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Here at the end of level two, I find myself thinking of thermometers.

You ever break a thermometer and watch the mercury bounce and scoot its way across the floor? You ever break a thousand thermometers and watch everything you see move so fast that you're sure you must be dreaming? Well, here, the chips are made of mercury and keeping track of their movement would be easier accomplished in a dream.

I suspect for the working folk at home, the blog might see it's moving a bit fast, too. Every once in a while, I'll just offer some links to past posts, so they'll be easier to find. Scroll to the bottom of this post for some links.

Raymer's Rivers

At the beginning of level three, ESPN is making Greg Raymer's table the featured table. He and I had a chance to chat while the table was getting set up. He's had a rough go of it so far. Perhaps the worst was getting a free flop in the big blind with an eight in his hand, flopping trip eights, and his opponent, holding a pair of threes, betting into the pot before the river card was even flipped up. The river...a three. Let's hope the featured table brings Raymer some luck.

Introducing: Team Blog

I work alone fairly well in most situations. The main event is not one of those situations. There's too much to see, too much to cover. So, I have a team here to work at my side. They're currently serving as my right arm, right leg, and brain.

First, some notes from the floor from PokerStars blog correspondent Madeline "The Mad Salmon" Harper:

You've got to feel sorry for Michael Cooper, Kurt Skimmeland and Brian Rast. Not because they've got short stacks, or are getting poor cards, but because they've found themselves on a table where absolutely everyone else is a PokerStars qualifier. Jay "donttap" Canowitz, an Ohio headhunter, said there was a ripple of laughter as the players at Table 26 took their seats this morning. "All of us PokerStars players started chatting and saying we should just try and knock the other three out, make it an all-PokerStars table. We've been swapping screen-names, and talking about how we qualified and so forth."

For 39-year-old Jay, this is the second time he's qualified for the WSOP on PokerStars - he made it last year as well, going out in 370th place. The Table 26 seven are: construction company owner Clemente "mydenise" Castacucco from New York; cowboy James "thewinner" Copeland from Oklahoma; Grant "zqxjk" Sbrocco from New York; equities trader James "deek2122" from New Jersey; businessman Roy "aawwnutz" Carter from Dallas; Rodrigo Fludigo, from Rio, Brazil.

The Big Table

The PokerStars Audio Blog

Pokerstars is proud to offer exclusive audio reports from our own Audio Blogger, James Hartigan. He and I did some commentary together at the World Cup of Poker in London and he's joined me here to bring you the sounds from the tournament floor. Check out his first report here. Please save the file to your computer before listening.

Europe Calling

Also on the floor with me today is Howard Swains, a journalist from the UK who is focusing on PokerStars European players. He'll be dispatching like crazy for the next several days. Be sure to check out all his reports at PokerStars Blog: Europe.

Pauly's notebook

A buddy of mine is here to blog the event and is looking out for my interests while I'm pounding at the keyboard. He took 6th place in the media event last night and has been here for five weeks already. He just stepped in to report that at the end of Level 2, Wil Wheaton is holing on with 8000 in chips. Terrence Chan sits at 7000. Thanks, Pauly.

Miss anything?

In case you've not been paying attention so far today, here are four links to the past two days of coverage.

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