Raymer's roll

"That is scary."

Phil Hellmuth had appeared around the featured table and was chatting people up. He does that from time to time. He was talking with Neverwin and walking in between in the ESPN cameras. Someone said, "What about that Raymer?"

Hellmuth looked over the rail where Raymer was sitting in a new custom blue shirt and a stack of chips nearly $1.5 million high. Hellmuth said it as clearly as everyone was thinking it...

"That is scary."

Greg Raymer

And it is. Raymer's style of play is no big secret. He puts reads on people and goes with them, the consequences be damned. If he's pot-committed on a draw, he'll draw, the consequences be damned. And if he has a chance to race (and a stack with which to race), he'll race, the consequences be damned.

Indeed, that is scary.

And perhaps in an homage to his Super Big Gulp glass from last year, Raymer has ceased ordering double diet cokes from the Rio staff and has resumed drinking from a giant cup.

Although the number will be dated by the time I publish this, at this moment, there are 164 people sitting inside the velvet ropes. Fossilman has more than anybody and, in the words of Forest Gump, that's all I have to say about that.

For those following the progress of Brad Kondracki's chips, he continues to do well and seems to be making a run for the big money. For those following the progress of Kondracki's shirt-size, today we're on a medium.

Brad Kondracki

Around the room, PokerStars players continue to fight to give their online home a third straight bracelet.

Derek Dix

Jon Lane

Stay tuned for updates throughout the day.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker