Terrence Chan $2500 PL Hold'em Updates

The room is inordinately pretty today. The WSOP is hosting its ladies tournament in the back of the tournament room. At the same time, a NL Hold'em final table is being taped for ESPN and $5000 PL Omaha rebuy event is just starting ($5K with rebuys sounds really expensive, no?).

Terrence Chan

In the middle of all of it, the $2500 Pot-Limit Hold'em event is down to the final two tables, and PokerStars standout Terrence Chan is still alive. Shortstacked at the beginning of the day, he picked his spot (facing a raise in the big blind) and pushed with KT. The raiser had AJ, so Terrence's cards were live. A ten on the board doubled him up.

He's still low on chips, but he seems to be my only horse running strong right now, so keep refreshing here for updates throughout the afternoon.
4:17pm--Down to 14 players. Terrence has around 40K in chips at 2K/4K blinds.
4:51pm--Terrence doubled up. He raised the pot from the button with 44. The small blind re-raised Terrence all in. The small blind held AK and Terrence's pair held up. With 13 players remaining, Terrence now has 76K in chips. The blinds remain at 2K/4K.
5:08pm--How brutal. Terrence raises with AK, Phil Laak re-raised, Terrence is all-in. Flop comes down AKJ. He had to avoid a queen or ten. The ten spiked on the river and eliminated Terrence in 12th place. He won nearly $12,000.

Brad Willis
@BradWillis in World Series of Poker