John Duthie and Morten Jensen make $3000 NL Final table at WSOP

It's funny. John Duthie, European Poker Tour creator and PokerStars friend, got to this final table after pushing in on a steal last night with 83o and getting called by PokerStars player Morten Jensen. Last night, Duthie's hand got there. Today, Jensen tried a steal from the small blind with 83o and there was Duthie in the big blind with KJo. He called immediately.

"That's good timing there, John," Jensen said with a laugh as he flipped up his 83o.

Revenge, apparently, is sweet. A three on the flop knocked Duthie out in ninth place.

Second-worst hand in hold'em? Perhaps not...

Duthie and Jensen both had exactly 100,000 in chips.

John Duthie, 9th place $3000 No-Limit Hold'em

Morten Jensen
That left it up to Morten Jensen to bring home the bracelet. His run wouldn't last long. After losing one big pot, his 200,000 stack was reduced to a mere 55K. He pushed all in with A6 of hearts and got called in two places. By the turn, he had an ace, two hearts, and a gutshot staight draw on board. He was up against AQ. The river needed to be a heart, five, or six. None of his outs appeared on the river.

Congratualtions to John and Morten for wading through the massive field to make the final table.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker