Sweating the bubble with Terrence Chan

There's a point at which being card dead just becomes silly. Terrence Chan found that point tonight.

Card dead for hours, Chan found himself shortstacked on the bubble. Not being the type of guy to try to "just hold to the money" Chan looked for any opportunity to play.

Terrence Chan

And so, 37 players sat on the bubble for 45 minutes. Chan was in a desperate place and needed just a couple of good cards. As it turned out, he wouldn't need them to make the money in the $2500 PL Hold'em event. Another short-stack bubbled out.

In a funny sidenote, there was a miscommunication between the TDs and dealer that put Chan in the big blind one hand too early. From my vantage point, he seemed rightly annoyed. The table's chip leader put in his standard pot-sized raise, and Chan put in his money. With the amount of money Chan had left, just about any two cards would've done. As it turned out, the mistake put him in the big blind and dealt him pocket jacks which held up against pocket eights.

Chan declared it was now time to forget the money and play for the tournament. That is where he sits now with 36 23 players remaining.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker