Stack Watching

Just before the dinner break, we talked about a common phenomenon. Dinner seems to inspire chip-movement. Sure, it has something to do with the blinds increasing and such, but I think there is some psychological shift that occurs over a philly cheese steak and potato wedges. Maybe it's the starch.

So, about a half hour after the break, I like to walk the floor and see where the chips are landing. I found several PokerStars players with more than 20,000 in chips. That's like shooting turtles in a barrel (turtles move even slower than fish, you know, so they are easier to shoot--my apoogies to PETA).

In my search for the purple chips, I found a couple of PokerStars fighters with more than 40K. In what I consider to be an exhaustive search (but was likely more cursory than I care to admit), I found two strong stacks.

Paul Vicary, UK, 47,000

Rob Slamin, Bangor, 42,000

While Todd "LostCity" Manzi doesn't have 40K (looked like about 26K), but he had a really nice hat, so I thought he might find his way into this report. Plus, I promised.

Todd "LostCity" Manzi

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker