Late night Day 1B notable chip counts

As the evening again winds toward morning, Team Blog (tonight assisted by the venerable Dave and Kevin) has been working the floor to get some notable chip counts before the final level of the evening begins. A birdseye view of the room shows us with somewhere in the neighborhood of 130 players remaining in the field. Here are a few of the notable stacks and names.

Graeme "sacrifice" Harrison $90K
John "Jamaplays" Harrington $52K
Ray "RChan5" Chan $53,000
jarl "Virus1975: Lindholt $50,000
Ryan "blkjck" Skluzab $49K
Anthony "Tpirahna" Peroni $42K
Harold "Loosehal" MacDonald $40K
Pat "Popper" Johnson $40K
Vaughn "Rosebudd" Sandman $39K
Brad "Bogey54" Kondraiki $39K
Jessie "jesmo5" Moore $39K
Philippe "PhilAlbo" Albert $38K
Evan "TavistD" Dahl $37,500
Richard "deadmeatRB" Belle $35,800
Steve "play4pay" Zoine $35K
Dennis "eat@theY" Bray $35K
Paul "PJFFF: Fisher $35K
Mike "JoeyTrip" Joyce $34K
Oscar "oscarf" Fred $33K
Greg Wohletz $28,400
Chris Moneymaker $18K