Poker faces

Yesterday, it seemed everybody I saw had their hand over their mouth. It seemed involuntary, an innate reaction to some latent fear. Today, the poker faces seem stronger, more blank, sometimes even frightening. The bloodshot, bleary eyes of the working media are no match for the frozen-vegetable-cold stares that sit across the baize.

To see the faces, I fought my way across the rail through the throngs of flash-camera happy looky-loos. I try not to hold any ill-will toward them. My media badge gives me access that I know thousands of people wish they had. Weep not, dear friends, it smells like anxiety on the other side of the rail, and anxiety doesn't smell good.

With the action still in the early stages here, the looks are more powerful than the all-ins. Here's a sampling of what we've seen so far today.

World champion stare

A gamer's stare, courtesy of elkY, the pro-gamer turned poker pro

Dogged stare, courtesy of Curzdog, the man who can qualify for anything

Mean stare

Under-hatted stare

Downright scary stare

Smart stare

Need a massage girl stare

Red square stare

Pained stare

Happy Bo-Sox fan stare

Just a few minutes ago, PokerStars Steve Stolzman and Bruce Seligsohn were seated at the featured TV table...with Phil Hellmuth. I'm waiting on fireworks.