Neverwin and Virus1975 cash in WSOP $2000 NL Hold'em event

Jarl "Virus1975" Lindholt takes 2nd place in $2000 NL Hold'em Event.

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf takes fourth.

(scroll down for a minute-by-minute account and pictures of the whole day)

Jarl "Virus1975" Lindholt

Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf

3:37pm--1072 players started this event. We're down to the final nine. Denmark's Virus1975 begins today a the chip-leader with $437K in chips. Neverwin is third with $270K. A note: James "KrazyKanuck" Worth hit the TV bubble in tenth place. Blinds are going to resume at 4K/8K.
3:54pm--Neverwin's name is giving TD Jack Effel a chuckle. Nonetheless, Neverwin just picked up a pot with a standard raise.
3:59pm-- After another raise and win from Dustin, Effel feels compelled to say, "I don't know why they call him 'neverwin.' He's won every pot he's played."
Here are some updated photos from today.

4:09pm--Neverwin calls Bjorn Isberg's all-in bet. Looks like a little more than 150K. Carlo Citrone looks to be sitting on a pair of queens in the one seat and is struggling with whether to come in too. Citrone folds. Isberg shows AK suited in spades. Neverwin has jacks. Board comes out 537.6.7 and Isberg is eliminated at Neverwin's hand.
4:11pm--Neverwin dodged a real bullet there. Carlo Citrone just couldn't figure out what to do with his queens. Before the board came out, Citrone came close to thanking Neverwin for driving him out of the pot. "You might've saved me," he said. Of course, with the benefit of hindsight, I'm sure the man from Newcastle probably wishes he had onoe of his hometown's beers.
4:17pm--Almost lost a player, but runner-ruuner straight saved J.C. Tran and his ace-king.
4:23pm--Carlo Citrone couldn't pick his spots today. He moved in on a steal with 86o and ran into aces. Bad idea and bad luck. He's out in eigth place.
4:30pm--Neverwin is chip leader with more than 500K in chips.
4:35pm--Jacks win again for Neverwin. His pre-flop raise gets called. He and his opponent check down to river on Q77.5.Q board. Neverwin bets out on river, gets called, shows jacks, and takes it down when his opponent mucks.

A look from a distance

4:41pm--While Neverwin picks up another pot with ace-high, I thought I'd offer a hastily-taken picture of his jogging suit, since some readers of his forum had been asking about it.

4:44pm--And so what about Virus1975. He must be card dead. He's played one hand and picked up the blinds and antes.

4:49pm--Neverwin makes it 37K to go. Ko announces raise from big blind and makes it 70K more to go. Neverwin, glasses moved off his eys and onto his head, stares for a while and mucks. Time to slow it down a bit.

4:54pm--Incidentally, what with all the jogging suits and all-ins, I neglected to mention the blinds are now at 6K/12K

4:57pm--Neverwin still the chip leader with more than 580K in chips. Jarl has around around 450K.

5:02pm--J.C Tran can't seem to lose. His all-in with K5 off just ran down Alan Purdy's A8 of clubs.

5:06pm--J.C. Tran just knocked out Alan Purdy in seventh place.

5:09pm--It's been a foul day for the Brits. Two of their representatives have already been dispatched. As I type, Tony Rila moves all in with A9 and gets called by Lawrence Gosney's A5. Flop comes down Q62.5.8. Just like that, the Brits' Lawrence (of Leeds) Gosney knocks out a player. Rila leaves in sixth place.

5:15pm--Neverwin still the chip-leader with 600K in chips. Virus1975 has in the 400K range.

5:16pm--Neverwin comes in for a raise and gets re-raised by J.C. Tran. Neverwin lays it down. I see a battle brewing.

5:21pm--I'm pleased to say we've finally seen Virus1975 in a hand past the flop. Of course, it went no further. He bet out and took it down.

5:30pm--Jarl starting to get involved a little more. A post-flop raise took Lawrence "of Leeds" Gosney off his hand.
5:51pm--Just about to return from break. Neverwin returns with a fruit salad and KitKat bar. I tried to get him to open up a bit, give us a few solid quotes before the next level. Maybe I shouldn't have. He's focused on his melon. Nevertheless, he says, "I feel great. Hope to get heads up. J.C. Tran would be a good challenge." Solid poker player, but not necessarily a quote machine at the moment. Yesterday, when short-stacked, he was a little more outspoken, at one point singing Bee-Gees tunes (Stayin' Alive, as I recall) and dancing around a bit.
5:57pm--Blinds are 8K/16K with 2K ante.
6:01pm--J.C. Tran can't lose. This time his AQo sucked out on Virus1975's AKs when a queen flopped. Now, everybody has chips. This is about to get interesting.
6:06pm--Update: J.C. Tran can lose. In fact, he can lose a huge pot. With the loudest railbirds in the building J.C. Tran got nearly all-in against Lawrence of Leeds. Lawrence had 66. Tran has AK. Lawrence flopped a six. Tran is back to where he started a couple of hours ago.
6:10pm--J.C. Tran is backing to winning. Virus1975 called Tran's all in. Virus had the best had, but Tran hi a higher pair and doubled up.
Shack Ho--500K

6:18pm--Jarl has K4 vs Tran's 54. Can Tran do it again? Flop comes out 973. Tran flops another draw. Jarl still leads. Runner runner clubs or any six or any five... King of clubs. Now Tran is drawing to any club or any six. And there is that club. We're back to Tran being unable to lose.

6:29pm--Update: J.C. Tran can't lose. A5 vs. Lawrence's AK. Two fives on flop and Tran is still alive. I've lost count of the all-ins he has won.

6:32pm--J.C. Tran moves all in for 76K . Virus1975 calls. KJ vs. K8. Virus1975 flops the nut flush and suddenly the room gets quieter. The loudest railbirds in the room can now go to the bar. We're down to four players. Update: J.C. Tran, apparently, can lose.


Shack: 350K

Lawrence: 580K

Neverwin: 740K

Virus1975: 480K

6:47pm--The departure of J.C Tran has slowed down the game a bit. A small pot here and a small pot there. No big swings so speak of.

6:58pm--Neverwin put in a raise to 35K. Ho made it 115K to go. Neverwin pushed all in and Ho folded.


6:15pm--Horrific beat. Gosney raises to 40K. Neverwin makes it 148k. Gosney moves all in. Neverwin calls. Gosney shows 22. Neverwin shows KK. Board puts out three clubs. Gosney has deuce of clubs. Turn is another club and Neverwin is snapped off. Gosney now has 1.2 million. Neverwin reduced to 250K.

7:31pm--Virus1975 got a little eager with his underpair. His 33 was no match for Shack Ho's J8 on an eight-high flop. Ho doubles up. We're on dinner break until 8:45pm Vegas time.
8:51pm--Returning from dinner break...
8:57pm--Neverwin returns from the dinner break with an aparrent new spirit. Moves all in and gets no call.
9:03pm--Neverwin doubles up KQ vs 88. Three diamonds on the flop of KQ4 put the flush-draw scare in him again. This time, the beat didn't come.
9:10pm--Virus1975 has one move right now. Move all in. So far, it's worked. His short stack is staying ahead of the blinds.
9:12pm--Lest we forget...Neverwin was nearly down to the felt with fewer than 18 people. Some well-timed moves and good hands pushed him to the chip lead. It could...yes, it could happen again.
9:17pm--Jarl "Virus75" Lindholt has taken a page from the double-up book. He pushed from the button with KQ. Gosney called with KT and didn't improve.
9:25pm--Neverwin busts in 4th place. moves in with AK. Gets called by Shack Ho's 99. Flop comes down all clubs with a nine. Neverwin needs a club that doesn't pair the board. The board pairs on the turn and that's it. Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf places 4th and wins $138,075
10:03pm--Over the past twenty minutes, Virus1975 has been chipping away at his opponents and building a stack that can again be seen as a threat.
10:14pm--Battle for second? Ever since Gosney laid the big 22 vs. KK beat on Neverwin, it's seemed as though the players were battling for second. Gosney has about 1.4 million in chips. Shack Ho holds a little moe than 400K. Virus1975 has a little more than 300K.
10:26pm--Jarl "Virus1975" Lindholt just doubled up at Shack Ho's expense. All in pre-flop, Jarl held AJ to Ho's JT of clubs. Two clubs on the flop made it look dangerous, but another club never came.

Jarl Lindholt reacts as the flop gives his opponent a flush draw

Lindholt and friends celebrate when the third club doesn't come
10:51pm--Shack Ho got in as a dog against Jarl, Q6 vs. A8. A queen on the flop doubled up Ho and the three-way contest continues.
11:00pm--Jarl "Virus1975" Lindholt heads up with Lawrence "of Leeds" Gosney for $2000 NL Hold'em bracelet. Shack Ho pushed in with a naked ace. Gosney called with AQ and it held up.
11:09pm--Jarl has some work to do. He's behind about 4-1 going into heads up play.

Jarl Lindholt heads up for the bracelet
11:31pm--It was too much to overcome for Jarl. He didn't hit when he needed to. Nonetheless, he took second place and cashed for $258,000. What's more, this will not be the last we see of "Virus1975." Lindholt won an entry into the main event in a 4000 Frequent Player Point freeroll.
Congratulations to both Neverwin and Virus1975 for their great performances today.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker