Gale and Chan back in action at the WSOP

The thing about the World Series of Poker is, as crowded as it gets, and friendly as everyone can seem, as much support as you think you have, it is--by definition--an individual effort. When you bust, when your chips disappear in a flurry of cracked aces or set-over-set beats, there is rarely--if ever--someone to hold out their hand and pull you back into your seat.

Last Saturday here at the WSOP, I was relegated to writing about the nearby Gold Coast's stage show (which I have avoided at all costs, but think about constantly because the marquee is just across the street from my window at the Rio). There wasn't much to write about last weekend. Today, I feared the same. But much to my delight, two of PokerStars' more famous faces are still competing today in the $2500 PL Hold'em event.

John Gale and Terrence Chan, who both suffered a series of unfortunate beats to be knocked out of thier last events, are back in action today. More than 400 people started the event. With 136 remaining, our boys still have chips.

John Gale

Terrence Chan

There's still a long way to go in the event, but both players still have smiles on their faces and seem to have put the past events behind them.

Stay tuned for updates.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker