Stars among the PokerStars

Good luck Siren, Wil Wheaton Departs, Raymer rocks, Neverwin still winning, and hitting one downtheline

I've been known to call myself a jinx. On the European Poker Tour, I had dinner with three people on three consecutive nights who busted out just after our meal. Today, I'm re-thinking the concept.

In the past hour or so, I've gone on a tour of the parts of the room I'd not yet seen.

I happened first up Shirley "Siren" Rosario. Down to just 2000 in chips, she said, "Get a picture of the biggest comeback in poker history. So, I snapped the picture, just as she raised and got no callers. "Come on," she said to her tablemates. "It's not that big a hand."

The Siren

As we entered the break, she wandered over and said, "There's my good luck charm." In less than 30 minutes, she'd built her stack back up to 8500 in chips.

Maybe I'm not a jinx after all.

Take, for instance, Greg "Fossilman" Raymer. He hit the featured table with 3500 in chips. In one level, sitting just thirty feet from me, Raymer went to work. A fellow blogging buddy they call Al Can't Hang turned to me with a report. Raymer now has 43,000 in chips. Because Al is known to like the bottle, I went and confirmed it with Raymer. Indeed, 43,000 in chips.

If, in fact, I am good luck, I wish I'd spent more time around Wil Wheaton. After five hours of second-best hands and getting no action on his big hands, Wheaton's time here has expired. Moments ago, as he munched on a cookie, with determined eyes he said, "I'm happy that I didn't play scared. I wouldn't change anything."

Wil Wheaton

Elsewhere in the room, I've found a few other familiar faces. Dustin "Neverwin" Woolf is holding court in the back of the room. He's surrounded by PokerStars players, including Steve "kruzer" Fetterman, a man who has been running over his table and has massed about $40,000 in chips himself.

Jeff "chipsjn" Nairin, Neverwin, and Steve "kruzer" Fetterman

Sir, what is your screen name?

I'm more than happy to post pictures of the friendly folks in the room who ask. The lovely Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome hit me up last night in advance of the tournament. After wandering for some time, I found her in the 170s. She raised an eyebrow, but didn't betray her gameface. She's still playing strong.

Adrienne "talonchick" Rowsome

Finally, the man I'd wanted to meet for so long, Jim "downtheline" Hamburger. Back in May, Jim won PokerStars Sunday $500,000 Guaranteed Tournament, and his story brought more traffic to this blog than any story before. Click on this link for his bio and, below that, the story of his win.

Jim "downtheline" Hamburger

Back to the action...

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