finally found some faces I'd been looking for.

Where's Rocco?

Pro-golfer Rocco Mediate is having, in his words, "an absolute ball." After making the top ten in the U.S. Open this year, he had his sights set on the WSOP.

There's Rocco

Other familiarities

Mark Ristine, 3rd place finisher at the European Poker Tour French Open

Another case of...I just can't figure out what this guy's screen name is...

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker