Greg Raymer makes final table at WSOP $1500 No-Limit Hold'em event

Fossilman makes final TV table

After two days of knock-down drag-out poker, 2004 WSOP champion Fossilman Greg Raymer made the final TV table of the $1500 No-Limit Hold'em Event. When the table consolidated to ten, Raymer sat back and showed off his fossil card capper to his tablemates. Devilfish mumbled, "You know where I'm going to put that if you win a pot off me."

The two ended up not tangling and will go to the final table together tomorrow.

Be back here at 2pm PDT for live updates of Fossilman's progress at the final table.


When I logged off last night, I felt a lot like I did back in the 90s when UCLA went the length of the court in under five seconds and hit a layup to knock my Missoui Tigers out of the NCAA tournament.

John Gale just looked sad, and I was sad for him.

We walked around the Rio a bit and ended up in a pub called the Titled Kilt. Marcel Luske was holding court at a table across the room. As we sat and talked, Brian Wilson walked in the door. Gale stood and walked into a corner for a chat.

There are a lot of romantic and thematical notions about the poker world that might've predicted a bar brawl to settle the score from the WSOP match. Instead, the boys were smiling and talking for a long time. When Gale returned to the table, he said "Brian is such a nice guy."

And that was that. The score was settled. One nice guy beat another nice guy and it was time to look forward to another event.

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Brad Willis
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