John Gale $5K PL Hold'em Final Table Updates

Refresh here for final table updates on PokerStars John Gale at the final table of the WSOP $5K PL Hold'em Event. Latest updates will be at the bottom of this post.

John Gale at the final table.
2:11pm-- It's crowded at the Rio today. A big $1500 event is going on. So, it's taking some time to get the final table started here. It looks like it will happen shortly.

2:24pm-- Player introductions are beginning.

Seat 1: Joe Sebok ($159K) He's Barry Greenstein's son and has been playing red hot for the past two days. Not to mention, he's a nice guy.

Seat 2: Cyndy Violette ($206) She needs no introduction. She's also the chip leader.

Seat 3: Steven Liu ($193)

Seat 4: Brian Wilson ($193) Real estate investor

Seat 5: Derek Leforte ($36K)

Seat 6: Allen Cunningham ($131K)

Seat 7: John Gale ($64K)

Seat 8: Tony Cousineau ($95K)

Seat 9: Burt Boutin ($116K) Stockbroker

2:56pm-- Blinds are $1500/$3000.

2:58pm-- John's not afraid to play. He just came in on the second hand for a raise to $9000 and took down the blinds.

3:03pm-- Everybody limps to Gale in big blind and he checks his option. The flop is no good for him and he folds to a post-flop bet.

3:07pm-- Burt Boutin is out, leaving eight players at the final table.

3:13pm-- No action for John Gale. Seems like the first trip around the table has been a little cold in the card arena.

3:20pm-- Gale is in the big blind and calls a min-raise from his nemesis, Lucky Liu. Flop comes out K44 with two spades. Gale leads into it for 8K. Liu calls. Turn doesn't seem to help Gale. He checks it, Lui bets, Gale lays it down. The pot cost him about $14K.

3:24-- Gale makes it 9K from the cut off. Looks like Tony Cousineau makes it a lot more on the button. Gale doesn't seem to like his hand as much anymore. He thinks for a minute or two, sighs, steals a glance at Cousineau, and folds his hand.

3:31pm-- Gale raises it up and goes heads up with Cyndy Violette. Q75 two hearts. Gale gets 22K in and Cyndy raises him all in. Gale calls. Gale has AJ hearts versus KQ. Gale needs an ace or heart. Turn is another queen. Gale's outs are now just hearts that aren't a five or king. BOOM. Ten of hearts spikes on the river and Gale doubles up.

3:48pm-- Gale comes in for 9K and picks up the blinds.

3:51pm-- Gale in big blind versus Sebok. Both checked flop of J54. Turn is six of hearts. Here comes Gale. Bets out 12K. Sebok either doesn't like where he is or is doing an amazing acting job. Woops...acting. Genius. He bets the pot. He gives Gale a little eyebrow raise. Gale goes into the tank, re-emerges, and mucks. He has about 53K in chips.

3:57pm-- Cunningham raises in the cutoff. Gale makes it 20K to go from the button. Cunningham folds and Gale takes it down.

4:05pm-- Gale in big blind re-raises Leforte who sits on the button. Leforte lays it down and smiles. Steal much?

4:10pm-- After a misdeal in which Gale had a good hand in the small blind, Sebok raises in EP. Gale re-raises from the small blind, Sebk-re-raises, and Gale is all in. AK versus AK. Bah. Split pot.


4:33pm-- John has 73K in chips. Blinds are $2/$4 so he still has some room to play.

4:34pm-- John raises, Liu re-raises, Gale all in. AQ Vs AQ. Split pot.

4:57pm-- Yeah, things are moving a little slowly here. Gale finally got involved in a small pot, which he took down on an AKK8 board.

5:06pm-- Gale raises 3x the big blin and takes the blinds. (Yawn...not sure exactly what it is here today, but after a tournament that went really fast yesterday, today it is tight as the lid of a jar of jelly that's been in the fridge for two years).

5:09pm-- Gale has 84K in chips and comes in for a raise in early position. Violette calls from the button. Leforte re-raises from the big blind and takes it down.

5:11pm-- Here comes Gale under the gun (looks like a call). He's raised by Sebok and owuld have to call 12K more. He folds.

5:18pm-- Liu raises under the gun. Gale calls. Flop comes out Q22. Liu checks, Gales moves in. Liu folds.

5:25pm-- Joe Sebok's AJ just ran int chip-leader Brian Wilson's AK after an ace on the flop. Sebok, who played really well this week busted in eighth place.

5:38pm-- Gale and Lui are tangling again. Big pot developing. Gale all in on AJx flop. Liu is thinking about it. If Gale isn't on a rabid bluff, it looks like he has the best of it. Liu is counting out his chips. he can call. John has AK. Liu has QJ. Turn is three of spades. No tens, queens or jacks and Gale doubles up. King on the river and Gale doubles up.

5:42pm-- So, that last hand was the culmination of two days of tangling between Gale and Liu. Gale considers Liu a maniac and has just been waiting for the time to take some stacks. Thee guys have fought more that two kids in a room with one Tonka truck (in fact they just got involved again). Right now, Gale has the bet of it. Liu has 54K. Gale now has 220K, which puts him second in chips behind Brian Wilson.

5:50pm-- Cyndy Violette got all her money in and club draw and didn't get there. She's gone in 7th place, handing her chips to Allen Cunningham and putting him in the top three chip-holders.

6:01pm-- The Gale/Liu battle has ended. Gale and Liu got all of Liu's chips in the middle on a flop of KJT with two spades. Gale holds A6 spades, Liu has QJ. Gale turned his spade for the nut flush and busted Liu in sixth place.


6:34-- Back from break. Gale has 268K in chips. That puts him second or third in the remaining five.

6:40pm-- Big pot developing between Gale and Cunningham. Gale check-raised Cunningham on a seven high board. Cunningham called and Gale picked up a big pot.

6:49pm-- Gale just scrapped with chip-leader Brian Wilson and folded to a check-raises on a KQx board.

6:56pm-- Seems Gentleman John Gale has found a new scrapping partner. Allen Cunningham is being forced to lay down hands to Gale's re-raises. In the past few minutes, Gale has either become a card rack or decided to ramp up his aggression a bit.

7:08pm-- I'm going to be interested to learn whether Gale is hitting well against Allen Cunningham or has a good enough read to make the number of plays he's making against the WSOP bracelet-holder. Gale has hit his stride and his opponents seem to be a little more tenative against him. All but Cunningham who hasn't been afraid to bet or raise into Gale. So far, it hasn't worked out for Cunningham. Gale now holds the chip lead.

7:24pm-- A heartbreaking runner-runner flush just knocked Tony Cousineau out on fifth place. We're down to four players.

7:29pm--Chip counts: Brian 393K, Derek: 200K+, Allen 206K, John 382K

7:39pm-- In lieu of any substantial action, this note: Derek and John came into this final table as the two lowest chips counts. Both have battled their way to four-handed action.

7:57pm-- Gale just picked up another good sized pot from Cunningham. The board was paired and had a four flush on it. Cunningham couldn't find a way to call.

8:09pm-- Dinner break until 9:30pm PDT.

9:40pm-- Back from break. Play resuming.

9:55pm--Gale just made Brian Wilson lay down a hand after a massive pot hand already built. Gale has moved into the chip lead.

9:59pm-- Gale now has 522K in chips...around half the chips in play

10:06pm--Allen Cunningham just busted in fourth place and gave his chips to Brian Wilson. Gale sill has the lead, but it's going to be quite a battle between Gale and Wilson if Derek doesn't do something quickly.

10:18pm-- With T88 on the board, Brian Wilson bet into Gale three times, including when another eight and seven came on the turn and river. Gale held the ten. Wilson held 75 and lost the pot. Gale's increased his lead a little more.

10:35pm-- Derek just busted out, getting in with K9 vs. Wilson's A6. That leaves us heads up, Brian Wilson vs. PokerStars' John Gale.

10:52pm-- here we go. Gale is ready to go. He's got about a 7:6 lead on Brian Wilson. The difference in prize money is $204K for second to $370K for first. Here we go.

10:57pm--On the first hand Wilson led into Gale's check on the flop (64K) and turn (8). The deuce on the river put three spades on board, Gale led out and took down the pot.

11:00pm-- Gale raises out of big blind and gets a call from Wilson. They check down the raggedy board and Gale's AK is good.

11:07pm: Gale has a 3:1 chip lead after taking a number of small pots off Wilson.

11:11pm-- Big pot. Both players held a pair and a flush draw. Wilson bet big into Gale and gale called with his paired ace and flush draw. Both players missed the draw and checked the river. Gale's pair was bigger. For the moment, he has Wilson on the ropes.

11:13pm-- With 1.3 million chips in play, Gale has eclipsed the one million chip mark.

11:15pm-- Wilson comes in for a raise, Gale announces re-raise. Wilson pushes all-in. Gale call immediately. Wilson has 66 to Gale's AJ. Coin flip. Flop comes out 847. Wilson looks good until jack hits on turn. Wilson needs one of two sixes or one of four fives and a five spikes on the river to double up Wilson. We're back to playing again.

11:20pm: Wilson raises, Gale re-raises, Wilson pushes all in and Gale calls. Wilson has pocket fours to Gale's pocket tens. Flop spikes a four and Wilson moves into the chip lead.

11:25pm: This ain't over. Gale's behind, but only by a little. He has more than 500K in chips.

11:35pm-- So, we needed a break. The past few hands have been...well, out of hand. Gale has stepped outside, centered himself, and has returned to the table. After a 600K swing in two hands, centering one's self can't be easy to do, but Gale says he's ready to play. So, we resume.

11:49pm: Chip count nearly even.

11:59: All in preflop: Gale's KJ vs Brian Wilson AQ. Gale doesn't improve. After a long hard battle, John Gale takes second in the $5K Pot-Limit Hold'em Event.

Brad Willis
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