Making Day Two

The $5000 Pot-Limit Hold'em event on Monday was a bigger buy-in with an understandably smaller field. And it was a field to behold. It seemed every table hosted a champion. Making it through to day two of the three-day event would prove to be more than a challenge.

With all of that in mind, I'm pleased to say some well-known PokerStars players have fought their way into the second day.

If you've read this blog before, you've heard of Terrence Chan. This past May, Chan and his Costa Rican teammates took down a second championship in the World Cup of Poker.

Terrence played strong all day long. He looked fresh and relaxed. Earlier in the day, we'd talked about how awful it would be to go to bed out of the money, on a shortstack, but still in the tournament. I knew he wanted big chips going into day two. So when he came in for a raise and was called by only the big blind, I wasn't shocked when Terrence came into the pot strong on a 69T flop. I was shocked when I caught a glimpse of the big blind's cards: TT. Before I had time to hope Terrence had a hand he could lay down, a big part of his stack was in the pot. He turned over 99 and was defeated in the hand set over set. Still, Terrence continued to play strong and goes into day two with 19,300 in chips. That's below average, but not so much that he's in panic mode yet. The blinds tomorrow begin at only 400/800, so Terrence still has room to play.

Terrence Chan

Then there's PokerStars Caribbean Adventure winner John Gale. He's been sitting at a tough table all night long, featuring Devilfish, Jouhn Juanda, Barry Greenstein(and Greenstein's son), Anthony Cousineau, et al.

I caught Gale in the lobby and he told me he actually prefers playing against the seasoned pros because they know how and when to lay down a hand. For Gale, it seems to be working. He has an impressive 45,700 in chips and looks happy to be playing.

John Gale

Forty-seven players remain in this three-day event. The plan is to play down to the final table on Tuesday. Play begins at 2pm PDT.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker