Greg Raymer $1500 NLHE Final Table Live Updates

Live updates at the bottom of this post all day as Greg Fossilman Raymer fights for another bracelet

Seat 1: Minh Nguyen $378K
Seat 2: Devilfish $338K
Seat 3: Steve Rassi $325K
Seat 4: Webber Kang $166K
Seat 5: Steve Carter $263K
Seat 6: Billy Gazes $181K
Seat 7: Peter Lee $461K
Seat 8: Fossilman Greg Raymer $613K
Seat 9: Mark Seif $305K

2:49pm--Blinds are 8k/16k.

2:55pm--Respect for the Fossilman. Pre-flop raise drives everybody out. That's the way it is with these TV tournaments, though. People like to sick around for a little bit and get some time. The TD just announced, "There is a similar version of this game in which you see a flop..."

2:59pm--Good luck for me. The $2500 NL event is going on today, as well. I can't cover both events. Fortunately I have a good view of a couple of PokerStars players, including William "Brett Favre" Jensen.

3:10pm-- After 25 minutes, the crowd roared. People came running to see what happened. What was it? We saw a flop. Finally. The upshot of all of it was Raymer took a big pot off the Devilfish. We'd didn't the Fish's cards, but he must've had nothing to Raymer's flopped pair, because he mucked when Raymer called.

3:24pm-- Mark Seif just flopped big against Fossilman, got all-in, and Raymer called. Seif doubles through and take the chip lead, but just barely.

3:27pm-- Nguyen calls a Raymer raise. Flop is 984 with three spades. Raymer bets out, Nguyen folds.

3:39pm--Devilfish busts in ninth place after moving all in from the button with A7. Webber Kang called from the big blind with AQ and busted the Fish. Down to eight.

3:46pm--Fossilman raises in early position, Webber Kang, fresh off busting Devilfish, moves all in froom the button for more than half of Greg's stack. Greg mucks.

3:57pm-- Greg limps from small blind. Seif checks in the big. 974 of diamonds on the flop. Raymer checks. Seif bets. Greg calls. Turn is ace of dimaonds. Check Check. River is six of diamonds. Greg checks. Seif bets out 21K. Greg calls. Seif shows the eight of diamonds. Greg mucks.

4:09pm-- Rassi gets all with 88 after Seif raise. Kang moves all in with AK. Seif folds. Board: 656.K.T. Rassi eliminated in eighth place.

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4:16pm--Greg raises in EP. Kang calls from button. JJ3. Greg bets out Kang mucks. Greg shows pocket tens.

4:38pm--Just back from a break.

4:45pm--It's tightened up a little bit since the break. I suspect the action will pick up shortly.

5:04pm-- Minh, bouyed by a massive double-up after rivering a flush against Peter Lee, is now the chip leader and not messing around. That not messing around includes having the courage to re-raise Fossilman.

5:12pm-- Peter Lee just took a BIG pot off Mark Seif. Lee raises on the button wih JJ. Seif re-raised in the big blind with KJ. Lee pushed all in and Seif called. Peter and Minh are your big stacks now. Seems Fossilman has gone card dead. He's spalshing around a bit, but not hitting much.

5:21pm-- Shortstacked Steve Carter just busted. Down to six players.

5:33pm--The chip lead has been bouncing around the table but not landing in Greg's seat. Knowing the range of hands I've seen Greg play in the past couple of days, the only thing I can deduce is that he's picking up 64o or 83o every hand.

5:37pm-- Gazes gets all in with AK vs. Fossilman's 77. Pot is almost $500K. Greg has about half his stack invested in the pot. Board: QJ3.A.K. Gazes doubles up off Fossilman. Our man is shortstacked now.

5:41pm-- Greg moves all in for $140. He gets called by Webber Kang. Raymer has 33 to Kang's AJo. Board: J69Q4. Raymer eliminated.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker